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The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.” ~ John F Kennedy New York City, April 27, 1961


The Zionist ideology is antithetical to the Torah. Zionism was deviously designed to replace the Torah and its holy, God given commandments with nationalistic, power-driven ideals that are devoid of holiness. What more proof does one need than the fact that for centuries, Jews have lived peacefully in Arabic countries, enjoying the respect and friendship of their neighbors? The tragedy of Zionism changed all of that. The painful truth is that in the eyes of the Zionist government, Jews are merely the cannon-fodder needed for the State of Israel to achieve its agenda.

The relatively new concept of Zionism began only about one hundred years ago and since that time Torah true Jewry has steadfastly opposed the Zionist ideology. This struggle is rooted in two convictions:

1. Zionism, by advocating a political and military end to the Jewish exile, denies the very essence of Jews Diaspora existence. Jews are in exile by Divine Decree and may emerge from exile solely via Divine Redemption. All human efforts to alter a metaphysical reality are doomed to end in failure and bloodshed. History has clearly borne out this teaching.

2. Zionism has not only denied Jews fundamental belief in Heavenly Redemption it has also created a pseudo-Judaism which views the essence of thir identity to be a secular nationalism. Accordingly, Zionism and the Israeli state have consistently endeavored, via persuasion and coercion, to replace a Divine and Torah centered understanding of our people hood with an armed materialism.

The true Jewish position on Zionism and the state called Israel is found in the Scriptures in the Talmud and in the oral traditions transmitted to all Jews by their parents and teachers.

At the outset of the Jews’ exile to Babylonia, the Prophet Jeremiah, in chapter 29 of his book proclaimed God’s message to all the exiled…Verse seven reads, “Seek out the welfare of the city to which I have exiled you and pray for it to the Almighty, for through its welfare will you have welfare.” This has been a cornerstone of Jewish “foreign policy” how to behave in the lands of the nations throughout our ensuing exiles till this very day.

There Jeremiah adds in the name of God (verses 8 and 9), “Do not let your false prophets among you and your sorcerers seduce you, do not head your dreamers which you cause them to dream. For they speak falsely to you in My name. I did not send them.” This too has applied to all the would-be misleaders of Jewry whether they presented themselves as prophets or as sorcerers or as dreamers of national aspirations.

King Solomon in Song of Songs thrice adjured the “daughters of Jerusalem” not to arouse or bestir the love until it is ready.” The Talmud explains That Jews have been forsworn, by three strong oaths;

1) not to ascend to the Holy Land as a group using force,
2) not to rebel against the governments of countries in which they live, and
3) not by their sins, to prolong the coming of moshiach;

as is written in Tractate Kesubos 111a .

Before World War II, most Hasidic rabbis, as well as many other prominent Orthodox leaders, believed that God had promised to return the Jewish people to the land of Israel by means of the actions of the Jewish Messiah who would be sent if the Jewish people merited his arrival. During the current exile, the Jewish people are expected to perform the mitzvot. (Mitzvot refers to the divine commandments given in the Torah. The term also refers to the fulfillment of a mitzvah- commandment. According to the teachings of Judaism, all moral laws are, or are derived from the divine commandments.) In addition, they are advised not to antagonize or rebel against the gentile nations of the world in the course of their long exile in the diaspora. God freed the Jews from bondage and persecution. God exiled them from bondage and persecution. They were freed to scatter throughout the World. For over 2000 years the Jews lived in peace and harmony. The secret to this success was because they lived their lives by God’s edict of, “Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit”

This peace and harmony ended with the creation of Zionism. Zionists encouraged and even aided Hitler in the persecution and Holocaust of the peaceful Jewish people. The term “Zionism” was coined in 1891 by the Austrian publicist Nathan Birnbaum, to describe the new ideology. It is was used to describe anyone who believes Jews should end God’s imposed exile and return to their ancient homeland. The Zionist movement was founded by Theodor Herzl in 1897. He was born in Budapest in 1860, and educated in the spirit of the German ­ Jewish Enlightenment, as a secular Jew. In 1878 the Herzls moved to Vienna, where Theodor Herzl studied law in the university of Vienna, graduating in 1884. However, rather than practicing law, Herzl became a writer, a playwright and a journalist. Despite ridicule from Jewish leaders, he published The Jewish State (Der Judenstaat) in 1896. Herzl claimed that the Jews could gain acceptance in the world only if they stopped being an anomaly among nations. He asserted that the scattered Jews are one people. Their plight could be transformed into a positive force by the establishment of a Jewish state guaranteed in international (public) law - “volkerrechtig” — with the consent of the great powers.

They, for the next 6 decades, have tried to establish a Jewish state, not with the consent of God but with the consent of the super powers of the 20th century. They have forsaken the Torah by forcing their will unto the World through antagonism, provocation and rebellion. They have shed the blood of the innocent in defiance of divine law, in order to form a God forbidden state. For over 40 years Zionists have not only violated the divine commandments, they have violated modern laws that were made to preserve and protect peace and harmony throughout the Middle East and the World.

From 1967 to 1989 the UN Security Council passed 131 resolutions directly dealing with the Arab-Israeli conflict. Of the 131 resolutions passed, 43 could be considered neutral while the remaining 88 either criticized and opposed the actions of Israel or judged against its interests. Nearly half of the 88 resolutions against Israel “condemned”, “censured” or “deplored” the member state or its actions. During this time, in the UN General Assembly, 429 resolutions against Israel were passed, and Israel was condemned 321 times. The United States has used its veto power to prevent resolutions concerning Israel from passing through the Security Council on 42 occasions since 1970.

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, also Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT or NNPT) is a treaty to limit the spread of nuclear weapons, opened for signature on July 1, 1968. There are currently 189 countries party to the treaty, five of which have nuclear weapons: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and the People’s Republic of China (the permanent members of the UN Security Council) .

Only four recognized sovereign states are not parties to the treaty: India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea. India and Pakistan both possess and have openly tested nuclear bombs. Israel has had a policy of opacity regarding its own nuclear weapons program. Israel continue to develop more lethal nuclear weapons and refuses to allow international access to their program. Their nuclear program is very secretive and developed solely for use as a weapon of mass destruction against its so called enemies yet no country is calling for sanctions against them whenever they threaten and attack a neighboring state. Israel has committed war crimes . Iran has not. Israel has attacked and killed civilians repeatedly. Iran has not. Israel is settling occupied land - a violation of international law. Iran does not occupy or does not have any settlements on foreign and sovereign states.

Amnesty International accused Israel of war crimes, saying it broke international law by deliberately destroying Lebanon’s civilian infrastructure during its recent war with Hezbollah guerrillas.

The human rights group said initial evidence, including the pattern and scope of the Israeli attacks, high number of civilian casualties, widespread damage and statements by Israeli officials “indicate that such destruction was deliberate and part of a military strategy, rather than ‘collateral damage.’”

Amnesty International, whose delegates monitored the fighting in both Israel and Lebanon, said Israel violated international laws banning direct attacks on civilians and barring indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks.

War crimes are defined in the statute that established the International Criminal Court, which includes:

1. Grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions, such as:
1. Willful killing, or causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health - Israel is guilty
2. Torture or inhumane treatment - Israel is guilty
3. Unlawful wanton destruction or appropriation of property - Israel is guilty
4. Forcing a prisoner of war to serve in the forces of a hostile power
5. Depriving a prisoner of war of a fair trial - Israel is guilty
6. Unlawful deportation, confinement or transfer - Israel is guilty
7. Taking hostages - Israel is guilty

2. The following acts as part of an international conflict:
1. Directing attacks against civilians - Israel is guilty
2. Directing attacks against humanitarian workers or UN peacekeepers - Israel is guilty
3. Killing a surrendered combatant - Israel is guilty
4. Misusing a flag of truce - Israel is guilty
5. Settlement of occupied territory - Israel is guilty
6. Deportation of inhabitants of occupied territory - Israel is guilty
7. Using poison weapons - Israel is guilty
8. Using civilians as shields - Israel is guilty
9. Using child soldiers

3. The following acts as part of a non-international conflict:
1. Murder, cruel or degrading treatment and torture - Israel is guilty
2. Directing attacks against civilians, humanitarian workers or UN peacekeepers - Israel is guilty
3. Taking hostages - Israel is guilty
4. Summary execution - Israel is guilty
5. Pillage - Israel is guilty
6. Rape, sexual slavery, forced prostitution or forced pregnancy

United Nations General Assembly resolutions related to Israel

* 1947 November 29: UN General Assembly Resolution 181: the 1947 UN Partition Plan, accepted by Jews and rejected by Arabs, as well as the governments of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, who claimed that the UN had no authority to pass such resolutions
* 1948 December 11: UN General Assembly Resolution 194: the conditional right of return of Palestinian refugees
* 1949 May 11: UN General Assembly Resolution 273: admission of Israel to the UN
* 1975 March 22: UN General Assembly Resolution 3379: equating Zionism with Racism
* 1991 December 16: UN General Assembly Resolution 4686: annulled Res. 3379

United Nations Security Council resolutions against Israel

1. Resolution 42: The Palestine Question (5 March 1948) Requests recommendations for the Palestine Commission
2. Resolution 43: The Palestine Question (1 Apr 1948) Recognizes “increasing violence and disorder in Palestine” and requests that representatives of “the Jewish Agency for Palestine and the Arab Higher Committee” arrange, with the Security Council, “a truce between the Arab and Jewish Communities of Palestine…Calls upon Arab and Jewish armed groups in Palestine to cease acts of violence immediately.”
3. Resolution 44: The Palestine Question (1 Apr 1948) Requests convocation of special session of the General Assembly
4. Resolution 46: The Palestine Question (17 Apr 1948) As the United Kingdom is the Mandatory Power, “it is responsible for the maintenance of peace and order in Palestine.” The Resolutions also “Calls upon all persons and organizations in Palestine” to stop importing “armed bands and fighting personnel…whatever their origin;…weapons and war materials;…Refrain, pending the future government of Palestine…from any political activity which might prejudice the rights, claims, or position of either community;…refrain from any action which will endager the safety of the Holy Places in Palestine.”
5. Resolution 48: The Palestine Question (23 Apr 1948)
6. Resolution 49: The Palestine Question (22 May 1948)
7. Resolution 50: The Palestine Question (29 May 1948)
8. Resolution 53: The Palestine Question (7 Jul 1948)
9. Resolution 54: The Palestine Question (15 Jul 1948)
10. Resolution 56: The Palestine Question (19 Aug 1948)
11. Resolution 57: The Palestine Question (18 Sep 1948)
12. Resolution 59: The Palestine Question (19 Oct 1948)
13. Resolution 60: The Palestine Question (29 Oct 1948)
14. Resolution 61: The Palestine Question (4 Nov 1948)
15. Resolution 62: The Palestine Question (16 Nov 1948)
16. Resolution 66: The Palestine Question (29 Dec 1948)
17. Resolution 72: The Palestine Question (11 Aug 1949)
18. Resolution 73: The Palestine Question (11 Aug 1949)
19. Resolution 89 (17 November 1950): regarding Armistice in 1948 Arab-Israeli War and “transfer of persons”.
20. Resolution 92: The Palestine Question (8 May 1951)
21. Resolution 93: The Palestine Question (18 May 1951)
22. Resolution 95: The Palestine Question (1 Sep 1951)
23. Resolution 100: The Palestine Question (27 Oct 1953)
24. Resolution 101: The Palestine Question (24 Nov 1953)
25. Resolution 106: The Palestine Question (29 Mar 1955) ‘condemns’ Israel for Gaza raid.
26. Resolution 107: The Palestine Question (30 Mar)
27. Resolution 108: The Palestine Question (8 Sep)
28. Resolution 111: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for raid on Syria that killed fifty-six people”.
29. Resolution 127: ” … ‘recommends’ Israel suspends its ‘no-man’s zone’ in Jerusalem”.
30. Resolution 162: ” … ‘urges’ Israel to comply with UN decisions”.
31. Resolution 171: ” … determines flagrant violations’ by Israel in its attack on Syria”.
32. Resolution 228: ” … ‘censures’ Israel for its attack on Samu in the West Bank, then under Jordanian control”.
33. Resolution 237: ” … ‘urges’ Israel to allow return of new 1967 Palestinian refugees”.
34. Resolution 242 (November 22, 1967): Termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area. Calls on Israel’s neighbors to end the state of belligerency and calls upon Israel to reciprocate by withdraw its forces from land claimed by other parties in 1967 war. Interpreted commonly today as calling for the Land for peace principle as a way to resolve Arab-Israeli conflict
35. Resolution 248: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for its massive attack on Karameh in Jordan”.
36. Resolution 250: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel to refrain from holding military parade in Jerusalem”.
37. Resolution 251: ” … ‘deeply deplores’ Israeli military parade in Jerusalem in defiance of Resolution 250”.
38. Resolution 252: ” … ‘declares invalid’ Israel’s acts to unify Jerusalem as Jewish capital”.
39. Resolution 256: ” … ‘condemns’ Israeli raids on Jordan as ‘flagrant violation”.
40. Resolution 259: ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s refusal to accept UN mission to probe occupation”.
41. Resolution 262: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for attack on Beirut airport”.
42. Resolution 265: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for air attacks for Salt in Jordan”.
43. Resolution 267: ” … ‘censures’ Israel for administrative acts to change the status of Jerusalem”.
44. Resolution 270: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for air attacks on villages in southern Lebanon”.
45. Resolution 271: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel’s failure to obey UN resolutions on Jerusalem”.
46. Resolution 279: ” … ‘demands’ withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon”.
47. Resolution 280: ” … ‘condemns’ Israeli’s attacks against Lebanon”.
48. Resolution 285: ” … ‘demands’ immediate Israeli withdrawal form Lebanon”.
49. Resolution 298: ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s changing of the status of Jerusalem”.
50. Resolution 313: ” … ‘demands’ that Israel stop attacks against Lebanon”.
51. Resolution 316: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for repeated attacks on Lebanon”.
52. Resolution 317: ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s refusal to release Arabs abducted in Lebanon”.
53. Resolution 332: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel’s repeated attacks against Lebanon”.
54. Resolution 337: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for violating Lebanon’s sovereignty”.
55. Resolution 338 (22 October 1973): cease fire in Yom Kippur War
56. Resolution 339 (23 October 1973): Confirms Res. 338, dispatch UN observers.
57. Resolution 347: ” … ‘condemns’ Israeli attacks on Lebanon”.
58. Resolution 3379: “…’establishes’ Zionism as a form of racism and racial discrimination. Repealed by Resolution 46|86
59. Resolution 425 (1978): ‘calls’ on Israel to withdraw its forces from Lebanon”. Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon was completed as of 16 June 2000.
60. Resolution 350 (31 May 1974) established the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, to monitor the ceasefire between Israel and Syria in the wake of the Yom Kippur War.
61. Resolution 427: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel to complete its withdrawal from Lebanon.
62. Resolution 444: ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s lack of cooperation with UN peacekeeping forces”.
63. Resolution 446 (1979): ‘determines’ that Israeli settlements are a ’serious obstruction’ to peace and calls on Israel to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention”.
64. Resolution 450: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel to stop attacking Lebanon”.
65. Resolution 452: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel to cease building settlements in occupied territories”.
66. Resolution 465: ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s settlements and asks all member states not to assist Israel’s settlements program”.
67. Resolution 467: ” … ’strongly deplores’ Israel’s military intervention in Lebanon”.
68. Resolution 468: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel to rescind illegal expulsions of two Palestinian mayors and a judge and to facilitate their return”.
69. Resolution 469: ” … ’strongly deplores’ Israel’s failure to observe the council’s order not to deport Palestinians”.
70. Resolution 471: ” … ‘expresses deep concern’ at Israel’s failure to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention”.
71. Resolution 476: ” … ‘reiterates’ that Israel’s claim to Jerusalem are ‘null and void’”.
72. Resolution 478 (20 August 1980): ‘censures (Israel) in the strongest terms’ for its claim to Jerusalem in its ‘Basic Law’.
73. Resolution 484: ” … ‘declares it imperative’ that Israel re-admit two deported Palestinian mayors”.
74. Resolution 487: ” … ’strongly condemns’ Israel for its attack on Iraq’s nuclear facility”.
75. Resolution 497 (17 December 1981) decides that Israel’s annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights is ‘null and void’ and demands that Israel rescinds its decision forthwith.
76. Resolution 498: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel to withdraw from Lebanon”.
77. Resolution 501: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel to stop attacks against Lebanon and withdraw its troops”.
78. Resolution 508:
79. Resolution 509: ” … ‘demands’ that Israel withdraw its forces forthwith and unconditionally from Lebanon”.
80. Resolution 515: ” … ‘demands’ that Israel lift its siege of Beirut and allow food supplies to be brought in”.
81. Resolution 517: ” … ‘censures’ Israel for failing to obey UN resolutions and demands that Israel withdraw its forces from Lebanon”.
82. Resolution 518: ” … ‘demands’ that Israel cooperate fully with UN forces in Lebanon”.
83. Resolution 520: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel’s attack into West Beirut”.
84. Resolution 573: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel ‘vigorously’ for bombing Tunisia in attack on PLO headquarters.
85. Resolution 587 ” … ‘takes note’ of previous calls on Israel to withdraw its forces from Lebanon and urges all parties to withdraw”.
86. Resolution 592: ” … ’strongly deplores’ the killing of Palestinian students at Bir Zeit University by Israeli troops”.
87. Resolution 605: ” … ’strongly deplores’ Israel’s policies and practices denying the human rights of Palestinians.
88. Resolution 607: ” … ‘calls’ on Israel not to deport Palestinians and strongly requests it to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention.
89. Resolution 608: ” … ‘deeply regrets’ that Israel has defied the United Nations and deported Palestinian civilians”.
90. Resolution 636: ” … ‘deeply regrets’ Israeli deportation of Palestinian civilians.
91. Resolution 641: ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s continuing deportation of Palestinians.
92. Resolution 672: ” … ‘condemns’ Israel for “violence against Palestinians” at the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount.
93. Resolution 673: ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s refusal to cooperate with the United Nations.
94. Resolution 681: ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s resumption of the deportation of Palestinians.
95. Resolution 694: ” … ‘deplores’ Israel’s deportation of Palestinians and calls on it to ensure their safe and immediate return.
96. Resolution 726: ” … ’strongly condemns’ Israel’s deportation of Palestinians.
97. Resolution 799: “. . . ’strongly condemns’ Israel’s deportation of 413 Palestinians and calls for their immediate return.
98. Resolution 1559 (2 September 2004) called upon Lebanon to establish its sovereignty over all of its land and called upon Syria to end their military presence in Lebanon by withdrawing its forces and to cease intervening in internal Lebanese politics. The resolution also called on all Lebanese militias to disband.
99. Resolution 1583 (28 January 2005) calls on Lebanon to assert full control over its border with Israel. It also states that “the Council has recognized the Blue Line as valid for the purpose of confirming Israel’s withdrawal pursuant to resolution 425.
100. Resolution 1648 (21 December 2005) renewed the mandate of United Nations Disengagement Observer Force until 30 June 2006.
101. Resolution 1701 (11 August 2006) called for the full cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah.


