Ukrainian spy / agent hiding in plain sight

CSIS mandate is to investigate and advise the Government of Canada on threats to national security. CSIS has stated that “Espionage and foreign interference pose a significant threat to our economic prosperity and national interests. … Certain hostile states attempt to gather Canadian political, economic, and military information through clandestine means, both in Canada and abroad, in order to advance their states’ own strategic interests.” Canadians are lead to believe that CSIS is referring to states like China, North Korea or Russia. However, Ukraine and Germany / EU have spies who have infiltrated the Government of Canada and who are actively working to “advance their states’ own strategic interests” . The Government of Canada has a Ukrainian spy who is hiding in plain sight = Chrystia Freeland. Chrystia Freeland is actively advancing Ukraine’s own strategic interests while she is serving as a MP in Canada’s Parliament.

Actively advancing Ukraine’s own strategic interests while serving as a Member of Parliament means Chrystia Freeland is misusing the office she was appointed to. Chrystia Freeland is unlawfully using the offices of Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister to promote and funnel $billions to Ukraine to bankroll Ukraine and Ukraine’s own strategic interests.

When was Chrystia Freeland recruited to advance Ukraine’s own strategic interests? The Ukrainian Weekly’s April 4, 1993 edition gives evidence that Chrystia Freeland was recruited by George Soros to advance Ukraine’s own strategic interests in 1993.

In 1992 Chrystia Freeland and her mother moved to Ukraine where Halyna Chomiak Freeland initiated the Ukrainian Legal Foundation. How is that significant? It links Chrystia Freeland with George Soros. It provides evidence as to when and how Chrystia Freeland was recruited by George Soros:

A decision to create an independent professional lawyers association, a project to assist all working groups writing the new Constitution of Ukraine and assist in the formation of a law school were some of the important new initiatives under taken at meetings of the boards of the Ukrainian Legal Foundation (ULF) on February 27 and 28.

The weekend meetings included the first meeting of the Board of Foreign Advisors of the ULF.

The ULF was created in the spring of 1992 on the initiative of Ukrainian and Western lawyers to aid the nation building process in Ukraine. Philanthropist George Soros took an interest in the program and provided funding. Subsequently the ULF and its projects were endorsed by the president of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk, in a decree issued on August 26, 1992.

The Ukrainian Weekly 1993

Chrystia Freeland later joined Victor Pinchuk Foundation & its partner George Soros to advance Ukraine’s own strategic interests. Each year Victor Pinchuk Foundation & its partner George Soros host a private meeting on current trends in Ukraine in order to promote the country among top international leaders & engage in a dialogue with the international community. Among the “paid” speakers and promoters is MP Chrystia Freeland.

Since George Soros / Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s 2010 6th Davos Ukrainian Lunch “Presidential elections: Quo vadis, (means where are you going) Ukraine?” Chrystia Freeland has participated in many other George Soros / Victor Pinchuk Foundation sponsored and hosted events to “advance Ukraine’s own strategic interests“:

2011 George Soros / Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s 7th Davos Ukrainian Lunch
2012 George Soros / Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s 8th Davos Ukrainian Lunch:
“Options for the Future”
2013 George Soros / Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s 9th Davos Ukrainian Lunch “Ukraine:
East or West – The Wrong Dilemma
George Soros / Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s Davos Ukrainian Breakfast 2018
George Soros / Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s Davos Ukrainian Breakfast, 2019
2018 George Soros / Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s 2nd Munich Ukrainian Lunch
2019 George Soros / Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s 3rd Munich Ukrainian Lunch
“Aspen Ukraine Initiative”

How does Chrystia Freeland pose a significant threat to Canada’s economic prosperity and national interests? She is finance minister. She is the reason why Bill Morneau resigned. Canada’s mass media reported Bill Morneau resigned as finance minister after he & Justin Trudeau clashed over spending billions of dollars to deal with COVID-19’s impact on the Canadian economy. Bill Morneau resigned just days after he reported transferring $3.108 billion to IMF so that Chrystia Freeland could bailout Ukraine.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal claims that Ukraine is not in danger of bankruptcy amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He made this statement in an interview with the German newspaper Handelsblatt on the eve of his online talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Schmyhal told the Handelsblatt that he “sees absolutely no reason for the Ukraine to become insolvent” because his country is about to sign a five billion dollar loan with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Handelsblatt 12.05.2020

Germany’s EU states uses the IMF to indirectly / covertly obtain $billions from non-EU states. The IMF has no money. It relies on corrupt politicians like Chrystia Freeland to misappropriate and funnel $billions to the IMF so that the IMF can fund Germany, Ukraine and other insolvent EU states.

the IMF administers a pool of money from which members can borrow when they are in trouble. …

the IMF is not a bank and does not intermediate between investors and recipients. Nevertheless, it has at its disposal significant resources, presently valued at over $215 billion. These resources come from quota subscriptions, or membership fees, paid in by the IMF’s 182 member countries. Each member contributes to this pool of resources a certain amount of money proportionate to its economic size and strength (richer countries pay more, poorer less). While the Bank borrows and lends, the IMF is more like a credit union whose members have access to a common pool of resources (the sum total of their individual contributions) to assist them in times of need. Although under special and highly restrictive circumstances the IMF borrows from official entities (but not from private markets), it relies principally on its quota subscriptions to finance its operations.


Chrystia Freeland joined and continues to be a Trustee of the Aspen Institute Kyiv, while serving as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance of Canada. For nonprofit organizations, trustees often have to do fundraising in addition to their other trustee responsibilities.

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