FuelReducer mpg+ increased fuel efficiency plus lowered CO2 emissions

The FuelReducer mpg+ was the 1st energy technology device designed, developed & sold by PRESS Core editor, Paul W Kincaid. Designed and developed to increase fuel efficiency + lower CO2 emissions. Device sold throughout Canada and the US from 2006 to 2010.

The FuelReducer mpg + added 2 to 8 mpg (miles per gallon) to a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. For vehicles with a 20 gallon gas tank that means an added 40 to 160 miles per tank. Metric conversion – an added 64.3737 km to 257.495 km per tank of gas, plus (+) it lowered carbon emissions.

Installed as directed, the FuelReducer mpg + helped reduce fuel consumption. A reduction in fuel is healthier for you, your wallet, your vehicle and the environment. Trim the engine’s diet by reducing its intake. Your vehicle will run better with a little less fuel. Burning less fuel can also reduce emissions. You’ll spend less time worrying about prices going up and you’ll go further on the same amount of fuel just by installing the FuelReducer mpg + on your vehicle.

The FuelReducer mpg + converted liquid fuel flow from high volume flow into a slightly reduced fine centralized stream. The output fuel pressure was automatically increased. The FuelReducer mpg + has a specific internal diameter to reduce the amount of fuel flow.  The reduction increases the fuel pressure and is consistent throughout the driving speed range. The flow is reduced from the fuel line (demonstrated in image) by 10-25%. Some vehicles might have better than a 25% reduction. (example; going from 16 mpg to 22 mpg = 37.5% reduction in fuel consumption) .  Decreasing fuel flow = increased mpg.

Canada’s commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030 could have been achieved with inexpensive devices like the FuelReducer mpg+

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