Impeachment in the United States is an expressed power of the legislature that allows for formal charges against a civil officer of government for crimes committed in office.

Impeachment is similar to an indictment in a regular court proceedings, while the trial for impeachment is similar to a trial before judge and jury in regular courts.

Article Two of the United States Constitution (Section 4) states that “The President, Vice President, and all other civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” According to the United States Constitution, the House of Representatives has the sole power of impeaching, while the United States Senate has the sole power to try all impeachments. The removal of impeached officials is automatic upon conviction in the Senate.

Impeachment is a Constitutional requirement and guarantee that no criminal shall hold any civil office in the United States government. It doesn’t matter what type of crime has been committed, criminals are strictly forbidden from holding any office of the United States. The United States Constitution regards any crime, whether it be Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors to be unacceptable conduct by the President, Vice-President and all other civil officers of the United States government. Not even a misdemeanor is acceptable behavior for any government official and if any elected official is accused of committing any type of crime then the United States Constitution requires for the House of Representatives to indict any and all such crimes and requires the Senate to try all indictments.

At the Philadelphia Convention, Benjamin Franklin noted that, historically, the removal of “obnoxious” chief executives had been accomplished by assassination. Franklin suggested that a proceduralized mechanism for removal — impeachment — would be preferable.

Impeachment proceedings may be commenced by any member of the House of Representatives on their own initiative, either by presenting a listing of the charges under oath, or by asking for referral to the appropriate committee. The impeachment process may also be triggered by non-members - from a special prosecutor, the President, a state or territorial legislature, grand jury, or by petition. Once an indictment is formally filed against any government official the accused is required by law to be put on trial for his or her crimes, with each side having the right to call witnesses and perform cross-examinations. The House members, who are given the collective title of managers during the course of the trial, present the prosecution case (representing, the people) versus the impeached official (the defendant) who has the right to mount a defense with his own attorneys as well. Senators must take an oath or affirmation that they will perform their duties honestly and with due diligence. After hearing the charges, the Senate usually makes a judgment in private. A two-thirds majority vote is required for a conviction of the corrupt government official.

The Senate enters judgment on its decision, whether that be to convict or acquit, and a copy of the judgment is filed with the Secretary of State - presently Hillary Clinton, who has been consistently indicted for, sued for, subpoenaed for and accused of bribery, fraud, tax evasion, FEC violations, perjury and many other High Crimes and Misdemeanors - all criminal activities that are forbidden by the Unites States Constitution. Upon conviction, the official is automatically removed from office and may also be barred from holding future office. The removed official is also liable to criminal prosecution. The President may not grant a pardon in the impeachment case, but may in any resulting criminal case.

Only two U.S. Presidents have ever been impeached: Andrew Johnson (went to trial) and Bill Clinton (went to trial). Both were acquitted at trial. Richard Nixon resigned in the face of the near certainty of his impeachment for his role in the Watergate scandal (the break-in to the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington), which had already been approved by the House Judiciary Committee. Nixon was the only President to resign the office. Bill Clinton was impeached for a misdemeanor of the least importance (frivolous) yet he was still put on trial for what the United States Constitution considered an impeachable (criminal) offense.

What does the United States Constitution consider to be an impeachable (criminal) offense? Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.


The Constitution of the United States, Art. III, defines treason against the United States to consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort. This offense is punished with death. By the same article of the Constitution, no person shall be convicted of treason, unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court. LEVYING WAR, is the assembling of a body of men for the purpose of effecting by force a treasonable object; and all who perform any part however minute, or however remote from the scene of action, and who are leagued in the general conspiracy, are considered as engaged in levying war, within the meaning of the constitution. The attacks of September 11, 2001 was treason, committed by George W Bush (President), Dick Cheney (Vice-President), Donald Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense), Condoleezza Rice (National Security Advisor), George Tenet (CIA), Colin Powell (65th Secretary of State), Robert Mueller (FBI) and other high ranking United States government officials. The White House assembled a body of men (CIA operatives) for the purpose of effecting by force the missile (an unmanned, remotely controlled commercial airline is a very large cruise missile) attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001. The men assembled were commanded by the most senior United States government officials to perform duties for the purpose of effecting by force the treasonable act. Everyone that was assembled by Dick Cheney in the War Room of the White House on the morning of September 11, 2001. Every CIA agent who flew the drones and piloted from the ground, by remote control, the unmanned replicas of US commercial airlines into the World Trade Centers. The assembled men who wired the World Trade Center Towers with thermite for their controlled demolition on September 11, 2001. The assembled men at NORAD who distracted the United States Air Force from performing their duties to defend the United States by having them engage in simulations and drill exercises the morning of September 11, 2001. The assembled men that launched the cruise missile against the Pentagon. The Media giants who mislead, tricked, misinformed, and flat out lied to the public for the purpose of effecting the White House treasonable act against the United States. All are guilty of treason.

On April 16, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama ordered the assembled men at Fort Detrick, Maryland to provide former Secret Service agent and biological weapons expert, Marc S Griswold with a biological weapon, the A-H1N1 virus, for the purpose of effecting a viral attack against the United States and its people. Obama’s intent was to kill millions of Americans with the man made A-H1N1 virus. Another group of men and women were enlisted to spread the virus. Doctors and nurses were enlisted by Obama to infect millions of Americans with the non-contagious A-H1N1 virus using the biological weapon dispersant known as the vaccine. Another group, the WHO and the CDC were given the task to intimidate and coerce all medical practitioners to participate in the attack. Again, the media giants were paid and scripted by the United States government of Obama to terrorize the American public for the purpose of effecting the White House treasonable act against the United States people. Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of Treason for assembling a group of men and women for the purpose of effecting a deadly viral attack against the United States and it people.


Bribery is defined as “… the receiving or offering any undue reward by or to any person whatsoever, in a public office in order to influence his behavior in office and induce him to act contrary to the known rules of honesty and integrity.” “Bribery, a common law crime, is the offering, giving, receiving or soliciting anything of value with the intent to influence the recipient’s action as a public official.” Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill was only passed because Obama, his lobbyists and administration officials bribed the US Congress and the Senate with earmarks. An earmark is a legislative provision that directs approved funds to be spent on specific projects, or that directs specific exemptions from taxes or mandated fees. In other words an earmark is a guarantee of offering of federal expenditures to particular recipients to influence his or her vote. Obama offered United States Congressmen and women and United States Senators very lucrative financial rewards in exchange for their vote to pass the unconstitutional bill. If a vote was cast for a bill that listed only Health Care expenditures the bill would never have passed. The people of the United States can’t afford the kind of Health Care Reform Obama is seeking. It doesn’t address the root cause for a need to change the health care system - astronomical over billing by the pharmaceutical industry and the corporate controlled hospitals. It only adds to the United States deficit and makes the American people more impoverished. In order to get this unwanted bill passed Obama bribed both the House and the Senate. He offered them financial rewards in the form of earmarks that amounts to $billions. The only reform needed to end the crisis was to pass a bill to make it illegal for the pharmaceutical companies and the corporate controlled hospitals to price gouge the American people. A pill that now cost $100 each would be, by legislation, reduced to a small percentage above cost price. It doesn’t take a genius to know that one pill doesn’t cost $100 to manufacture. It doesn’t take a genius to know that a unit of blood that was donated shouldn’t cost $1000 at the hospital. Obama is guilty of bribery. The US Congress is guilty of accepting a bribe. The US Senate is guilty of accepting a bribe.

High Crimes

A high crime is one which seeks the overthrow of the country, which gives aid or comfort to its enemies, or which injures the country to the profit of an individual or group. Both George W Bush and people in his administration are guilty of high crimes against the United States. He and members of his government launched a false flag attack against the United States on September 11, 2001 causing great personal loss and financial injuring to the country to the profit of the Pentagon, the CIA and the United States oil industry. The Pentagon was closing bases and canceling development and orders for new military hardware as a result of the end to the Cold War but the Operation Northwoods plan of attack against the United States on September 11, 2001 by George W Bush and the CIA injected $billions in needed new government funding into the Pentagon. CIA operations were largely scaled back as a result of the ending of the Cold War and as such they lost much of their funding from the US government. 9/11 put them back in business, first with being contracted to carry out the attacks and then later when the United States launched an unprovoked attack against Afghanistan. The attack against Afghanistan was for 2 reasons. The 1st and most immediate need was to revive the Opium drug trade which is completely now controlled by the CIA and the proceeds are used exclusively by the CIA to bankroll their illegal covert ops that include torture, rendition, kidnapping, murder, assassinations, sabotage using IEDs, illegal arms trading and illegal drug smuggling and trade. The 2nd and long term goal of the unprovoked and very illegal attack against Afghanistan was to build and control the Trans-Afghan natural gas pipeline. The individual group who petitioned the United States government to commit these high crimes was Unocal oil, who in a FEBRUARY 12, 1998 US Congressional hearing, formally asked the government of presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton to remove by military force the duly elected Taliban government of Afghanistan and install a pro-US and pro Unocol leader. On August 10, 2005, Unocal merged with Chevron Corporation (former Sectary of State Condoleezza Rice was director of Chevron from 1991 until January 15, 2001) and became a wholly owned subsidiary. Because of the financial injury that the Bush Wars of Terror caused to the United States, George W Bush and high ranking officials in his administration are guilty of High Crimes against the United States.


A misdemeanor, which in many common law legal systems, is a “lesser” criminal act. In the United States, the federal government generally considers a crime punishable with incarceration for one year or less to be a misdemeanor. Examples of misdemeanors include:

* Assault is the intentional and an unlawful threat either through words or act to cause physical harm to another individual through violence.
* Battery is intentionally touching and causing physical harm to another person against their will.
* Criminal Mischief is the act of willingly, and with malicious intent, injuring either public or private property.
* Disorderly Conduct is a very generic term and can be used to refer to, and thereby control all kinds of unruly behavior, such as being a threat to another individual and/or being a threat to private or public property.
* Disorderly Intoxication is a type of public disturbance, where it is illegal to be in a state of intoxication and thereby be a threat to other people or property.
* Falsifying any document by either a small detail or even completely, which conveying it to any form of law enforcement officer, bank or government agency is a misdemeanor.
* Indecent Exposure is the act of displaying one’s sexual organs in either a public setting or in someone else’s private premises. Breastfeeding your child is the only exception to this rule.
* Any conspiracy to violate the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Act - Barack Hussein Obama and his administration are guilty of violating FEC law - it is unlawful for any government officer to solicit or receive a donation of money, from any person; It shall be unlawful for an individual who is an officer or employee of the Federal Government, including the President, Vice President, and Members of Congress, to solicit or receive a donation of money or other thing of value in connection with a Federal, State, or local election, while in any room or building occupied in the discharge of official duties by an officer or employee of the United States, from any person. Obama and the Democrats are soliciting through email, donations of money from not just any one person but from millions of people. They are no doubt using computers and other electronic devices within the rooms of the buildings where they discharge their official duties to solicit money for the upcoming election. Obama and Democratic officials (including the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi) are soliciting, on a daily bases, money from people both inside and outside of the United States and from people who are not United States citizens. That is a gross violation of FEC law and according to the United States Constitution, an impeachable offense. Obama and the Democrats are desperate for votes and are now flagrantly violating FEC law with a special buy the vote scheme, in which people who donate only $5 or more are given a chance to win a free trip to Washington for the Dem committees’ big fund raising dinner, and get their picture taken with President Obama. In an e-mail that was sent out, Speaker Nancy Pelosi offers this extra incentive: “If you enter today, you and your guest will sit at my table should you be the lucky winner who is chosen.” That is clearly a violation of FEC law.
* Loitering,
* Prowling,
* Obstructing justice, - Hillary Clinton is famous for this by repetitively destroying documents and ordering her aids to lie to investigators about her illegal financial transactions. Barack Obama is guilty of this when he had an appointed judge classify his authorizing the CIA to assassinate US citizens as state secrets, in a secret midnight September 24, 2010 court filing.
* Petty Theft,
* Stalking another person,
* Shoplifting (within a certain limit, after which it becomes a felony),
* Soliciting or prostitution etc.

Even though they may not appear to be a threat to the National Security of the United States the U.S. Constitution forbids any government official, including the president, from serving in the United States government not only for committing Treason, Bribery or High Crimes but even if they are found guilty of committing any misdemeanor crime(s).

The $1 forgery called the Federal Reserve Note - Above the pyramid ANNUIT COEPTIS: the latin phrase means “our enterprise”, our “conspiracy” or “our pact”. The bottom of the pyramid MDCCLXXVI. This is Roman numerals for the date 1776. It allegedly commemorates the founding of the Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) by Adam Weishaupt on May 1st, 1776. Below this is the phrase NOVUS ORDUS SECLORUM - means “New Order of the Ages”. The official interpretation is that the imprint of a pyramid represents strength and durability. It’s incomplete because so is the work of building the nation. The eye in the triangle is the all-seeing eye of providence.

A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than from any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud.

Look at the back of any US Federal Note. Yes I didn’t say US Dollar because the US Dollar doesn’t exist. On the back, in clear view of everyone is a pyramid. The US currency was set up to fail by the bankers of the Federal Reserve Banks. They clearly and arrogantly state their true intent for the United States. They have modeled the US government finances after a pyramid scheme.

A successful pyramid scheme combines a fake yet seemingly credible business with a simple-to-understand yet sophisticated-sounding money-making formula which is used for profit. The Federal Reserve prints worthless Federal Reserve Notes and sells them to the US government, with interest. The Federal Reserve prints fake US dollars. That is to say that they print fake copies of a non existent US dollar and they swamp the word US dollar with Federal Reserve Note in order to assume credibility. Interest on a $0.00 value is always $0.00 yet through their elaborate and very illegal pyramid scheme they always make money on interest charges on a service and product that has absolutely no value.

The essential idea is that a “con artist” the Federal Reserve makes only one payment. To start earning, the Federal Reserve has to recruit others like him who will also make one payment each. The Federal Reserve gets paid out of receipts from those new recruits. They then go on to recruit others. As each new recruit makes a payment, the Federal Reserve gets a cut. They are thus promised exponential benefits as the “business” expands.

Such “businesses” seldom involve sales of real products or services to which a monetary value might be easily attached. In a pyramid scheme the “payment” itself may be a non-cash valuable. The Federal Reserve Note has $0.00 value and the service provided by the Federal Reserve Banks are illegal which makes their printing service a $0.00 value. In return for the fake and worthless illegal forgery the United States government gives the Federal Reserve Banks the peoples’ real value assets like property and precious metals like gold and silver. To enhance credibility, most such scams are well equipped with fake referrals, testimonials, and information. The United States Federal Reserve Act is such a credibility. The Act illegally gives credibility to the worthless Federal Reserve Note by declaring it legal tender for “all” trade. The Act made the United States government willing accomplices in this pyramid scheme.

The flaw is that there is no end benefit. The money simply travels up the chain. Only the originator (sometimes called the “pharaoh”) and a very few at the top levels of the pyramid make significant amounts of money. The amounts dwindle steeply down the pyramid slopes. Individuals at the bottom of the pyramid (those who subscribed to the plan, but were not able to recruit any followers themselves) end up with a deficit. This is also clearly shown on the back of the worthless forgery called the Federal Reserve Note. In the worthless forgery of the US dollar the top of the pyramid is separated intentionally from the rest of the pyramid. Only the Federal Reserve Banks make any money and they are represented by the top of the pyramid - referred to as the capstone. The capstone is not joined with the Pyramid. This is suppose to mean that the plan is not complete. Some believe that only when a New World Order is established upon all nations and a world leader is enthroned will the plan be complete. George HW Bush specifically referred to the New World Order in a speech before a Joint Session of the Congress on the Persian Gulf Crisis and the Federal Budget Deficit on September 11, 1990. “A new partnership of nations has begun, and we stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective—a new world order—can emerge;”

The Federal Reserve controlled banking system is the main pyramid scheme and the original pyramid scheme in the United States. Obama started a new pyramid scheme called the Heath Care Reform Bill. The con artist, Barack Hussein Obama, started the scheme by committing the US taxpayers to paying into the scheme with $940 billion over ten years. The $940 billion bill issued to the US taxpayers was suppose to reduce the deficit by $143 billion over the next decade ( a decade is ten years). Do you see the fraud here? Obama is saying to the American people that if they want $143 billion to pay off a debt they will pay 650% in interest or $940 billion. And you though your local bank or credit union charged too much interest on your mortgage and car loans. Which would you agree to; 7% interest on a mortgage for a house that you will eventually own or 650% interest for something that can never be paid out in full or owned. The deficit reduction is and will always be $0.00. The deficit was automatically added another $940 billion with the strokes of a pen by Barack Hussein Obama. Obama defrauded $940 billion from the US taxpayers.

