Drug and chemical free antimicrobial technology that can help prevent spread of bacterial and viral infections

There is an electrical antimicrobial device that can be used throughout the World to effectively and inexpensively kill 99% of all airborne and surface viruses and bacteria. The electrical device doesn’t use any drugs, chemicals or crude oil derived lotions. This electrical device is already used in one form or another at water sanitizing and sewage treatment facilities, at bio-weapons military facilities, at government bio-hazard containment facilities, in tanning salons and in homes and businesses throughout the world.

Municipal water and sewage treatment facilities use this electrical device to treat water and sewage because it is very effective at killing virtually all disease causing microorganisms and at a fraction of the cost of using toxic chemicals. Military bio-weapons facilities uses this technology to decontaminate their personnel as it also instantly kills lab/man made viruses.  Government facilities keep life threatening viruses and bacteria contained and secured in rooms that were built using this electrical device. Tanning salons make money using this electrical device. 

What is this electrical device. Ultraviolet (UV) lights. UV lights have proven time and again to be very effective in killing 99% of all surface and airborne viruses and bacteria.

Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light. UV can be separated into various ranges, with short range UV (UVC) considered “germicidal UV.” At certain wavelengths UV is mutagenic to bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms.

UV light mutates and or breaks down DNA at a wavelength of 253.7nm. UV will break the molecular bonds within micro-organismal DNA, producing thymine dimers in their DNA, thereby destroying them, rendering them harmless or prohibiting growth and reproduction. When the DNA is damaged, the organism cannot reproduce or cause infections.

UV Photons Product datasheets

Screenshot shows UVC inactivated SARS-CoV in under 12.5 seconds

UVC (200–280 nm) is absorbed by RNA and DNA bases, and can cause the photochemical fusion of two adjacent pyrimidines into covalently linked dimers, which then become non-pairing bases (Perdiz et al., 2000). UVB can cause the induction of pyrimidine dimers, but 20–100-fold less efficiently than UVC (Perdiz et al., 2000). UVA is weakly absorbed by DNA and RNA, and is much less effective than UVC and UVB in inducing pyrimidine dimers, but may cause additional genetic damage through the production of reactive oxygen species, which cause oxidization of bases and strand breaks (Tyrrell et al., 2001).

2004 study – Inactivation of the coronavirus that induces severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS-CoV

Micro-organisms have less protection from UV and cannot survive prolonged exposure to it. UVB exposure is of utmost importance to humans as the main source of vitamin D comes from exposure to the sun’s UVB rays. UVB exposure synthesize enormous amounts of natural Vitamin D from cholesterol in your skin.

Because UV is very effective in killing bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms UV water filtration systems are sold for use in homes and businesses. Tap water is filtered using very inexpensive UV lights. Water quality tests proves unequivocally that UV lights are very effective in killing as much as 99% of all water borne viruses and bacteria. At military facilities that manufacture bio-weapons UV lights are essential for keeping the life threatening viruses and bacteria contained and confined to their labs. Tanning salons uses UV technology for another reason – in their tanning beds.

This article’s featured image is a countertop antimicrobial technology design by PRESS Core founder and editor Paul W Kincaid. The apparatus utilizes ultraviolet light to kill viruses & bacteria, to effectively reduce the spread of viral and bacterial infections & diseases.

The apparatus uses a built-in fan to draw in the surrounding air to continuously decontaminate the air in hospitals, seniors special care homes, hotels, motels, restaurants, clubs, offices, stores, workplaces & private dwellings. It was designed to decontaminate hands, cell phones, tablets and countless other small objects and devices too.

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