Core generator designed to drastically reduce electrical bill, CO2 emissions and carbon tax.

The Core Generator ™ is one of many Paul W Kincaid energy technology design and solutions. The generator was designed to reduce your electrical bill, CO2 emissions and carbon tax. Innovative power generator uses very little energy to produce kilowatts of “unmetered” energy. Designed specifically for reducing the cost of recharging electric vehicles and powering home or cottage appliances plus power equipment and electronic devices in remote locations. Technology designed to generate more energy than used while producing zero CO2.

Portable compact design allows you to take it with you and generate electricity when you need it and without using a drop of oil, gasoline, propane, natural gas or water. Use at home, at the cottage, on camping, fishing or hunting trips, at your construction site, in your warehouse or anywhere you need electrical energy.

No more wasting your hard earned money on expensive, toxic and polluting fossil fuel, tar sand (asphaltum) or fabricated shale gas (a fabricated rename for hydrogen sulfide  – H2S made by adding very toxic chemicals to  potable water  to chemically break the bond between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water ).

No more worrying about CO2 emissions, smog, global warming or carbon tax.  The core generator is designed to produce zero emissions.  Because there is absolutely zero emissions the generator can be used indoors. Uses no oil, gasoline, propane, natural gas or hydrogen fuel. Uses no water. Not a drop of oil is needed or used for cooling or lubrication. There is no fuel tank or combustion motor to constantly fuel. The is no noisy and carbon monoxide poisoning muffler. The Core Generator ™ uses very little energy to generate kilowatts of energy. The ultimate green energy generating machine.

Core Generator ™ is designed to replace the gas combustion engine as the source of power to generate kilowatts of energy.  It is designed to operate using zero emissions electrical energy that is generated by a solar panel, wind turbine, water wheel or Nikola Tesla or Thomas Henry Moray antenna.  Uses as little as 75 watts to produce 1200 – 4500+ watts.

Estimated cost to power a Core Generator ™:

  • NB Power metered energy rate: $0.1091 per kWh
  • Cost per month: Low $5.97 High $27.88 per month
  • Cost per year: Low $71.68 High $334.54
  • CO2 emissions per month: 0 ppm
  • CO2 emissions per year: 0 ppm


Estimated cost to power a gasoline generator:

  • Cost of gallon of gasoline: $5.00 per gallon
  • Cost for 1 tank (5 gallons) of gasoline: $25.00 per tank
  • Cost per 10 hours run time: $25.00
  • Cost per 24 hours run time: $60.00
  • Cost per month: Low(12 hours a day) $900 High (24 hours a day) $1800
  • Cost per year: Low $10,800 High $21,600

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