To ensure the pyramid scheme succeeds Obama is forcing every single American to pay into his pyramid scheme. Under the health care pyramid scheme, by 2014 most Americans would be required to have health insurance or pay a fine. Employers are forced to provide coverage to their workers, or pay a fine of $2,000 per worker. Obama had no intention on fixing the health care problem - the out of control price gouging from the pharmaceutical industry and corporate controlled health care industry. Obama doesn’t care about the health of nation. Obama and his co-conspirators in Congress only care about the health of their secret off shore bank accounts.

Obama, Congress and the Federal Reserve bankers have robbed the people. The Federal Reserve Note pyramid scheme has now collapsed. The scheme’s debt got too big and the United States government cannot raise enough money from new taxpayers to pay the debt owed to earlier taxpayers, and as a result millions of Americans have lost their jobs, their homes and their hard earned money.

The $1 forgery called the Federal Reserve Note - Above the pyramid ANNUIT COEPTIS: the latin phrase means “our enterprise”, our “conspiracy” or “our pact”. The bottom of the pyramid MDCCLXXVI. This is Roman numerals for the date 1776. It allegedly commemorates the founding of the Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) by Adam Weishaupt on May 1st, 1776. Below this is the phrase NOVUS ORDUS SECLORUM - means “New Order of the Ages”. The official interpretation is that the imprint of a pyramid represents strength and durability. It’s incomplete because so is the work of building the nation. The eye in the triangle is the all-seeing eye of providence.

A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than from any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud.

Look at the back of any US Federal Note. Yes I didn’t say US Dollar because the US Dollar doesn’t exist. On the back, in clear view of everyone is a pyramid. The US currency was set up to fail by the bankers of the Federal Reserve Banks. They clearly and arrogantly state their true intent for the United States. They have modeled the US government finances after a pyramid scheme.

A successful pyramid scheme combines a fake yet seemingly credible business with a simple-to-understand yet sophisticated-sounding money-making formula which is used for profit. The Federal Reserve prints worthless Federal Reserve Notes and sells them to the US government, with interest. The Federal Reserve prints fake US dollars. That is to say that they print fake copies of a non existent US dollar and they swamp the word US dollar with Federal Reserve Note in order to assume credibility. Interest on a $0.00 value is always $0.00 yet through their elaborate and very illegal pyramid scheme they always make money on interest charges on a service and product that has absolutely no value.

The essential idea is that a “con artist” the Federal Reserve makes only one payment. To start earning, the Federal Reserve has to recruit others like him who will also make one payment each. The Federal Reserve gets paid out of receipts from those new recruits. They then go on to recruit others. As each new recruit makes a payment, the Federal Reserve gets a cut. They are thus promised exponential benefits as the “business” expands.

Such “businesses” seldom involve sales of real products or services to which a monetary value might be easily attached. In a pyramid scheme the “payment” itself may be a non-cash valuable. The Federal Reserve Note has $0.00 value and the service provided by the Federal Reserve Banks are illegal which makes their printing service a $0.00 value. In return for the fake and worthless illegal forgery the United States government gives the Federal Reserve Banks the peoples’ real value assets like property and precious metals like gold and silver. To enhance credibility, most such scams are well equipped with fake referrals, testimonials, and information. The United States Federal Reserve Act is such a credibility. The Act illegally gives credibility to the worthless Federal Reserve Note by declaring it legal tender for “all” trade. The Act made the United States government willing accomplices in this pyramid scheme.

The flaw is that there is no end benefit. The money simply travels up the chain. Only the originator (sometimes called the “pharaoh”) and a very few at the top levels of the pyramid make significant amounts of money. The amounts dwindle steeply down the pyramid slopes. Individuals at the bottom of the pyramid (those who subscribed to the plan, but were not able to recruit any followers themselves) end up with a deficit. This is also clearly shown on the back of the worthless forgery called the Federal Reserve Note. In the worthless forgery of the US dollar the top of the pyramid is separated intentionally from the rest of the pyramid. Only the Federal Reserve Banks make any money and they are represented by the top of the pyramid - referred to as the capstone. The capstone is not joined with the Pyramid. This is suppose to mean that the plan is not complete. Some believe that only when a New World Order is established upon all nations and a world leader is enthroned will the plan be complete. George HW Bush specifically referred to the New World Order in a speech before a Joint Session of the Congress on the Persian Gulf Crisis and the Federal Budget Deficit on September 11, 1990. “A new partnership of nations has begun, and we stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective—a new world order—can emerge;”

The Federal Reserve controlled banking system is the main pyramid scheme and the original pyramid scheme in the United States. Obama started a new pyramid scheme called the Heath Care Reform Bill. The con artist, Barack Hussein Obama, started the scheme by committing the US taxpayers to paying into the scheme with $940 billion over ten years. The $940 billion bill issued to the US taxpayers was suppose to reduce the deficit by $143 billion over the next decade ( a decade is ten years). Do you see the fraud here? Obama is saying to the American people that if they want $143 billion to pay off a debt they will pay 650% in interest or $940 billion. And you though your local bank or credit union charged too much interest on your mortgage and car loans. Which would you agree to; 7% interest on a mortgage for a house that you will eventually own or 650% interest for something that can never be paid out in full or owned. The deficit reduction is and will always be $0.00. The deficit was automatically added another $940 billion with the strokes of a pen by Barack Hussein Obama. Obama defrauded $940 billion from the US taxpayers.

To ensure the pyramid scheme succeeds Obama is forcing every single American to pay into his pyramid scheme. Under the health care pyramid scheme, by 2014 most Americans would be required to have health insurance or pay a fine. Employers are forced to provide coverage to their workers, or pay a fine of $2,000 per worker. Obama had no intention on fixing the health care problem - the out of control price gouging from the pharmaceutical industry and corporate controlled health care industry. Obama doesn’t care about the health of nation. Obama and his co-conspirators in Congress only care about the health of their secret off shore bank accounts.

Obama, Congress and the Federal Reserve bankers have robbed the people. The Federal Reserve Note pyramid scheme has now collapsed. The scheme’s debt got too big and the United States government cannot raise enough money from new taxpayers to pay the debt owed to earlier taxpayers, and as a result millions of Americans have lost their jobs, their homes and their hard earned money.

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It has been 3 months now since I lost my main financial source of revenue to keep going. I have not yet found a new source of revenue so this will be the last post until new funding is acquired. Anyone who would like to donate to keep going can do so through PayPal. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. All amounts will go directly to paying for Internet access and hosting charges for

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A CIA secret weapon used for assassination shoots a small poison dart to cause a heart attack, as explained in Congressional testimony in the short video above.

The dart from this secret CIA weapon can penetrate clothing and leave nothing but a tiny red dot on the skin. On penetration of the deadly dart, the individual targeted for assassination may feel as if bitten by a mosquito, or they may not feel anything at all. The poisonous dart completely disintegrates upon entering the target.

The lethal poison then rapidly enters the bloodstream causing a heart attack. Once the damage is done, the poison denatures quickly, so that an autopsy is very unlikely to detect that the heart attack resulted from anything other than natural causes.

Sounds like something out of a James Bond movie? This is not fiction. This weapon actually exists and has been verified in Congressional testimony.

The astonishing information about this secret weapon of the CIA comes from U.S. Senate testimony in 1975 on rogue activities of the CIA. This weapon is only one of many James Bond-like discoveries of the Church Committee hearings, officially known as the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities.

Could this or a similar secret weapon have been used, for instance, in the recent death of 52-year-old Mark Pittman, a reporter who predicted the financial crisis and exposed Federal Reserve misdoings? Pittman, whose fight to open the Federal Reserve to more scrutiny led Bloomberg News to sue the central bank and win, died of a heart attack on Nov. 25th 2009.

How about Kenneth Lay, former CEO of ENRON, who was indicted by a grand jury on 11 counts of securities fraud and related charges. On January 31, 2006, following four and a half years of preparation by government prosecutors, Lay’s trial began in Houston. Lay was found guilty on May 25, 2006, of 10 counts against him; the judge dismissed the 11th. Because each count carried a maximum 5- to 10-year sentence, legal experts said Lay could have faced 20 to 30 years in prison. However, he died while vacationing in Snowmass, Colorado on July 5, 2006, about three and a half months before his scheduled October 23 sentencing. Preliminary autopsy reports state that he died of a heart attack caused by coronary artery disease. As a result of his death, on October 17, 2006, the federal district court judge who presided over the case vacated (makes the original judgment legally void - it never happened) Lay’s conviction.

Former president George W Bush received more money from Enron, its employees and their relatives over his political career than from any other source. The contributions supported Bush’s unsuccessful House campaign in 1978, his two campaigns for Texas governor, renovation of his governor’ s office, his presidential race, his inaugurations and his presidential recount fund. Enron has given more than $700,000 to Mr. Bush since 1993. In addition, Enron’s chairman, Kenneth L. Lay, was one of the “pioneers,” raising more than $100,000 for Mr. Bush’s e-mail campaign, and he and his wife gave a total of $10,000 to Mr. Bush’s Florida recount fund. Enron and Mr. Lay also contributed a total of $200,000 to Mr. Bush’s inaugural festivities. ~ The New York Times

How about Tim Russert, a leading U.S. political correspondent and host of the NBC television network’s long-running “Meet the Press” talk show, who also died of a heart attack. He was only 58. Russert became a news subject himself in 2007, when he provided key testimony at the CIA leak trial of Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

Libby was charged with lying and obstructing a federal investigation into the leaking CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity after her husband criticized the Bush administration.

Libby said he had learned of Plame’s secret identity from Russert. But Russert testified he did not discuss Plame with Libby and offered the jury an account sharply at odds with Libby’s recorded testimony.

Scooter Libby, was ultimately convicted for perjury in the leaking of CIA agents Valerie Plume and her husband. Libby was reported to have made a deal but never had the opportunity to name names because in 2008, Scooter was beaten to death with a barbell by his cell mate, Jeffrey Dahmer.

Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President of the United States, died of an apparent heart attack on January 22, 1973, less than one week before the Vietnam peace agreement was signed. Two days before Mr. Johnson’s death, Richard M. Nixon, the Republican who was elected in 1968, took the oath of office for his second term as President.

John Edgar Hoover, the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States also died in office (under Richard Nixon - 37th President of the United States January 20, 1969 – August 9, 1974) of an apparent heart attack. Hoover was appointed director of the Bureau of Investigation—predecessor to the FBI—in 1924, he was instrumental in founding the FBI in 1935, where he remained director until his death in 1972. Presidents Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson each considered dismissing Hoover as FBI Director, but all of them ultimately concluded that the political cost of doing so would be too great. Hoover maintained strong support in Congress until his death in 1972 from an apparent heart attack (reported the day after as the effects of high blood pressure.) Operational command of the Bureau passed to Associate Director Clyde Tolson. Soon thereafter, President Richard Nixon appointed L. Patrick Gray, a Justice Department official with no FBI experience, as Acting Director, with W. Mark Felt remaining as Associate Director. In January 1998 a university professor of forensic science, suspecting foul play in J. Edgar Hoover’s death, was granted access to the District of Columbia medical examiner’s records to reinvestigate how the former FBI director died. George Washington University Professor James Starrs believes the records may clarify the circumstances around Hoover’s 1972 death at age 77, which was attributed officially to a heart attack. No autopsy was performed. Starrs says nothing in Hoover’s medical history would suggest he was a candidate for a heart attack. Without an autopsy, other causes of death are still open, he said. “Everything thus far indicates there was nothing of sufficient medical history to write this off as a heart attack,” Starrs said in a telephone interview. “Hoover had numerous enemies from all walks of life; the man’s life was marked for death by all kinds of people.” One theory suggests that burglars on the Hoover premises might have poisoned him, which could have triggered a heart attack, Starrs said. Why was Hover assassinated by heart attack? “The main suggestion was that it was part of the Watergate scene in the ’70s,” Starrs said.

Slobodan Milošević was President of Serbia and of Yugoslavia. He served as the President of Socialist Republic of Serbia and Republic of Serbia from 1989 until 1997 in three terms and as President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1997 to 2000. He also led the Socialist Party of Serbia from its foundation in 1990. In the midst of the Clinton bombing of Serbia, Milošević was charged with crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), but the trial ended after Milošević died in his cell. Milosevic’s trial came to an abrupt halt on the morning of 11 March 2006 when he was found dead in his cell. He had reportedly died in his bed from an apparent heart failure. The International Criminal Tribunal declared that there were no suspicious circumstances and therefore no autopsy was performed. His trial was officially terminated just 3 days later on 14 March 2006. After 467 days of sittings it ended without a verdict. Before his death his lawyers were going to call Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright as witnesses to his defense. The trial was expected to run until 2012.

$50 billion Ponzi Schemer Bernie Madoff’s partner in crime, Jeffrey Picower also allegedly died of a heart attack. He drowned in his swimming pool on his multi-million dollar ocean front mansion in Florida after suffering a heart attack. He was scheduled to appear in court just a couple of days before he’s found dead. The article in the New York Post stated he was being forced to go before a judge and provide an explanation to what he did with his clients billions.

The most recent case of assassination by heart attack occurred on Aug. 8, 2010. Prominent oil investor Matt Simmons was reported to have died of a heart attack at his home in North Haven, Maine. The famed energy banker was a prominent proponent of peak oil theory, and most recently got attention for his dire calls about the fate of the Gulf of Mexico. He was very critical of BP Oil in regards to the effect of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He claimed it would be cataclysmic. Simmons’ dire warnings on the upcoming commodity and fuel shortages that is set to hit the United States, died at the age of 67. Matt Simmons, had been gaining recent popularity over the last several months as a whistle-blower with his accusations against the British Petroleum Company ( BP ), who is responsible for defacing and vandalizing the Gulf of Mexico while hiding the truth from the general public. According to Corporate owned media reports, he drowned in his hot tub at his summer home in Maine. Followed by a later report from the Medical Examiner that concludes ” Simmons was suffering from heart disease ” which might have been a contributing factor in his death.

Watch the one-minute video above for the description of a former CIA secretary and Congressional testimony on this secret assassination weapon which caused heart attacks.

The above video is from a revealing 45-minute documentary. In this riveting exposé, five former CIA agents describe how their initial pride and enthusiasm at serving their nation turned to anguish and remorse, as they realized that they were actually subverting democracy and killing innocent civilians all in the name “national security” and promoting foreign policy agendas.

The above-mentioned testimony is from 1975, well over 30 years ago. With the ensuing leaps in technological capability, just imagine what kinds of secret weapons for assassination have been developed since. There is good evidence that technology has even been developed to cause cancer and suicidal feelings in a person.

Undetectable poisons used to murder by heart attack

The easiest manner in which to kill someone and leave no trace of the obvious crime having been committed, would be to cause a heart attack by using chemical substances that break down as naturally occurring compounds that would be normally found in anyone’s body. The process is relatively simple to anyone with knowledge of medicine and procedures involving those medicines. You’ve heard of tranquilizer darts? Tranquilizer darts are filled with a tranquilizer drug that, when injected, temporarily sedate the animal so that it may be handled (or captured) safely. The tranquilizer can be a sedative, anaesthetic, paralytic agent or in the case of the CIA - chemical compound to create a heart attack and death.

In a CIA assassination training manual for would-be killers called “A Study of Assassination,” the CIA specifically list the use of drugs to covertly assassinate a person.

3. Drugs.

In all types of assassination except terroristic, drugs can be very effective. If the assassin is trained as a doctor or nurse and the subject is under medical care, this is an easy and rare method. An overdose of morphine administered as a sedative will cause death without disturbance and is difficult to detect. The size of the dose will depend upon whether the subject has been using narcotics regularly. If not, two grains will suffice.

If the subject drinks heavily, morphine or a similar narcotic can be injected at the passing out stage, and the cause of death will often be held to be acute alcoholism.

The following two chemical compounds have been used to create a heart attack, while leaving no trace of a crime:

Potassium Chloride:

Potassium Chloride is known to be among the ingredients in many prescription drugs, such as: Klor-Con, Klor-Con 8, Klor-Con 10, and Klor-Con/25, among others. Potassium Chloride breaks down into both its’ individual components, potassium and chlorine. Both are found in the human body and the presence of either or both of these will not raise suspicion by either the attending physician or the coroner, who will carry out the autopsy.

This compound breaks down into both potassium and chlorine, in which the chlorine (Cl) binds with the human body’s naturally occurring sodium (Na) to create NaCl — sodium chloride — common table salt. The resultant heart attack is found to have no known cause — as all that is found in the body is a slightly elevated level of NaCl. Too much potassium in the body causes tachycardia (fast heart-rate), which then leads to something known as ventricular fibrillation, which is one of many types of cardiac arrest.

