Why developing countries and indigenous people governments need to test Germany manufactured and distributed Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 mRNA vaccines

Above screenshots provides irrefutable evidence that the WHO has been developing and tested genocide vaccines. 1st screenshot was taken from WHO 1992 report “Fertility Regulating Vaccines“. The WHO admits to developing and testing sterilization vaccines. WHO report Table states Anti-hCG (anti-human chorionic gonadotropin) vaccines were developed and tested in clinical trials by India for the WHO as early as 1975. The WHO did its own sterilization/genocide (imposing measures intended to prevent births) vaccine clinical trial in 1988.

Because the WHO has developed and has already tested sterilization/genocide vaccines on humans World leaders can’t trust the World Health Organization. National governments need to test Pfizer-BioNtech vaccines being manufactured by Germany (Canada, US, UK, Europe’s WWI WWII enemy). Germany funded the COVID-19 biological attack for the WHO.

It is highly plausible Germany is manufacturing different batches of Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccines for different countries for the UN and its Sustainable Development Goals which includes birth control measures imposed in developing countries. Substituted or laced COVID-19 vaccines with sterilization vaccine toxoids the WHO developed and clinically tested to commit genocide in developing countries.

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