WTC Bathtub played key role in 9/11 atomic demolition munition false flag

“We have so far demonstrated that the only known source of energy that can account for the huge amount of heat (∼ 1PJ) released from Ground Zero remnants during the months following September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks was nuclear, and have given some basic review of known effects of underground nuclear explosions.” 9/11 Research paper

Satellite images of Ground Zero showed unexplained heat signatures below WTC North and South Towers before the WTC towers collapsed and they persisted until February 2002. The heat signatures we’re wider than the footprints of the WTC towers. There is a plausible explanation that can be scientifically proven. PRESS Core presented the explanation 10 years ago in the article “Concrete Evidence shows US government nuked New York City on 9/11“.

The unground heat signatures, the burned out vehicles on the streets surrounding ground zero, the mushroom dust plumes, the molten steel several floors below street level, the US government designating the area “Ground Zero” and the bathtub surrounding the entire WTC complex sustaining major damage all give evidence that tactical nukes called Special Atomic Demolition Munitions (SADM) were used to give the US government a pretext to start NATO’s (Germany’s new Nazi Waffen SS)  “Wars of Terror”.

ground zero: The point on the surface of the Earth at, or vertically below or above, the center of a planned or actual nuclear detonation.


The Bathtub played a key role in the false flag. The Bathtub was built in 1967–1968. It encompasses a large, roughly rectangular excavation down to bedrock surrounded by reinforced concrete slurry wall . It was built to serve as dams to prevent water intrusion from the nearby Hudson River (North River). It enclosed nearly the entire original World Trade Center. The Bathtub gave the Secret Service’s Office of Secure Transportation (OST) discrete 24/7 access to the substructure of the WTC towers.

Secret Service OST inside WTC on 9/11

The WTC Bathtub contained the SADM underground nuclear explosion’s shockwave and firestorm.

If the Bathtub didn’t exist most of Manhattan would have been destroyed and millions would have perished in the detonation of SADM tactical nukes on 9/11.

CIA knew miniature nukes were used on 9/11

CIA asset during 9/11 and author of the book “Extreme Prejudice” Susan Lindauer revealed that she was warned by her CIA handler, Richard Fuisz, to stay away from New York City –

do not go back to New York City. It’s too dangerous. We are expecting the use of a miniature thermal nuclear device. … It is a special military grade weapon”

Susan Lindauer

Susan Lindauer is a second cousin of George W Bush’s former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card. Card served as U.S. Secretary of Transportation under President George H. W. Bush. On September 11, 2001, it was Card who whispered in Bush’s ear while the President was conducting an education event at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida that a second aircraft had crashed into the World Trade Center.

A SADM has a 1-kiloton explosive yield (about 1/16th the power of the Hiroshima explosion).

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