Calcium Gluconate:

Calcium Gluconate is available in a 10% hypertonic I.V. (intravenous) solution, which simply means that the concentration is higher than what normally appears in the human body. The process by which this works is known as osmosis — the hypertonic solution removes the water and glucose from the body’s cells — replacing it with Calcium Gluconate. The calcium and the glucose are deposited in the body to be used as energy/fuel. The glucose is used for fuel, while the calcium remains in the body.

The Calcium Gluconate removes chlorine and replaces it with calcium, thus creating an electrolytic imbalance. The three compounds that become imbalanced are sodium (Na), potassium (K), and chlorine (Cl). This interferes with the normal LUB-DUB heartbeat impulse, which can then be regulated either too fast or too slow, creating a heart attack.

Air Embolism:

This is a third completely undetectable manner by which to murder someone by forced heart attack. A direct injection of 60 ml of air in a syringe (or dart) into any vein causes the chambers of the heart to fill with air, which causes a heart attack. This type of heart attack is known as a P.E.A., or Pulseless Electrical Activity, and is another form of cardiac arrest. The first known incidence where an air embolism was used to murder someone was regarding Abbie Borroto, from New Hampshire, who died in 1950 from a 40cc air injection. She died within minutes of being injected with 40cc of air. Dr H Sander was charged and tried for the murder but was he was found not guilty to murder on the grounds that the patient may already have been dead when he gave the injection.

In all of the above methods to create a heart attack a needle mark is left on the skin. However, with a little creativity, an injection in an usual body location will help conceal the crime. If a small enough gauge needle is used for the dart, the associated needle mark would be barely noticeable. If the coroner is not as careful as he or she should be - the tiny needle mark would avoid detection. A tuberculin needle, or an insulin needle are the needles of choice as they leave the tiniest of needle marks.

Just remember that the CIA engages in covert activities at the request of the President of the United States of America. The Central Intelligence Agency was created in 1947 with the signing of the National Security Act by President Harry S. Truman. The act also created a Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) to serve as head of the United States intelligence community; act as the principal adviser to the President for intelligence matters related to the national security; and serve as head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The CIA official website states: “Performing such other functions and duties related to intelligence affecting the national security as the President or the Director of National Intelligence may direct.” The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 amended the National Security Act to provide for a Director of National Intelligence who would assume some of the roles formerly fulfilled by the DCI, with a separate Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.


There are three basic aluminum salts used in vaccines: aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate and potassium-aluminum sulfate, or alum. The three forms are not interchangeable as they each have their own chemical properties.

A new disease has been identified, first in France, called macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF). The condition manifests with spread out muscle pain and chronic fatigue. One third of the patients develop an autoimmune disease, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease). Even if they don’t have an obvious autoimmune disease, most of them are part of a subgroup called HLADRB1*01 that puts them at risk of developing polymyalgia rheumatica and rheumatoid arthritis.

Doctors have identified that the aluminum-hydroxide in the vaccines stays at the site of the injection for years. The whole time it is there, it is stimulating an immune response. Which is exactly why the vaccine makers include it in the vaccine, so that the immune system will react more strongly to the virus or toxoid. But switching the immune system on without turning it off is not good for the body. This appears to be what causes the chronic fatigue seen in MMF.

In studies they were able to reproduce the MMF lesions in rats, and concluded that they were caused by the aluminum-hydroxide in the vaccines, and the ongoing local immune reaction. The vaccines in question for this particular study were hepatitis B, hepatitis A and tetanus - all linked to the WHO infecting mankind with the AIDS virus.

The reason MMF was first discovered in France is because when they do a muscle biopsy, they do it on the deltoid muscle of the arm, where the vaccines are injected. In the United States, biopsies are done on the calf.

In another study of 92 MMF patients, eight had a demyelinating central nervous system disorder. The myelin sheath is the protective covering that surrounds and insulates nerves. When myelin is damaged, the nerves eventually become damaged, leading to disrupted transmission of signals within the nervous system. The MS diagnosis was definite in five out of seven cases, and probable in two out of seven. Based on the association with MMF and MS disorders they suggested that deltoid muscle biopsies be done in cases of MS to look for MMF.

MMF has now been identified in children, and was characterized by motor delay, hypotonia (diminished muscle tone), and failure to thrive. They concluded that MMF should be considered in the evaluation of children with failure to thrive, diminished muscle tone, and muscle weakness.

Science proved that the anthrax vaccine is the cause of Gulf War illness (GWI). ALS and other neurological disorders are associated with some cases of GWI. There were numerous studies done that looked at the effect aluminum-hydroxide and squalene had on GWI, both being adjuvants in the anthrax vaccine. Adjuvants are agents that increase a specific immune response to an antigen.

Young male mice were injected with either aluminum hydroxide or squalene, or a combination of aluminum-hydroxide and squalene. Motor and cognitive-behavioral tests were performed on the mice when they were alive, and after euthanasia they examined the central nervous system tissues for evidence of inflammation and cell death.

The mice that received the aluminum showed motor deficits that were seen by decreased strength. They also found apoptotic neurons, which means suicidal neurons, or neurons that are destroying themselves (225%), and neuron loss (35%) in the lumbar spinal cord.

Aluminum hydroxide is an adjuvant used in the following vaccines: DTaP, BioThrax, DPT, Engerix-B, Gardasil, Havrix, LYMErix, Prevnar, Rabies Vaccine Adsorbed, Recombivax, and Tripedia.

Science has proven that the following conditions are all linked to the aluminum-hydroxide in vaccines: Chronic fatigue, Multiple sclerosis (MS) , Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Demyelinating central nervous system disorders, Plymyalgia rheumatica and rheumatoid arthritis, Motor delay, Hypotonia or diminished muscle tone, Failure to thrive, Apoptic neurons, which are self-destructing neurons in the lumbar spinal cord, Neuron loss in the lumbar spinal cord.


The Washington Post’s Dana Priest first revealed back in January that the Obama administration had compiled a hit list of American citizens targeted for assassination, she wrote that “as of several months ago, the CIA list included three U.S. citizens.” In April, both the Post and the NYT confirmed that the Obama administration had specifically authorized the assassination of U.S. citizens. The CIA, under orders of the president are now authorized to murder U.S. citizens. The U.S. people have been stripped of their inalienable right of due process by the De facto president, Barack Hussein Obama. The CIA has been ordered by Barack Obama to murder U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. Obama sees Americans as enemies of his government. Americans are now enemy combatants. Obama has told the World that he will murder anyone who goes against him, his government and his government’s political agenda, both in the U.S. and throughout the World.

Nobody disputes the right of the U.S. or any other country to kill someone on the battlefield during war without due process. That’s just obvious, but that’s not remotely what this targeted assassination program is about. The entire world has been made a “battlefield” by Barack Obama. Targeting American citizens for assassination, who are far away from a “battlefield” is odious and tyrannical.

The U.S. tried to import this same anti-due process policy in Afghanistan. There, the U.S. last year compiled a “hit list” of 50 Afghan citizens whose assassination it authorized on the alleged ground that they were drug “kingpins” or funding the Talbian. The president simply accused 50 Afghan citizens of crimes and ordered their assassination. No evidence is ever offered or even sought and the victims of these unlawful assassinations are never charged or convicted. Obama has assumed dictatorial powers. As a dictator he is now claiming to be ruler, judge and juror.

Democrats engaged in mass protests when George W Bush and Dick Cheney merely wanted to eavesdrop on and detain Americans without any judicial oversight or due process. Yet here is Barack Obama actually authorizing the CIA to do far worse crimes against the United States people than that, without any due process or judicial oversight. Obama is targeting United States citizens for assassination — and there is barely a peep of protest from the same Party that spent years depicting “mere” warrantless eavesdropping and due-process-free detention to be the acts of a savage, lawless tyrant.

Obama himself in December 2008 joined in condemnation of Bush seeking to detain Americans without any judicial oversight or due process. Charlie Savage of The Boston Globe questioned Obama , regarding his views of executive power:

5. Does the Constitution permit a president to detain US citizens without charges as unlawful enemy combatants?

[Obama]: No. I reject the Bush Administration’s claim that the President has plenary authority under the Constitution to detain U.S. citizens without charges as unlawful enemy combatants.

While campaigning for the highest office of the United States government, Obama said the President lacks the power merely to detain U.S. citizens without charges. Yet now, as President, he claims he has the power to assassinate them without charges. Well, Mr. Obama, according to U.S. civil law, according to U.S. military law and according to International law, you don’t.

The Uniformed Code of Military Justice states:

(c) Before a vote is taken on the findings, the military judge or the president of a court-martial without a military judge shall, in the presence of the accused and counsel, instruct the members of the court as to the elements of the offense and charge them -

(1) that the accused must be presumed to be innocent until his guilt is established by legal and competent evidence beyond reasonable doubt;

(2) that in the case being considered, if there is a reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the accused, the doubt must be resolved in favor of the accused and he must be acquitted;

(3) that, if there is a reasonable doubt as to the degree of guilt, the finding must be in a lower degree as to which there is no reasonable doubt; and

(4) that the burden of proof to establish the guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt is upon the United States.

If you go off with the intent to to kill Americans, how do you prove that they are really guilty in terms of legal process? You can’t. Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of War Crimes - Torture, Cruel or Inhuman Treatment, and Murder of Americans and foreign nationals. Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of unlawfully authorizing torture, cruel and human treatment and murder, not only according to International Law but according to U.S. Law.

U.S. Code
§ 2441. War crimes

(a) Offense.— Whoever, whether inside or outside the United States, commits a war crime, in any of the circumstances described in subsection (b), shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for life or any term of years, or both, and if death results to the victim, shall also be subject to the penalty of death.
(b) Circumstances.— The circumstances referred to in subsection (a) are that the person committing such war crime or the victim of such war crime is a member of the Armed Forces of the United States or a national of the United States (as defined in section 101 of the Immigration and Nationality Act).

(d) Common Article 3 Violations.—

(1) Prohibited conduct.— In subsection (c)(3), the term “grave breach of common Article 3” means any conduct (such conduct constituting a grave breach of common Article 3 of the international conventions done at Geneva August 12, 1949), as follows:

(A) Torture.— The act of a person who commits, or conspires or attempts to commit, an act specifically intended to inflict severe physical or mental pain or suffering upon another person within his custody or physical control for the purpose of obtaining information or a confession, punishment, intimidation, coercion, or any reason based on discrimination of any kind.

(B) Cruel or inhuman treatment.— The act of a person who commits, or conspires or attempts to commit, an act intended to inflict severe or serious physical or mental pain or suffering, including serious physical abuse, upon another within his custody or control.

(D) Murder.— The act of a person who intentionally kills, or conspires or attempts to kill, or kills whether intentionally or unintentionally in the course of committing any other offense under this subsection, one or more persons taking no active part in the hostilities, including those placed out of combat by sickness, wounds, detention, or any other cause.

The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of the Council of Europe states (art. 6.2): “Everyone charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law”. This convention has been adopted by treaty and is binding on all Council of Europe members.

In Canada, section 11(d) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states: “Any person charged with an offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal”.

In France, article 9 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, of constitutional value, says “Everyone is supposed innocent until having been declared guilty.” and the preliminary article of the code of criminal procedure says “any suspected or prosecuted person is presumed to be innocent until their guilt has been established”. The jurors’ oath reiterates this assertion.

The Constitution of Russia, in article 49, states that “Everyone charged with a crime shall be considered not guilty until his or her guilt has been proven in conformity with the federal law and has been established by the valid sentense of a court of law”. It also states that “The defendant shall not be obliged to prove his or her innocence” and “Any reasonable doubt shall be interpreted in favor of the defendant”.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11, states: Everyone charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which they have had all the guarantees necessary for their defense.

John Adams : “The right of a nation to kill a tyrant, in cases of necessity, can no more be doubted, than to hang a robber, or kill a flea. But killing one tyrant only makes way for worse, unless the people have sense, spirit and honesty enough to establish and support a constitution guarded at all points against the tyranny of the one, the few, and the many. Let it be the study, therefore, of lawgivers and philosophers, to enlighten the people’s understandings and improve their morals, by good and general education; to enable them to comprehend the scheme of government, and to know upon what points their liberties depend; to dissipate those vulgar prejudices and popular superstitions that oppose themselves to good government; and to teach them that obedience to the laws is as indispensable in them as in lords and kings.”

Gandhi: “They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me, then they will have my dead body. NOT MY OBEDIENCE!”

Albert Einstein: “It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.”


Most people know that the Associated Press (AP) is one of the largest, internationally recognized, syndicated news services. In one report the AP published a report whereby they clearly stated that Barack Obama, a US Senator hopeful, was Kenyan born. When Obama was interviewed later he confirmed that he was indeed Kenyan born, not a natural born American.

In a syndicated AP report, published Sunday, June 27, 2004, by the Kenyan Standard Times, archived report available at, an AP reporter stated the following:

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate
Sunday Standard, Nairobi-Kenya
Sunday, June 27, 2004

Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.

The allegations that horrified fellow Republicans and caused his once-promising candidacy to implode in four short days have given Obama a clear lead as Republicans struggled to fetch an alternative.

Ryan’s campaign began to crumble on Monday following the release of embarrassing records from his divorce. In the records, his ex-wife, Boston Public actress Jeri Ryan, said her former husband took her to kinky sex clubs in Paris, New York and New Orleans.

“It’s clear to me that a vigorous debate on the issues most likely could not take place if I remain in the race,” Ryan, 44, said in a statement. “What would take place, rather, is a brutal, scorched-earth campaign – the kind of campaign that has turned off so many voters, the kind of politics I refuse to play.”

Although Ryan disputed the allegations, saying he and his wife went to one ‘avant-garde’ club in Paris and left because they felt uncomfortable, lashed out at the media and said it was “truly outrageous” that the Chicago Tribune got a judge to unseal the records.

The Republican choice will become an instant underdog in the campaign for the seat of retiring Republican Senator Peter Fitzgerald, since Obama held a wide lead even before the scandal broke.

“I feel for him actually,” Obama told a Chicago TV station. “What he’s gone through over the last three days I think is something you wouldn’t wish on anybody.”

The Republican state committee must now choose a replacement for Ryan, who had won in the primaries against seven contenders. Its task is complicated by the fact that Obama holds a comfortable lead in the polls and is widely regarded as a rising Democratic star.

The chairwoman of the Illinois Republican Party, Judy Topinka, said at a news conference, after Ryan withdrew, that Republicans would probably take several weeks to settle on a new candidate.

“Obviously, this is a bad week for our party and our state,” she said.

As recently as Thursday, spokesmen for the Ryan campaign still insisted that Ryan would remain in the race. Ryan had defended himself saying, “There’s no breaking of any laws. There’s no breaking of any marriage laws. There’s no breaking of the Ten Commandments anywhere.”

In October of 2004, during the ABC Chicago Affiliate’s broadcast of the Obama-Keyes debates, Obama openly admitted that he was not a natural born citizen. (C-Span aired the uncut version of the debates, which contained this exchange, in the second half of April, 2005) In this debate, between Obama and Keyes, Keyes faulted Obama for not being a “natural born citizen”, Obama replied, “So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency”, self-admitted that he was not eligible for the

Seeing that an AP reporter is too professional to submit a story which was not based on confirmed sources (ostensibly the Obama campaign in this case), the inference seems inescapable: Obama himself was putting out in 2004, that he was born in Kenya.

This AP story, was syndicated world-wide, so you should be able to find it in major newspapers, archived in libraries world-wide.

Sentinel Blog Radio broke the public news of the existence of this AP story on October 14, 2009. However, a professional investigator had uncovered this story months ago, and that certified and authenticated copies of this report, meeting Federal Rules of evidence, have already been prepared and archived at many locations nationwide. It should be noted that on January 8, 2006, the Honolulu Advertiser also reported that Barack Hussein Obama was born outside the United States.

So What?

If you’re going to be involved in government in the United States, citizenship is a must. To be a Senator or Representative, you must be a citizen of the United States. To be President, not only must you be a citizen, but you must also be natural-born.

Article Two of the United States Constitution

Clause 5: Qualifications for office

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

Can’t find this admission?

If you are looking for this admission in the Obama-Keyes debates by Obama you may not find it. An edited version of the debate - as requested by Obama is what you will find. C-Span did rebroadcast the Alan Keyes vs. Barack Obama debates, unedited in April of 2005. In the introduction to the unedited rebroadcast of the debates, the C-Span host noted that C-Span had decided to air them because of the growing interest in Washington, D.C., in Barack Obama. He also pointed out that C-Span was not airing the version seen in Chicago the previous fall, and which Keyes was to distribute in diverse media on his website; that C-Span had requested from the TV station in Chicago the unedited tapes of the debate, and that only on C-Span would they be aired.

At one point in the unedited second debate, Keyes, accused Obama saying, “You are not even a natural born citizen!” To which Obama immediately replied, “So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency.”

At the end of the airing of the second debate, the C-Span host noted, as he read from a single sheet of paper, placed before him, that the Obama Campaign had contacted them and requested them to point out to their viewers that Obama’s response here should not be understood as a denial that he is a natural born citizen, only that Keyes’ accusation had nothing to do with the qualifications of office of a U.S. Senator.

Prior to 1972 Hawaii allowed the birth in another State or another country to be registered in Hawaii.

In Hawaii, a Certificate of Live Birth resulting from hospital documentation, including a signature of an attending physician, is different from a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth. For births prior to 1972, a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth was the result of the uncorroborated testimony of one witness and was not generated by a hospital. Such a Certificate could be obtained up to one year from the date of the child’s birth. For that reason, its value as prima facie evidence is limited and could be overcome if any of the allegations of substantial evidence of birth outside Hawaii can be obtained. The vault (long Version) birth certificate, per Hawaiian Statute 883.176 allows the birth in another State or another country to be registered in Hawaii. Box 7C of the vault Certificate of Live Birth contains a question, whether the birth was in Hawaii or another State or Country. Therefore, the only way to verify the exact location of birth is to review a certified copy or the original vault Certificate of Live Birth and compare the name of the hospital and the name and the signature of the doctor against the birthing records on file at the hospital noted on the Certificate of the Live Birth.

Lawyers for Obama and judges presiding over the Obama ineligibility law suits have falsely claimed that Hawaii Statute 338-17.8 didn’t exist until 1982. What they failed to make public is information concerning revisions to an existing statue. Most Hawaii statutes were revised to change “TERRITORY OF HAWAII” to “TERRITORY AND STATE OF HAWAII.” It was required when Hawaii became the newest of the 50 U.S. states on August 21, 1959. A revision of Hawaii Statute 338-17.8 was only done in 1982. It’s a revision of the statute, not a brand new statute.

Hawaiian Statute
§338-17.8 - Certificates for children born out of State.

(a) Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.

(b) Proof of legal residency shall be submitted to the director of health in any manner that the director shall deem appropriate. The director of health may also adopt any rules pursuant to chapter 91 that he or she may deem necessary or proper to prevent fraudulent applications for birthcertificates and to require any further information or proof of events necessary for completion of a birth certificate.

(c) The fee for each application for registration shall be established by rule adopted pursuant to chapter 91.

Obama’s can you “Spare Change Campaign”

When Obama was campaigning for the presidency of the United States the main campaign slogan was “CHANGE”. We now know his slogan is missing a word. That single word would have changed the entire outcome of the elections. That word accurately describes his ongoing campaign of change. Even now that he is De facto president of the United States that single word is still purposely omitted. That word is “SPARE”. Everything that Obama has done since being inaugurated as president has revolved on asking the people of the United States to fork over more and more of their hard earned money. In every email that Obama or members of his administration sends out there is always a request for the people to send more money. Obama puts evangelists to shame when it comes to asking for money. Like the evangelists Obama and his team are constantly asking for the people to send him whatever spare change they have. Every bill passed since his inauguration has taken more and more money from the pockets of the already cash strapped U.S. citizens. In the US there are laws governing bill collectors and unwanted solicitation. The laws should be applied to Obama - the king of scams.

FEC law - unlawful for any government officer to solicit or receive a donation of money, from any person;

It shall be unlawful for an individual who is an officer or employee of the Federal Government, including the President, Vice President, and Members of Congress, to solicit or receive a donation of money or other thing of value in connection with a Federal, State, or local election, while in any room or building occupied in the discharge of official duties by an officer or employee of the United States, from any person.

Just one of many emails soliciting donation of money, from the office of the United States White House

From: Barack Obama <>
To: Paul Kincaid <>
Wed, 21 Jul 2010

Paul –

When you and I set out on this journey three years ago, we knew that ours would be a lengthy struggle to build a new foundation for this country — one that would require squaring off against the special interests who had spent decades stacking the deck in their favor.

Today, it is clear that you have shifted the odds.

This morning, I signed into law a bill that represents the most sweeping reforms of Wall Street since the Great Depression, and the toughest consumer financial protections this nation has ever seen. I know that I am able to do so only because the tens of thousands of volunteers who make up the backbone of this movement overcame the most potent attack ads and the most powerful lobbying the special interests could put forward.

Our special-interest opponents and their Republican allies have now set their sights on the elections in November as their best chance to overturn the historic progress we’ve made together.

We count entirely on supporters like you to fight back — no special interests, no corporate PACs. To keep making change and to defend the change we have already won, we need you to contribute so we have the resources necessary going into the election.

Can you donate $5 today to help lay the groundwork for the fights ahead?

Because of Wall Street reform, we will ensure that Americans applying for a credit card, a mortgage, or a student loan will never again be asked to sign their name under pages of confusing fine print. We will crack down on abusive lending practices and make sure that lenders don’t cheat the system — and create a new watchdog to enforce these consumer protections.

And we will put an end to taxpayer-funded bailouts, giving us the ability to wind down any large financial institution if it should ever fail.

The passage of Wall Street reform is at the forefront of the change we seek, and it will provide a foundation for a stronger and safer economy.

It is a foundation built upon the progress of the Recovery Act, which has turned 22 months of job losses into six consecutive months of private-sector job growth. And it is a foundation reinforced by the historic health reform we passed this spring, which is already giving new benefits to more than 100 million Americans, ushering another 1 million Americans into coverage by next year.

But today’s victory is not where our fight ends.

Together, we will move forward in the months ahead on the tough fights we have yet to finish — even if cynics say we should wait until after the fall elections. This movement has never catered to the conventional wisdom of Washington. And we have fought to ensure that our progress is never held hostage by our politics.

You and I did not build this movement to win one election. We did not come together to pass one single piece of legislation. We are fighting for nothing less than a new foundation for our country — and that work is not complete. As we face the challenges ahead, I am relying on you to stand with me.

Please donate $5 or more today:

Thank you for helping us get here,

President Barack Obama

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010
From: “Jen O’Malley Dillon,” <>
To: Paul Kincaid <>

Paul –

Months before the 2010 election, John Boehner — the Republican leader in the House — is launching a full-fledged campaign operation to become the next Speaker of the House. And he’s counting on contributions from lobbyists to help pay the bills.

His staffers have established a “Speaker Boehner” committee. They’ve set up suggested giving levels for lobbyists. Anyone who helps raise $100,000 gets special meetings with the GOP leader, a direct line to a Boehner aide, and the password for a restricted website where they can download “insider briefings.”

Protecting the House and keeping John Boehner’s hand off the Speaker’s gavel is a top priority for this election. But we aren’t setting up special websites for lobbyists. We aren’t counting on special-interest dollars to give us an edge in this campaign.

We’re countering that cash with an aggressive campaign funded entirely by people like you. That’s why we’ve launched the By the People Fund to help us reach 3 million grassroots donations before Election Day. Can you chip in $3 or more to help meet the goal?

To become the next speaker, Boehner has to help the Republicans win 39 seats they don’t currently hold.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, we’re planning the largest voter turnout operation for a midterm election in history. We will knock on more doors, make more calls, and outwork the GOP in every district with a competitive race.

But we need your help to make this happen.

Republicans like Boehner are tearing up the phones, calling in every favor they have to bring in the special-interest cash.

We’ve made a choice to practice a different kind of politics, and we’re counting on support from Americans like you to help us win in November.

Can you chip in $3 or more to the By the People Fund?



Jen O’Malley Dillon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2010
From: Tim Kaine <>
To: Paul Kincaid <>

Paul –

From the day President Obama took office, Democrats have worked to rebuild our country’s economy, put into place the basic financial reforms needed to empower and protect consumers, and lay down a new foundation for growth.

Republicans made a different choice: They locked arms with the special interests and voted to protect the insurance companies, credit card lenders, and bankers on Wall Street.

The GOP embraced a singular goal: opposition to the President’s agenda.

Now Republicans are scheming to win back Congress. With a majority, they’ll do everything they can to reverse the progress Democrats have made. They’ll turn back the clock on behalf of their special interest friends, their big donors, and the extreme right-wing elements that have taken over their party.

But we have a plan to beat the GOP.

Since May, we’ve been focused on an unprecedented push to elect Democrats who will fight alongside President Obama. With the help of supporters like you, we’ve launched the strongest, most sophisticated effort this party has ever put together for an election like this.

The special interests don’t fund it — our Vote 2010 campaign relies entirely on supporters like you.

Can you chip in $5 or more to power this work?

Republicans have promised to repeal health insurance reform and roll back new consumer protections — but it won’t stop there. Across the country, the GOP has nominated a set of right-wing ideologues who are vowing to undo the victories won by our parents and grandparents — the promises those generations made to the future.

Republicans are supporting candidates like Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle who believe the United States should leave the United Nations and that we should shut down the Department of Education.

They’re working to elect conservatives like Alaska Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller who argue that unemployment benefits are “not constitutionally authorized” and that we should end Social Security.

They’re fighting for people like Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul who believe that civil rights should be up for debate in this country because they think that businesses should have the right to discriminate based on race, gender, disability, or any other factor.

We all understand the consequences of this election.

That’s why grassroots Democrats are knocking on thousands of doors every week. That’s why we have a goal of reaching out to 15 million voters by November 2nd.

Americans have a choice to make with this election, but from now until November, we’re going to work to make our case.

Can you help out? Donate today:


Governor Tim Kaine

The Complete List of Obama Statement Expiration Dates can be found here:

Saudi Arabia helped the US government enslave the US people by attacking the United States on September 11, 2001. Immediately after Saudi Arabian terrorists attacked the US the US government under George W Bush stripped the US people of their inalienable Constitutional Rights and Freedoms with the passing of the unpatriotic Patriot Act. Today US president Obama, the first black president in US history, continues to work with the enemy of the United States to ensure that the American people remain slaves of the US government. “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.” ~ Abraham Lincoln August 1, 1858

The hijackings of US Commercial airlines by agents of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate and Egypt turned logic and rationality completely upside down. Before 9/11 the United States retaliated against the country or countries that attacked and killed any number of its people but after September 11, 2001 the US defied logic and rationality by attacking 2 innocent countries in retaliation for the attacks that evidence declares was financed by, recruited for by, trained by and executed by citizens of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate and Egypt. The alleged 9/11 mastermind bin Laden is a billionaire Saudi with very close ties with the Saudi royal family. Today instead of the US rightfully retaliating against Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirate and Egypt for the hijackings and killing of some 3000 US citizens the US made war of aggression plans to attack and occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, neither having anything to do with 9/11.

On Saturday January 30, 2010 it was disclosed that the Obama administration is quietly working with Saudi Arabia (the country with the majority of 9/11 hijackers) and other Persian Gulf allies to speed up arms sales and rapidly upgrade defenses for US military seized oil terminals and other key infrastructure in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. plans to triple the size of a 10,000-man protection force in Saudi Arabia, as part of a broader push that includes unprecedented coordination of air defenses and a future war of aggression between the U.S. and Arab militaries against Iran.

The military build up is an expansion of the George W. Bush war crimes administration to sell warplanes and missile systems to friendly Arab states to help the US prepare for a planned attack against Iran. The 9/11 attacking countries, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are leading a region-wide military buildup that has resulted in more than $25 billion in U.S. arms purchases in the past two years alone.

Evidence intentionally ignored by the 9/11 Commission

Number of hijackers from Iraq on 9/11 = 0
Number of hijackers from Afghanistan on 9/11 = 0
Number of Taliban involved in 9/11 = 0
Number of Middle East attacks against the US = 0
Number of US civilians killed by Iraqi military = 0
Number of US civilians killed by Afghan military = 0
Number of US civilians killed by the Taliban = 0
Number of US civilians killed by Saddam Hussein = 0
Number of US civilians killed by Iran = 0
Number of Iraqi bombers used in 9/11 attacks = 0
Number of Afghan bombers used in 9/11 attacks = 0
Number of US citizens killed by bin Laden on 9/11 = 0 - When the US FBI was asked why there is no mention of 9/11 on Bin Laden’s Most Wanted web page, Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI said, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.”

Since September 11, 2001

Number of Iraqi civilians killed by US = 1,000,000 +
Number of Afghan civilians killed by US = 34,000 + civilians
Number of Afghan resistance fighters killed by the US and NATO forces = 30,000 +
Number of US citizens killed by Bush / Cheney and their administration on 9/11 = 3000+
Number of US Soldiers killed since 9/11 by Bush / Cheney and their administration and the Obama administration = 4400+ in Iraq war and 1,100 + in Afghanistan war.
Number of foreign military war planes used in the attacks of September 11, 2001? The correct answer is 0.

What is the nationality of the accused mastermind of 9/11? The correct answer is Saudi Arabia.

How many hijackers were from Saudi Arabia? The correct answer is fifteen of the attackers were from Saudi Arabia, two from the United Arab Emirates, one from Egypt, and one from Lebanon.

Did the US attack the country that had the mastermind and the majority of hijackers that took part in attacks of September 11, 2001? The correct answer is no.

The evidence is overwhelming that Saudi Arabia was the country that planned for and executed the attacks yet even today the US is arming the countries that attacked the United States of America on September 11, 2001.

The Afghan and Iraqi people are not terrorists. They are resisting the unprovoked attacks by the US and NATO troops. They are resisting the US and NATO forces who have attacked their country, destroyed their homes and businesses and slaughtered their people. Your government has inhumanly tortured hundreds, perhaps thousands of innocent people whose only crime is defending their country and fellow countrymen from the unlawful war of aggression and occupation of their country by the United States and NATO countries.

“You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Terrorists or Patriotic Freedom Fighters?

No matter where you go in the World each country has the same duty to protect their country and people from an armed attack from a foreign country. Each and every country have the exact same military code of conduct that bounds their citizens to the duty to defend themselves at all costs, including giving up your life in resistance to an attack and occupation. The United States Army Code of Conduct is duplicated around the World. Read the United States Code of Conduct and substitute the United States with countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Russia, China, Canada or any other country. The duty to fight and guard ones country and way of life is the same in every country in the World. Duty bound to not surrender, to fight on until you are dead, to command others to fight and resist, to be silent when captured is universal because you do so to defend your freedom and your right for you and your countrymen to be free from unlawful attacks and occupations by a foreign military force. The Afghan and Iraqi people are duty bound and have every legal right to defend themselves and their country from the unlawful US attack and occupation of their country. They are not terrorists or the enemy - the US, Canada and other participating NATO countries are the terrorists and the enemy.

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” ~ Abraham Lincoln November 19, 1863

If Canada, England or France was attacked by a foreign country, the people of those countries would immediately organize a resistance movement to drive out the attacking military forces. Resistance is the logical and most patriotic duty and action that any citizen can take up when faced with a foreign military occupation of their country. Those who resist attacks and occupation are the ultimate heroes. Taking up arms to defend your country and fellow countrymen is courageous and honorable. Iraqi and Afghanistan citizens are not terrorists they are their country’s heroes - defending their country and countrymen from the unlawful US attacks and occupation. US propaganda labels the resistance as terrorists. US propaganda is used because if the US people realized that the Iraqi and Afghan people are the innocent victims of the Bush administration greed for oil the US would not be in either Iraq or Afghanistan. The US people don’t realize that it is solely the blame of the Bush administration and the Obama administration for the inevitable collapse of the US. The unlawful, unprovoked and unjustified wars of aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan is bankrupting the US.

Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well wisher to his posterity, swear by the blood of the Revolution, never to violate in the least particular, the laws of the country; and never to tolerate their violation by others. ~ Abraham Lincoln January 27, 1838

John McCain: “… after we were able to help the Afghan freedom fighters and drive the Russians out of Afghanistan, we basically washed our hands of the region. Those “freedom fighters” were of course the mujaheddin in Afghanistan waging jihad against the Soviets, including one Osama bin Laden and one Zayman Al Zawahiri. We backed and funded them … we certainly supported the factions fighting alongside him, factions every bit as militantly Islamic as bin Laden–as even the State Department concedes.”

FBI implicates Saudi Arabia for 9/11

On September 27, 2001 the FBI issued a Press Release naming the alleged hijackers of September 11, 2001. Nowhere does it name any Afghanistan (including the Taliban) or Iraqi national. 9/11 was not an act of war. It was a criminal act. It was an attack that launched the US agenda in the Middle East. Evidence already in possession by the US own FBI implicates Saudi Arabia for the attacks, as the majority of hijackers and the alleged mastermind were all Saudi nationals. Because of this evidence the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are illegal, as they are both wars of aggression. Anyone who has participated in and continues to participate in these unlawful wars are war criminals.

FBI Press Release


1) Khalid Almihdhar - Saudi national
2) Majed Moqed - Saudi national
3) Nawaf Alhazmi - Saudi national
4) Salem Alhazmi - Saudi national
5) Hani Hanjour - resident of Phoenix, Arizona, and San Diego, California


1) Satam M.A. Al Suqami- Saudi national
2) Waleed M. Alshehri - Saudi national - a pilot
3) Wail M. Alshehri - residence(s): Hollywood, Florida; Newton, Massachusetts -Believed to be a pilot
4) Mohamed Atta - Egyptian national - a pilot
5) Abdulaziz Alomari - Saudi national - a pilot


1) Marwan Al-Shehhi -Possible residence(s): Hollywood, Florida - a pilot
2) Fayez Rashid Ahmed Hassan Al Qadi Banihammad - residence(s): Delray Beach, Florida
3) Ahmed Alghamdi
4) Hamza Alghamdi - residence(s): Delray Beach, Florida
5) Mohand Alshehri - residence(s): Delray Beach, Florida


1) Saeed Alghamdi - residence: Delray Beach, Florida
2) Ahmed Ibrahim A. Al Haznawi - Saudi national
3) Ahmed Alnami - residence: Delray Beach, Florida
4) Ziad Samir Jarrah - a pilot

Alleged Mastermind of the 9/11 attacks
USAMA BIN LADEN - Saudi Arabian

The FBI released 19 photographs of individuals believed to be the hijackers (none were foreign soldiers, airmen or navy crewmen) of the four airliners that crashed on September 11, 01

“Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties. And not to Democrats alone do I make this appeal, but to all who love these great and true principles.” ~ Abraham Lincoln August 27, 1856 Speech at Kalamazoo, Michigan

A British soldier guards a BP pipeline in Iran, 1941 - oil production and distribution played a major strategic role in the Second World War. Today, the United States foreign policy to preserve American global military supremacy and control Asian and Middle East oil production and distribution is the major cause of WWIII (the US launched World War of Terror). It is the sole reason for the illegal US unilateral sanctions against Iran. The US also used illegal unilateral sanctions against Iraq in order to weaken Iraq for a US invasion, planned as early as 1992.

Why are the USA and NATO fighting in Afghanistan and why won’t they leave? The Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline!! The US wants its own pipeline. It’s also why the US is now launching attacks in Pakistan. TAP or TAPI is a proposed natural gas pipeline being developed by the Asian Development Bank. The pipeline will transport Caspian Sea natural gas from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan into Pakistan and then to India. Proponents of the project see it as a modern continuation of the Silk Road. The Afghan government is expected to receive 8% of the project’s revenue.

Remember how the US spoke so harshly about the Soviets going in to Afghanistan? Well the US needed an excuse to go into Afghanistan themselves and take control so they fabricated human rights violations by the duly elected Taliban political party of Afghanistan. After the US attacked Afghanistan without provocation and overthrew the elected governing political party of the Afghan people the US used and plans on continuing to use a fictional threat of terrorism from the fictional terrorist group called Al Qaeda. Based on collected and corroborated evidence we now know the real reason why the US and NATO attacked Afghanistan. It had nothing to do with human right violations or terrorism. It was for petroleum. In the end its all about empire!

In 1995, Unocal first came up with the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline idea, even then a product of Washington’s fatal urge to bypass both Iran and Russia. Next, Unocal talked to the Turkmenbashi, then to the Taliban, and so launched a classic New Great Game gambit that has yet to end and without which you can’t understand the Afghan war Obama has inherited. In March of 1995 an inaugural memorandum of understanding between the governments of Turkmenistan and Pakistan for a pipeline project was signed. In August 1996, the Central Asia Gas Pipeline, Ltd. (CentGas) consortium for construction of a pipeline, led by US owned Unocal was formed.

A Taliban delegation, thanks to Unocal, enjoyed Houston’s hospitality in early 1997 and then Washington’s in December of that year. When it came to energy negotiations, the Taliban’s leadership was anything but medieval. They were tough bargainers, also cannily courting the Argentinean private oil company Bridas, which had secured the right to explore and exploit oil reserves in eastern Turkmenistan.

In August 1997, financially unstable Bridas sold 60% of its stock to Amoco, which merged the next year with British Petroleum. A key Amoco consultant happened to be that ubiquitous Eurasian player, former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, while another such luminary, Henry Kissinger, just happened to be a consultant for Unocal. BP-Amoco, already developing the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline, now became the major player in what had already been dubbed the Trans-Afghan Pipeline or TAP. On 27 October 1997, CentGas was incorporated in formal signing ceremonies in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan by several international oil companies along with the Government of Turkmenistan.

In January 1998, the Taliban, selecting CentGas over BP-Amoco, signed an agreement that allowed the proposed project to proceed. However, the US Unicol wasn’t happy with just a stake in the pipeline development, they wanted complete control of the pipeline. Unocal petitioned the US government (The Clinton administration) to overthrow the Afghan Taliban government to build a US controlled Trans-Afghan gas pipeline during a FEBRUARY 12, 1998 US Congressional hearing - “From the outset, we have made it clear that construction of the pipeline we have proposed across Afghanistan could not begin until a recognized government is in place that has the confidence of governments, lenders, and our company.” After word spread that Unicol had gained the support of the US government in June 1998, Russian Gazprom relinquishes its 10% stake in the project and Unocal withdrew entirely from the Central Asia Gas Pipeline consortium on 8 December 1998.

No sooner was George W. Bush declared president of the United States of American (never was elected president because according to the United States supreme law, that in the event of a tie in the electoral college, the Constitution dictated that the election would be decided by the House of Representatives - not a governor (brother of George W Bush) appointed state judge. The US Constitution states - “The Person having the greatest Number of Votes shall be the President, if such Number be a majority of the whole Number of Electors appointed; and if there be no more than one who have such Majority, and have an equal Number of Votes, then the House of Representatives shall immediately choose by Ballot one of them for President: and if no Person have a Majority, then from the five highest on the List the said House shall in like Manner choose the President. But in choosing the President, the Votes shall be taken by the states, the Representation from each State having one Vote; A quorum for this Purpose shall consist of a Member or Members from two-thirds of the States, and a Majority of all the States shall be necessary to a Choice.“), Unocal quickly got back into the oil takeover game and, as early as January 2001, was cozying up to the Taliban yet again, this time supported by a star-studded governmental cast of characters, including Undersecretary of State Richard Armitage, himself a former Unocal lobbyist. The Taliban were duly invited back to Washington in March 2001 via Rahmatullah Hashimi, a top aide to “The Shadow,” the movement’s leader Mullah Omar.

Negotiations eventually broke down because of transit fees the Taliban demanded. Until August 2001, the US government saw the Taliban regime “as a source of stability in Central Asia that would enable the construction of an oil pipeline across Central Asia” from the rich oilfields in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, through Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the Indian Ocean. Until then the oil and gas reserves of Central Asia were controlled by Russia. The Bush government wanted to change all that.” But, confronted with Taliban’s refusal to accept US conditions, this rationale of energy security changed into a military one. Soon after the US government (president George W Bush, vice-president Dick Cheney, CIA director George Tenet, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld) then threatened the TALIBAN: “Either you accept A CARPET OF GOLD or we will shower you with A CARPET OF BOMBS.” (This threat is confirmed in December 2001, in the book, “Bin Laden,The Hidden Truth”) At a G-8 summit meeting in Genoa, Italy in July 2001, Western diplomats indicated that the Bush administration had already decided to take the Taliban down before the year’s end. Two months earlier, on May 1, 2001 the US government made its intentions known through an ABC News report titled “U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba”. That ABC report laid out how the US government was going to get public support to start another World War. The attacks of September 11, 2001 was an attack based entirely on the 1962 US plan for terrorist attacks against the United States called Operation Northwoods - a false-flag plan that originated within the United States government in 1962. The plan called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (the United States own state sponsored terrorist organization) or other US operatives to commit genuine acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere. Operation Northwoods included proposals for airline hijackings and bombings followed by the introduction of phony evidence that would implicate a foreign government. The plan was drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed by Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer and sent to the Secretary of Defense. The previously secret document was originally made public on November 18, 1997, by the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board, a U.S. federal agency overseeing the release of government records related to John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Less than one month after the September 11, 2001 hijackings of US commercial airlines by the CIA the United States government started WWIII with an unprovoked attack against Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. This time line alone gives evidence that the US made plans to attack Afghanistan and overthrow the Taliban government long before 9/11. In less than 30 days the United States government was able to plan and implement a military invasion of Afghanistan? IMPOSSIBLE.

Nicknamed “the kebab seller” in Kabul, Hamid Karzai, a former CIA asset and Unocal representative, who had entertained visiting Taliban members at barbecues in Houston while Bush was governor, was quickly installed by the US as Afghanistan’s new De facto president.

With the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by the US and NATO the 1998 Taliban Centgas agreement was quickly terminated. A new deal for building a US controlled Trans-Afghan-Pipeline was signed on 27 December 2002 by Turkmenistan’s Nyazov, US puppet Karzai and Pakistani President Musharraf - just 1 year after the United States launched its war of aggression attack against Afghanistan. In 2005, the Asian Development Bank submitted the final version of a feasibility study designed by British company Penspen. Since the United States military overthrew the Taliban ruling government, the project has essentially stalled; construction of the Turkmen part was supposed to start in 2006, but the overall feasibility is questionable since the southern part of the Afghan section runs through territory which continues to be under Taliban “freedom fighters” control.

On 24 April 2008, Pakistan, India and US controlled Afghanistan (Afghanistan is under a US military occupation and as such there is no legally or democratically recognized government) signed a framework agreement to buy natural gas from Turkmenistan.

The 1,680 kilometres (1,040 mi) pipeline will run from the Dauletabad gas field to Afghanistan. From there theTrans-Afghanistan Pipeline will be constructed alongside the highway running from Herat to Kandahar, and then via Quetta and Multan in Pakistan. The final destination of the pipeline will be the Indian town of Fazilka, near the border between Pakistan and India.

The pipeline will be 1,420 millimetres (56 in) in diameter with a working pressure of 100 atm. The initial capacity will be 27 billion cubic meter (bcm) of natural gas annually of which 2 bcm will be provided to Afghanistan and 12.5 bcm to both Pakistan and India. Later the capacity will increase to 33 bcm. Six compressor stations are to be constructed along the pipeline. The pipeline is expected to be operational by 2014 so don’t expect the US to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan for at least the next 5 years. Once the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline is complete the US will no doubt play the fictional terrorism threat excuse in order to stay in Afghanistan for decades to follow.

In a classified February 18, 1992: ’Wolfowitz Doctrine:’ “Proposal Advocates US as World’s Lone Superpower” the Defense Department (headed by Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and under the presidency of George H. W. Bush) called for concerted efforts to preserve American global military supremacy and to thwart the emergence of a rival superpower in Europe, Asia or the former Soviet Union. The 46-page memorandum describes itself as “definitive guidance from the Secretary of Defense (Dick Cheney)” for preparation of defense budgets for fiscal 1994 through 1999 (the Clintons terms in office as the president and first lady of the United States of America). “[W]e endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power. These regions include Western Europe, East Asia, the territory of the former Soviet Union and Southwest Asia.” The document advocates “a unilateral US defense guarantee” to Eastern Europe, “preferably in cooperation with other NATO states,” and foresees use of American military power to preempt or punish use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, “even in conflicts that otherwise do not directly engage US interests.” Washington Post, 3/11/1992

Why both the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars were major US government failures.

The Gwadar Port is a deep-sea, warm-water port situated at Gwadar in Balochistan province of Pakistan at the apex of the Arabian Sea and at the entrance of the Persian Gulf, about 460 km west of Karachi and approximately 75 km east of Pakistan’s border with Iran. China and Pakistan worked jointly to break ground in building a Deep Sea Port on the Arabian Sea. China has contributed both financial and technical assistance for the project and in return it asked for “sovereign guarantees” to use the Port facilities to which Pakistan agreed, despite U.S. unease over it. The port, by design or by default, provides China a strategic foothold in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, although to the alarm of India and the unease of the U.S. sitting opposite the Strait of Hurmoz, through which 80% of the world’s energy exports flow, the Gwadar port will enable China to monitor its energy shipments from the Persian Gulf, and offer it, in the case of any hostile interruption in such shipments, a safer alternative passage for its energy imports from Central Asia. The 2007 inauguration of the Gwadar port by former Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf has set the stage for Gwadar’s expansion into an energy-transport hub and naval base. Describing the occasion as “a historic day,” General Musharraf announced, in the presence of Chinese Communications Minister Li Shenglin, that a modern airport also will be built at Gwadar by “our Chinese brothers.” Chinese engineers already are constructing the Gwadar naval base, scheduled to be ready in 2011. Gwadar Port became operational in 2008, with the first ship to dock bringing 52000 tonnes of wheat from Canada.

Article publication made possible by the newly formed Canadian Peace Corps.

70% of the Sun’s radiant energy penetrates the Earth’s atmosphere. 30% is reflected by the atmosphere. The Sun’s radiant energy exists day and night, 24/7, 365 days a year, for billions of years. It is the only source of energy we will need to live out the rest of our lives and the entire life cycle of our descendants for billions of years.

Brooklyn Eagle - July 10, 1932

“I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device. … I have advanced a theory of the cosmic rays and at every step of my investigations I have found it completely justified. The attractive features of the cosmic rays is their constancy. They shower down on us throughout the whole 24 hours, and if a [power] plant is developed to use their power it will not require devices for storing energy as would be necessary with devices using wind, tide or sunlight. All of my investigations seem to point to the conclusion that they are small particles, each carrying so small a charge that we are justified in calling them neutrons. They move with great velocity, exceeding that of light. More than 25 years ago I began my efforts to harness the cosmic rays and I can now state that I have succeeded in operating a motive device by means of them. I will tell you in the most general way, the cosmic ray ionizes the air, setting free many charged ions and electrons. These charges are captured in a condenser [capacitor] which is made to discharge through the circuit of the motor. I have hopes of building my motor on a large scale, but circumstances have not been favorable to carrying out my plan.” ~ Nikola Tesla states:

Further development of harnessing the cosmic rays to power motors was stopped by J. P. Morgan - an American financier, banker and art collector who dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation during his time. In 1892 Morgan arranged the merger of Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Electric Company to form General Electric. After financing the creation of the Federal Steel Company he merged the Carnegie Steel Company and several other steel and iron businesses to form the United States Steel Corporation in 1901.

J.P. Morgan kills Tesla’s free-energy development

In 1900, Morgan financed inventor Nikola Tesla and his Wardenclyffe Tower with $150,000 for experiments in radio. However, in 1903, when the tower structure was near completion, J. P. Morgan threw a wrench in the project’s completion when Morgan wanted to know “Where can I put the meter?” Tesla had no answer. Tesla’s vision of free power did not agree with Morgan’s corporate view; nor would it pay for the maintenance of the transmission system. Construction costs eventually exceeded the money provided by Morgan, and additional financiers were reluctant to come forth. By July 1904, Morgan (and the other investors) finally decided they would not provide any additional financing. Morgan also advised other investors to avoid the project.

J. P. Morgan enslaves the U.S. people

The Panic of 1907 (a carbon copy of today’s financial crisis that started in 2007 - 100 years later and involving the very same banks - coincidence?? ) was a financial crisis that almost crippled the American economy. Major New York banks were on the verge of bankruptcy and there was no mechanism to rescue them until Morgan stepped in personally and took charge.

Treasury Secretary George B. Cortelyou earmarked $35 million of federal money to quell the storm but had no easy way to use it. Morgan now took personal charge, meeting with the nation’s leading financiers in his New York mansion; he forced them to devise a plan to meet the crisis. James Stillman, president of the National City Bank, also played a central role. Morgan organized a team of bank and trust executives which redirected money between banks, secured further international lines of credit, and bought plummeting stocks of healthy corporations. A delicate political issue arose regarding the brokerage firm of Moore and Schley, which was deeply involved in a speculative pool in the stock of the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company. Moore and Schley had pledged over six millions of the Tennessee Coal and Iron (TCI) stock for loans among the Wall Street banks. The banks had called the loans, and the firm could not pay. If Moore and Schley should fail, a hundred more failures would follow and then all Wall Street might go to pieces. Morgan decided they had to save Moore and Schley. TCI was one of the chief competitors of U.S. Steel and it owned valuable iron and coal deposits. Morgan controlled U.S. Steel and he decided it had to buy the TCI stock from Moore and Schley. Judge Gary, head of US Steel, agreed, but would there be antitrust implications that could cause grave trouble for US Steel, which was already dominant in the steel industry? Morgan sent Gary to see President Theodore Roosevelt, who promised legal immunity for the deal. U.S. Steel thereupon paid $30 million for the TCI stock and Moore and Schley was saved. The announcement had an immediate effect; by November 7, 1907, the panic was over. Vowing to never let it happen again, and realizing that in a future crisis there was not likely to be another Morgan, banking and political leaders, led by Senator Nelson Aldrich devised a plan that became the Federal Reserve System in 1913. The crisis underscored the need for a powerful mechanism, and Morgan supported the move to create the Federal Reserve System.

New York American November 1st, 1933
Device to Harness Cosmic Energy by Tesla:

This new power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities.

Tesla’s first radiant energy receiver stored static electricity obtained from the air and converted it to a usable form. Tesla’s invention is a simple version of T.H. Moray’s device. Moray’s device used a unique rectifier (RE-valve) to efficiently capture the static electricity from the surrounding air. Moray’s oscillator tubes (magnetron transducers) utilized this high-voltage energy to generate an internal secondary “cold” fusion reaction.

Stick an antenna up in the air, the higher the better, and wire it to one side of a capacitor, the other going to a good earth ground, and the potential difference will then charge the capacitor. Connect across the capacitor some sort of switching device so that it can be discharged at rhythmic intervals, and you have an oscillating electric output. T.H. Moray simply expanded on Tesla’s idea to use high-voltage to create ionic oscillation.

Tesla’s free-energy concept was patented in 1901 as an “Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy.” The patent refers to “the sun, as well as other sources of radiant energy, like cosmic rays,” that the device works at night is explained in terms of the night-time availability of cosmic rays. Tesla also refers to the ground as “a vast reservoir of negative electricity.”

Tesla was fascinated by radiant energy and its free-energy possibilities. He called the Crooke’s radiometer, a device which has vanes that spin in a vacuum when exposed to radiant energy “a beautiful invention.” He believed that it would become possible to harness energy directly by “connecting to the very wheel-work of nature.” On his 76th birthday at his yearly ritual press conference, Tesla announced a “cosmic-ray motor” when asked if it was more powerful than the Crooke’s radiometer, he answered, “thousands of times more powerful.”

In 1901 Nikola Tesla was one the first to identify “radiant energy.” Tesla says that the source of this energy is our Sun. He concluded that the Sun emits small particles, each carrying so small of a charge, that they move with great velocity, exceeding that of light. Tesla further states that these particles are the neutron particles. Tesla believed that these neutron particles were responsible for all radioactive reactions. Radiant matter is in tune with these neutron particles. Radiant matter is simply a re-transmitter of energy from one state to another.

How Tesla’s radiant energy receiver worked

From the electric Potential that exists between the elevated plate (plus) and the ground (minus), energy builds up in the capacitor, and, after “a suitable time interval,” the accumulated energy will “manifest itself in a powerful discharge” that can do work. The capacitor, says Tesla, should be “of considerable electrostatic capacity, ” and its dielectric made of “the best quality mica, for it has to withstand potentials that could rupture a weaker dielectric.”

Tesla gives various options for the switching device. One is a rotary switch that resembles a Tesla circuit controller, another is an electrostatic device consisting of two very light, membranous conductors suspended in a vacuum. These sense the energy build-up in the capacitor, one charging positive, the other negative, and, at a certain charge level, are attracted, touch, and thus fire the capacitor. Tesla also mentions another switching device consisting of a minute air gap or weak dielectric film that breaks down suddenly when a certain potential is reached.

Tesla received two patents for this radiant energy device; U.S. Patent No. 685,957 - Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy and U.S. Patent No. 685,958 - Method of Utilizing Radiant Energy. Both these patents were filed on March 21, 1901 and granted on November 5, 1901. In these patents he explains:

“The sun, as well as other sources of radiant energy throw off minute particles of matter positively electrified, which, impinging upon the upper plate, communicate continuously an electrical charge to the same. The opposite terminal of the condenser being connected to ground, which may be considered as a vast reservoir of negative electricity, a feeble current flows continuously into the condenser and inasmuch as the particles are …charged to a very high potential, this charging of the condenser may continue, as I have actually observed, almost indefinitely, even to the point of rupturing the dielectric.”

The Earth’s Electrostatic Charge

Tesla’s intent was to condense the energy trapped between the earth and its upper atmosphere and to transform it into an electric current. He pictured the sun as an immense ball of electricity, positively charged with a potential of some 200 billion volts. The earth, on the other hand, is charged with negative electricity. The tremendous electrical force between these two bodies constituted, at least in part, what he called cosmic energy. It varied from night to day and from season to season but it is always present.

The positive particles are stopped at the ionosphere and between it and the negative charges in the ground, a distance of 60 miles, there is a large difference of voltage - something on the order of 360,000 volts. With the gases of the atmosphere acting as an insulator between these two opposite stores of electrical charges, the region between the ground and the edge of space traps a great deal of energy. Despite the large size of the planet, it is electrically like a capacitor which keeps positive and negative charges apart by using the air as a non-conducting material as an insulator.

The earth has a charge of 96,500 coulombs. With a potential of 360,000 volts, the earth constitutes a capacitor of .25 farads (farads = coulombs/volts). If the formula for calculating the energy stored in a capacitor (E =1/2CV2) is applied to the earth, it turns out that the ambient medium contains 1.6 x 1011 joules or 4.5 megawatt-hours of electrical energy. In order to utilize this high-voltage energy you must do two things — make an energy sink and then devise a way of making the “sink” oscillate.

“Zero-Point Energy?”

Such a “sink” has to be at a lower energy state than the surrounding medium and, for the energy to continually flow into it, the energy must be continually pumped out of it. Additionally, this ”
sink” must maintain a lower energy state while meeting the power requirements of the load attached to it. Electrical energy, watt-seconds, is a product of volts x amps x seconds. Because the period of oscillation does not change, either voltage or current has to be the variable in this system’s energy equation. Bifilar wound coils are used in the system because a bifilar wound coil maximizes the voltage difference between its turns, the current is then minimized.

A coil in our system, then, will be set into oscillation at its resonant frequency by an external power source. During the “zero-point” portion of its cycle the coil will appear as one plate of a capacitor. As the voltage across the coil increases, the amount of charge it can siphon will increase. The energy that is taken into the coil through the small energy window (zero-point), call it what you will, appears to be the key to the success of this system. It is at this zero-point where energy is condensed into positive and negative components of current. When energy escapes from the “sink” the magnetic field collapses and a strong magnetic quake is created in it’s wake. A properly tuned system can capture and convert radiant energy in such a prescribed arrangement.

Philadelphia Public Ledger
November 2, 1933
Tesla ‘Harnesses’ Cosmic Energy

Inventor announces discovery to displace fuel in driving machinery. Calls Sun main source. A principle by which power for driving machinery of the world may be developed from the cosmic energy which operates the universe, has been discovered by Nikola Tesla, noted physicist and inventor of scientific devices, he announced today. This principle, which taps a source of power described as “everywhere present in unlimited quantities” and which may be transmitted by wire or wireless from central plants to any part of the globe, will eliminate the need of coal, oil, gas or any other of the common fuels, he said. Dr. Tesla in a statement today at his hotel indicated the time was not far distant when the principle would be ready for practical commercial development. Asked whether the sudden introduction of his principle would upset the present economic system, Dr. Tesla replied, “It is badly upset already.” He added that now as never before was the time ripe for the development of new resources. While in its present form, the theory calls for the development of energy in central plants requiring vast machinery. Dr. Tesla said he might be able to work out a plan for its use by individuals. The central source of cosmic energy for the earth is the Sun, Dr. Tesla said, but “night will not interrupt the flow of new power supply.

Clearly Tesla is not talking about an atomic reactor. He is directly converting ionized particles generated by radiant matter. It is not nuclear energy as we know it today. Radiant Energy is directly converted to electrical power! Tesla believed that the Sun generates highly charged particles and that radiant matter is a re-transmitter of energy, it is this transfer of energy that could be used for practical purposes.


Have you ever wondered why we have never heard of any doctor or nurse dying from AIDS? Doctors and nurse come in contact with very sick people every day. They also come into direct contact with AIDS patients yet rarely, if any , do they die as a result of repeated contact with such deadly diseases. For decades now we have been told that there is no cure for this or that disease. We are told there is only treatment - very expensive treatment. Do they have super immune systems? Or do they know something we don’t? I’m banking on the latter.

Every disease now existing has a cure. It doesn’t take thousands of monkeys to screw in a light bulb yet that is what we are told every year when hospitals and the various disease organizations launch their yearly donation campaigns. How many decades have they been collecting donations to find a cure for cancer, or diabetes, or heart disease or AIDS? You can’t tell me that $billions in donations isn’t or wasn’t enough to find a cure for all the diseases now inflicting mankind. How many scientists, doctors, nurses and researchers does it take to screw in a light bulb? How many generations of doctors have come and gone who apparently specialize in one disease or another and still no apparent cure? Good thing doctors aren’t car mechanics or plumbers or electricians. Perhaps doctors should be trained like mechanics or plumbers or electricians. Then perhaps they can finally be capable of fixing us when we break down.

The truth is, there is a cure for every disease known to man. You just haven’t been paying attention. There have been many medical reports published by hundreds of doctors and researchers each year and they have all stated that they have found a cure for a disease. It is soon after these reports are presented that they are buried by their research department heads or hospital administrators, or the government’s FDA. You see in order to get paid they have to presents results. When they submit their scientific reports of their findings they get paid. It is after they get paid that the dog chasing its tail cycle repeats again, and again, and again, and again until either the donations stop or until the government stops funding this insane cycle. Once a cure is made public the donations will stop, the trips to the hospital will stop, the trips to the pharmacy will stop, and doctors would only be needed to mend broken bones caused by sports, car accidents or mishaps at home or at work. The cure would also cure the heath care crisis, both health care service and the out of control financial cost.

In 1991 Hulda Regehr Clark discovered the source of HIV. Once the source became clear the cure became obvious. But would it work? She cured 53 cases in a row, all using her method. In her book The Cure for All Diseases she reveals NEW research findings that shows all diseases have simple explanations and cures once their true cause is known. This book describes the causes of both common and extraordinary diseases and gives specific instructions for their cure. The book contains many case histories of diabetes, high blood pressure, seizures, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s, multi sclerosis, and others showing that all of these can be simply cured!

The Basis of the her discoveries:

HIV is a virus.
AIDS is a condition.
Sometimes they occur together.
Sometimes they occur separately.

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Hulda Regehr Clark discovered that the human intestinal fluke (Fasciolopsis buskii) is the source of the HIV virus. This parasite typically lives in the intestine where it might do little harm, causing only colitis, Crohn’s disease, or irritable bowel syndrome, or perhaps nothing at all. But if it invades a different organ, like the uterus or the kidneys or liver, it does a great deal of harm. If it establishes itself in the thymus, it causes HIV/AIDS!

It only establishes itself in the thymus in some people. These people have benzene in their bodies. All HIV patients (100%) have both benzene and a stage of the intestinal fluke in their thymuses. The solvent benzene is responsible for letting the fluke establish itself in the thymus. In order to get HIV, you must have both the parasite and benzene in your body. The HIV virus belongs to this fluke. It is not difficult to kill this parasite and all its stages.

“AIDS is a condition. When the thymus gland cannot “make” enough T cells, your immunity is lowered. Benzene is the cause of AIDS. Different toxins accumulate in different organs. If you eat or rub in the tiniest bit of benzene it goes directly to the thymus. It damages the thymus so much that everything else is allowed to land there, too: The mercury from metal tooth fillings, the copper from your copper water pipes etc. Is it any wonder that the thymus can’t turn out T cells when it is full of bits of your toothpaste, your hand lotion, your hair spray, toxic food and beverages?” Dr. Hulda Clark. From her book “The Cure for HIV/AIDS”

The human species is now heavily infested with parasites, particularly the intestinal fluke Fasciolopsis buskii, the sheep liver fluke Fasciola hepatica, the pancreatic fluke of cattle Eurytrema pancreatica, the human liver fluke Clonorchis sinensis and the common roundworm, Ascaris. The increase in fluke parasitism is due to the establishment of a new “biological reservoir” in cattle, fowl and household pets. The increase in Ascaris parasitism is probably due to harboring of household pets.

At the same time, microcontamination of the human food supply with derivatives of the petroleum industry has occurred; these include solvents, antiseptics and numerous products used directly in the food industry. In the presence of benzene, Fasciolopsis buskii can complete its entire life cycle in the human body, not requiring a snail as an intermediate host, as it usually does. Other solvents contributing to parasitism include isopropyl alcohol, methanol, xylene, and toluene which now occur as residues in our foods and pollute our body products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, lotions and cosmetics. These solvents are also contaminants of animal feed, and thus are responsible for establishing the new biological reservoir or source of infection of flukes.

Different solvents accumulate preferentially in different organs, a phenomenon known as organotropism. Benzene accumulates in the thymus, resulting in damage to the thymus and completion of the life cycle of Fasciolopsis in the thymus. A stage in the life cycle of Fasciolopsis brings with it the HIV virus. This stage is normally found in snails, and indeed, I have found many snails infected with HIV. In the human, its preferred tissues of colonization are the thymus and penis in the male and the thymus and vagina in the female. The HIV virus has not yet become a human virus, since it disappears within 24 hours after the last fluke stage has been destroyed. However, it could become a true human virus through mutation, no doubt. For this reason it is of paramount importance to end this new kind of parasitism in humans quickly.

Removal of all solvents from the patient’s lifestyle and destruction of all fluke stages as well as elimination of undercooked beef, turkey, chicken and dairy products in the diet results in quick recovery, generally less than one week, from HIV infection. HIV/AIDS could be eradicated in a very short time by clearing our food animals and household pets of fluke parasites and by monitoring all food and feed for solvents.

The cause of benzene accumulation in some persons and not in others appears to be due to a lack of a vitamin, riboflavin (vitamin B2), eating more of a common food toxin, 4,5 benzopyrene, and more of a mycotoxin, zearalenone.

4,5 benzopyrene is present in grilled, broiled (flame heated) foods, even ordinary toast, while zearalenone is plentiful in chips, popcorn and brown rice.

Vitamin B2, 100 mg. This is the vitamin that helps detoxify benzene! Take one to three a day. While recovering from AIDS you need 3 tablets three times a day.

Since developmental stages of the intestinal fluke are found in blood, breast milk, saliva, semen, and urine and can be seen directly in these body fluids using a low power microscope, it follows that this parasite can be transmitted not only through sexual contact and blood, but by kissing on the mouth and breast feeding, and childbearing. However, the recipient would develop HIV/AIDS only if benzene were accumulated in his or her body.

The herbal parasite cleanse

Getting rid of all parasites would be absolutely impossible using clinical medicines that can kill only one or two parasites each. Such medicines also tend to make you quite ill. Imagine taking 10 such drugs to kill a dozen of your parasites! Good news, perhaps, for the drug makers but not for you.

Yet three herbs can rid you of over 100 types of parasites! And without so much as a headache! Without nausea! Without any interference with any drug that you are already on! Does this sound too fantastic? Just too good to be true? They are natures gift to us.The herbs are:

* Black Walnut Hulls (from the black walnut tree)
* Wormwood (from the Artemisia shrub)
* Common Cloves (from the clove tree)

These three herbs must be used together. Black walnut hull and wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites. Cloves kill the eggs. Only if you use them together will you rid yourself of parasites. If you kill only the adults, the tiny stages and eggs will soon grow into new adults. If you kill only the eggs, the million stages already loose in your body will soon grow into adults and make more eggs. They must be used together as a single treatment.

Benzene, the cause of AIDS and Cigarette Smoking Cancer

Benzene is present in cigarette smoke and accounts for half of all human exposure to this health hazard. Short-term, high level exposure to benzene, through inhalation or ingestion, causes damage to the central nervous system and can lead to:

* paralysis
* coma
* convulsions
* dizziness
* sleepiness
* rapid heart rate
* tightness in the chest
* tremors
* rapid breathing

Long-term exposure to benzene can cause:

* decreased red blood cells through damage to bone marrow
* anemia
* leukemia
* excessive bleeding
* genetic damage
* negative effects on the immune system

Benzene is a known cause of acute myleoid leukemia, and cigarette smoke is a major source of benzene exposure. Among U.S. smokers, 90% of benzene exposures come from cigarettes.

Nikita Khrushchev - “We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.”

Are you one of the many Americans who don’t realize that the United States is now a Communist state? What? The United States a Communist state? The United States people have gone far and wide fighting Communism from the beginning. They spilled blood and sacrificed thousands of lives fighting wars against Communism. They confronted the communist Soviet Union for decades both secretly and in very public confrontation. For decades members of Congress asked people who were subpoenaed to appear before them “Are you a Communist”. Today U.S. president Barack Obama has turned the United States from a federal constitutional republic into the new USSR - United States Socialist Republic.

Edward Hunter, an American expert on Communism, whose career as a foreign correspondent, author, editor, world traveler, and specialist in propaganda warfare, qualifies him as an authority on Communist propaganda techniques, stated:

“I spent 30 years, a little bit more perhaps, in countries under various forms of Communist pressure and attack. What I am witnessing in America is no different from what I saw in those other countries. I am often referred to as someone who has made phenomenal predictions that proved correct on things to come. Actually, I have never made a prediction as such in my life. I have only predicted in the manner that one predicts the total of 4 after seeing the figures 2 plus 2.

“I have been watching developments under communism in other parts of the world, and now I see exactly the same developments here in America.”

These developments, he continued, “include, first of all, the penetration of our leadership circles by a softening up and creating a defeatist state of mind. This includes penetration of our educational circles by a similar state of mind, in addition to one other thing—the long-range perspective of the professor who is above anything that is happening here and now, and considers himself as an objective spectator in a long, long vista of history.

“I see, primarily, as part of this softening up process in America, the liquidation of our attitudes on what we used to recognize as right and wrong, what we used to accept as absolute moral standards. We now confuse moral standards with the sophistication of dialectical materialism, with a Communist crackpot Communist crackpot theology which teaches that everything changes, and that what is right or wrong, good or bad, changes as well. So nothing they say is really good or bad. There is no such thing as truth or a lie; and any belief we actually held was simply your being unsophisticated. They don’t say this in so many words, except to those who are already indoctrinated in communism.”

“What they do say to the rest of us is to be objective; and then they twist that word ‘objective’ into meaning what they mean by dialectical materialism.”

“War has changed its form,” Mr. Hunter declared. “The Communists have discovered that a man killed by a bullet is useless. He can dig no coal. They have discovered that a demolished city is useless. Its mills produce no cloth. The objective of Communist warfare is to capture intact the minds of the people and their possessions, so they can be put to use. This is the modern conception of slavery that puts all the others in the kindergarten age.

“The United States is the main battlefield in this Red war. I mean specifically the people and the soil and the resources of the United States.

It should be obvious to anyone who has observed the so-called cold war that the United States was its principal target. We need only read what the Communists themselves say, but we refuse to do so, exactly as we could not believe that Hitler meant what he said in Mein Kampf.

“The first battles in this total war have already been won by the forces of international communism in the United States. These victories are identical to those they have won in every country which they have ultimately taken over. They have succeeded in softening up a large element of the American population, particularly among those to whom we look for guidance, our so-called intellectuals and our so-called liberal circles. They have succeeded in making the United States think and talk of a coexistence period, as if that were an end in itself; while in other parts of the world, as in India, the Reds frankly explain that this coexistence is merely intended to give the Americans an easy way to choose their road toward communism.

This is strategy. Communism merely giving the United States a choice in surrendering by voluntary change of attitude, to avoid more destructive ways of surrender. Unfortunately, in the United States, large elements, mainly among our non-Communist population, have been softened up into believing that if we can just stall on this situation, it will take care of itself. Communism ideology has succeeded in inducing business communities to look to communist trade as a means of restoring prosperity. Large business elements, with all their financial and other resources, are now being used to help the Communist objective of softening up America for recognition and acceptance of Red China, for instance.”

The Communists are being abetted in their brainwashing program in the United States, Mr. Hunter declared, by the collapse of traditional American ideals of self-reliance and individual integrity.

The Communists have been in operation for a full generation, taking strategic advantage of the American principles, exploiting the best sides in our characters as vulnerabilities, and succeeding for a generation in changing the characteristics of Americans. I remember when I was a young man, every personnel department was looking for leadership qualities. What was sought was a man’s capacity as an individual to achieve new things. Today that is not even considered by personnel departments in their employment policies. They ask, instead, if the man ‘gets along’ with everybody. They do not ask what is his individuality; they ask how he conforms. When we raise a young man to believe that at all costs he must get on with everyone, we have put him into a state of mind that almost guarantees, if he falls into the hands of an enemy such as the Communists, that he will react as he had been raised, to try ‘to get on,’ because he must not be ‘antisocial. Being ‘antisocial’ has become the cardinal sin in our society.

Yes, the United States fought Communism for decades. The first major manifestation of anti-communism in the United States occurred in 1919 and 1920, during the First Red Scare, led by Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer. Following World War II and the rise of the Soviet Union, many anti-communists in the United States feared that communism would triumph throughout the entire world and eventually be a direct threat to the US government. This fear led to the domino theory, which stated that a communist takeover in any nation could not be tolerated because it would lead to a chain reaction that would result in worldwide communism. There were fears that powerful nations like the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China were using their power to forcibly assimilate other countries into communist rule. The Soviet Union’s expansion into central Europe after World War II was seen as evidence of this.

The 1950s saw a dramatic increase in anti-communism in the United States, particularly due to McCarthyism. Thousands of Americans were accused of being communists or sympathizers, and many became the subject of aggressive investigations by government committees such as the House Committee on Un-American Activities. As a result of sometimes vastly exaggerated accusations, many of the accused lost their jobs and became blacklisted, although most of these verdicts were later overturned.

During the 1980s, the Ronald Reagan administration pursued an aggressive policy against the Soviet Union and its allies by building up weapons programs, including the Strategic Defense Initiative. The Reagan Doctrine was implemented to reduce the influence of the Soviet Union worldwide by providing aid to anti-Soviet resistance movements, including the Contras in Nicaragua and the Mujahideens in Afghanistan. The downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 near Moneron Island by the Soviets on Sept. 1, 1983 contributed to the anti-communism of the 1980s. KAL 007 had been carrying 269 people, including a sitting U.S. Congressman, Larry McDonald.

The US government usually argued its anti-communist policies by citing the human rights record of communist states, most notably the Soviet Union during the Joseph Stalin era, Maoist China, North Korea, North Vietnam and the Pol Pot-led Khmer Rouge government and the pro-Hanoi People’s Republic of Kampuchea in Cambodia. Those states allegedly killed millions of their own people and continued to suppress civil liberties of the surviving population. During the 1980s, the Kirkpatrick Doctrine was particularly influential in American politics; it advocated US support of anti-communist governments around the world, including authoritarian dictatorships.

Anti-communism became significantly muted after the fall of the Soviet Union and Eastern bloc communist regimes in Europe between 1989 and 1991; the fear of a worldwide communist takeover was no longer a serious concern. Remnants of anti-communism remain, however, in US foreign policy toward Cuba and North Korea. In the case of Cuba, the US continues to maintain economic sanctions against the country. Tensions with North Korea have heightened as the result of reports that it is stockpiling nuclear weapons, and the assertion that it is willing to sell its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology to any group willing to pay a high enough price. Much of the US foreign policy establishment does not regard the People’s Republic of China as communist in any meaningful sense.

Most Americans naively assume that whenever they fought communism, they fought to win. Why else would you fight? Yes 3 anti-communist wars - the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Cold War were all declared over but did the U.S. win any of them? The Korean War never ended, the Vietnam War was lost and the Cold War simply ended with civilians tearing down of the Berlin Wall.

The U.S. has never fought communism to win. The US policy of halting further communist expansion has always been containment. The U.S. didn’t win any war against communism - both the Korean and Vietnam Wars are a testament to this. The U.S. policy is to only to contain; to fight, to keep fighting endlessly while it drained itself of treasure, money and human life.

Communist United States Test

How would you decide whether or not the United States is Communist? Would you take the word of communist expert Karl Marx? In the Manifesto of the Communist Party, Marx set forth a list of ten steps to Communism. Karl Marx describes in his Communist Manifesto, the ten steps necessary to destroy a free enterprise system and replace it with a system of omnipotent government power, so as to effect a communist socialist state. Marx said a country that takes those ten steps is Communist. How many of those ten steps (listed later on in the article) have the United States taken?

George W Bush wanted to transform the United States into a communist state during his presidency. President-Elect Bush Meet With Congressional Leaders on Capitol Hill in December 2000 and inadvertently exposed his agenda as president of the United States - “there were going to be some times where we don’t agree with each other. But that’s OK. If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator.”. Then again after just six months in office Bush stated, “”A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there’s no question about it,” he said.” Four star general Tommy Franks, former commander in Iraq, said that Bush will impose martial law and abolish the Constitution after the next “terrorist attack.” Lucky for the United States people another “terrorist attack” didn’t take place in the United States throughout George W Bush’s tenure as president. The elaborate, totalitarian powers Bush sought and the government has written into the law have not been invoked, so there is “nothing to fear.” Wrong! There was “nothing to fear” from Hitler until he put everything in place. Remember Hitler’s Enabling Act? It has been rewritten as the United States Patriot Act. There was “nothing to fear” from Stalin until he consolidated power. There was “nothing to fear” from Mao until Washington had forced President Chiang to flee. There was “nothing to fear” from Castro until he arrived in Havana and was installed by the United States.

The United States people have only been lucky so far in that their worse fears had not been realized during the George W Bush years. Unlucky thought for they have since elected a communist - Barack Obama. Obama is now implementing communist party doctrine laid out by his mentor Karl Marx. Americans can’t claim that they never saw it coming. Obama’s entire presidential campaign was one of reforming the United States to a communist socialist state. Change is just another word for reform - actually conforming to communist ideology. Every communist leader before Obama has promoted themselves with communist slogans superimposed on political posters. Obama has adopted more communists slogans than any other communist leader. Obama speaks in slogans and never explains the thinking that goes into his statements. Slogans like “Yes We Can” — 2008 U.S. presidential campaign slogan of Barack Obama. “Change We Can Believe In” — 2008 U.S. presidential campaign slogan of Barack Obama. “”Organize for Change”", “Stand for Change”, “A leader who can deliver change” and my favorite “Change in America doesn’t start from the top down. It starts from the bottom up.” - shifts blame from the government to the people.

The United States has been increasingly adopting more of Karl Marx’s ideals, sometimes more subtle than other times, yet sometimes rather openly. President Obama has openly suggested Marxist ideologies. Obama’s socialist backing goes back at least to 1996, when he received the endorsement of the Chicago branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) for an Illinois state senate seat. Obama endorsed openly Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders in 2006. Obama was later endorsed by the Communist Party USA in his run for President of the United States.

Following are the original ten planks within the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx in 1848, followed by a discussion of how America has adopted each of the planks.

1. Abolition of private property and the application of all rent to public purpose. - The courts have interpreted the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (1868) to give the government far more “eminent domain” power than was originally intended. Under the rubric of “eminent domain” and various zoning regulations, land use regulations by the Bureau of Land Management property taxes, and “environmental” excuses, private property rights have become very diluted. As a result, private property in lands, vehicles, and other forms are seized almost every day in the U.S. under the “forfeiture” provisions of the RICO statutes and the so-called War on Drugs. Private owners of property are required to get permission from government relative to the use of their property.

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. - The 16th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, 1913 (which some scholars maintain was never properly ratified), the Social Security Act of 1936, Joint House Resolution 192 of 1933, and various State income taxes established this major Marxist coup in the United States many decades ago. These taxes continue to drain the lifeblood out of the American economy and greatly reduce the accumulation of desperately needed capital for future growth, business starts, job creation, and salary increases.

3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance. - Another Marxist attack on private property rights is in the form of Federal & State estate taxes and other inheritance taxes, which have abolished or at least greatly diluted the right of private property owners to determine the disposition and distribution of their estates upon their death. On January 1st, 2011, the estate tax rate will return to its pre-Bush levels. Practically speaking, this means the difference between dying on December 31, 2010 and January 1, 2011 can mean 55 percent of your estate goes to the United States Socialist Republic government.

4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. - We call it government seizures, tax liens, “forfeiture” Public “law” 99-570 (1986); Executive order 11490, sections 1205, 2002 which gives private land to the Department of Urban Development; and the IRS confiscation of property without due process. The U.S. government is preparing now for a massive confiscation of property of patriots who speak out or write against the “government” (1997 Crime/Terrorist Bill).

5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly. - The Federal Reserve System, created by the Federal Reserve Act of Congress in 1913, is indeed such a “national bank” and it politically manipulates interest rates and holds a monopoly on legal counterfeiting in the United States. All local banks are members of the Fed system, and are regulated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) another privately-owned corporation. The Federal Reserve Banks issue Fiat Paper Money and practice economically destructive fractional reserve banking. This is exactly what Marx had in mind and completely fulfills this plank. On July 21, 2010 U.S. president Barack Obama signed into law the biggest overhaul of American financial regulation in decades. “This is a bill that creates a vast new and unaccountable bureaucracy that, if past experience is any guide, will lead to countless burdensome, unintended consequences for individuals and small businesses, that will constrict credit and stifle growth in the middle of the worst economic period in memory.” - Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said. In a note of irony, Obama signed the bill with great fanfare in the massive Ronald Reagan Building, named after a president who championed deregulation. Reagan opposed communist state doctrines like that which Obama seeks. “Tear down this wall!” was the challenge from United States President Ronald Reagan to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to destroy the Berlin Wall.

6. Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the State. - In the U.S., communication and transportation are controlled and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established by the Communications Act of 1934 and the Department of Transportation and the Interstate Commerce Commission (established by Congress in 1887), and the Federal Aviation Administration as well as Executive orders 11490, 10999 — not to mention various state bureaucracies and regulations including State mandated driver’s licenses. Federal Highway Act of 1916 made federal funds available to States for highway construction), the Interstate Highway System, 1944 (funding began 1956); Interstate Commerce Commission given authority by Congress to regulate trucking and carriers on inland waterways, 1935-40. There is also the federal postal monopoly, AMTRAK and CONRAIL — outright socialist (government-owned) enterprises. Instead of free-market private enterprise in these important industries, these fields in America are semi-cartels through the governments regulatory-industrial complex.

7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State, the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan. - We call it corporate capacity, The Desert Entry Act and The Department of Agriculture. As well as the Department of Commerce and Labor, Department of Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Mines, National Park Service, and the IRS control of business through corporate regulations. The Agriculture Adjustment Act of 1933 provided that farmers will receive government aid if and only if they relinquish control of farming activities. In June 2009 Obama ordered General Motors to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. And, as you’ve also probably heard, the United States became the majority shareholder of the restructured company, with 60% of the stock. Nationalizing a large car manufacturer is just example of Barack Obama adopting the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx.

8. Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of Industrial armies, especially for agriculture. - We call it the Social Security Administration and The Department of Labor and it’s seen in Minimum Wage and slave labor like dealing with the United States’ Most Favored Nation trade partner; Communist China. The National debt and inflation caused by the communal bank has caused the need for a two “income” family. Woman in the workplace since the 1920’s, the 19th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, assorted Socialist Unions, affirmative action, the Federal Public Works Program and of course Executive order 11000. And I almost forgot…The Equal Rights Amendment means that women should do all work that men do including the military and since passage it would make women subject to the draft.

9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country. - We call it the Planning Reorganization Act of 1949 , zoning (Title 17 1910-1990) and Super Corporate Farms, as well as Executive orders 11647, 11731 (ten regions) and Public “law” 89-136. Food processing companies, with the co-operation of the Farmers Home Administration foreclosures, are buying up farms and creating “conglomerates.” On March 11, 2009 the U.S. Congress introduced a bill, H.R.875 - Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, making it illegal to grow your own food, or for “any farm” not to purchase and use government mandated chemicals, additives, and pesticides on all food consumed in the United States. Violations are subject to a fine of up to $1,000,000/day.

10. Free education for all children in government schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production. - Americans are being taxed to support what we call ‘public’ schools, but are actually “government force-tax-funded schools ” Even private schools are government regulated. The purpose is to train the young to work for the communal debt system. We also call it the Department of Education, the NEA and Outcome Based “Education”. The federal influence of education is evident in “head-start” programs, school lunch programs, textbooks, and library books. Our children are being indoctrinated and inculcated with the government propaganda, like “majority rules”, and “pay your fair share”. WHERE are the words “fair share” in the Constitution, Bill of Rights or the Internal Revenue Code (Title 26)?? NO WHERE is “fair share” even suggested !! The philosophical concept of “fair share” comes from the Communist maxim, “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need! This concept is pure socialism.

“Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.” - Michelle Obama speech at UCLA in which she told supporters that her husband was the only man who could fix American souls — if we elect him President first.

A vaccine is defined as a biological preparation that typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism, and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe or its toxins. Microorganisms or its toxins are added to the biological preparation to create the vaccine. In other words a vaccine is an instrument that infects a healthy human host with a disease causing microorganism. The HIV virus is purposely and intentionally added to the vaccine to infect people without the HIV virus. If all it takes for a person to be infected with AIDS is to share needles or have sex without a condom or with a condom with a tiny tear or pinhole then logically a person can also get AIDS by a vaccine needle that has the HIV virus added.

Over the last 4 decades the World Bank has advocated and advised the World governments to begin to drastically reduce the population of the World by any means possible. The World Bank is one of five institutions created at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944. The International Monetary Fund, a related institution, is the second. Delegates from many countries attended the Bretton Woods Conference. The most powerful countries in attendance were the United States and United Kingdom which dominated negotiations. Although both are based in Washington, D.C., the World Bank is by custom headed by an American, while the IMF is led by a European. The 1944 Bretton Wood Accord forced the World to peg their currencies against the worthless Federal Reserve Note (the US dollar doesn’t exist even today as every US paper note doesn’t state US Dollar it states Federal Reserve Note. Federal Reserve Notes are colored money which has “no value, except by virtue of a government decree — a decree arrived at under conditions of duress, and thus is not legal tender.). A run to convert pounds to gold collapsed the pound and began the end of the Bretton woods accord. It took 3 years while governments tried to salvage the system and also to determine what to do next. It was the US who offered a solution to the crisis - the new Federal Reserve notes with no promise to pay in “lawful money” was released. It is because of this that the World was drawn into the United States orchestrated financial crisis. Today the currencies of the World are all pegged to the worthless US Federal Reserve Note. When the US Federal Reserve Note depreciates so does every other currency in the World.

Why did the World Bank (US Bank) warn it will take “Drastic Steps Necessary” if Nations refused to implement population reduction programs?

1) prevent developing nations from becoming politically powerful;
2) protect U.S. investments (the United States controls the World Bank) in these countries;
3) maintain U.S. access to these countries’ natural resources;
4) limit the number of young people in these countries, who are more likely to challenge existing social and political norms.

For the past 4 decades a covert-sterilization program using vaccines for tetanus, rubella , Tuberculosis, AIDS, anthrax, swine flu, avian flu and other lab created influenza, diseases and infections has been implemented. The majority of produced vaccines contain mercury which has been scientifically proven to cause infertility and other health degrading effects . Between 1963 and 1965 more than 400,000 Colombian women were sterilized in a program funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

At a time when global warming is becoming broadly recognized as a politically driven, pseudo-scientific power-grab, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates recently “unvielded his vision” of global catastrophe unless net man-made carbon emissions are reduced to zero. In a Feb 2010 video Bill Gates stated his opinion as to how the World can be depopulated. Bill Gates stated that we can lower the world\’s population with vaccines. 4 minutes 30 seconds into the video \”“if we do a really great job on vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps about 10 to 15 percent.” Bill Gates recently pledged $10-billion towards a global vaccine program targeting the “world’s needy children.”

Third World vaccination programs have a well supported linkage with sterilization. In a widely cited and rigorously documented Philippines case, that country’s Supreme Court halted a WHO tetanus vaccination program after it had been shown that the inoculations, given only to young women of child-bearing age, were tainted with a hormone that renders “a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy.”

In the 1990`s the UN`s World Health Organization launched a campaign to vaccinate millions of women in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines between the ages of 15 and 45. The stated purpose was to protect against Tetanus or Lockjaw, a painful sometimes lethal infectious reaction to external wounds or cuts. However, the vaccine was not given to men or boys, who are more prone to wounds from cuts and rusty nails than the ladies.

Noticing this anomaly, Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization became suspicious and had the vaccine samples tested. The tests revealed that the WHO Tetanus vaccine used to inoculate women of child bearing age contained human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or hCG, a natural hormone that is secreted in the initial stages of pregnancy, but when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier stimulated antibodies rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy. None of the women vaccinated were told.

In 1995, the Catholic Women`s League of the Philippines won a court order halting a UNICEF anti-tetanus program because the vaccine had been laced with B-hCG. The Supreme Court of the Philippines found the surreptitious sterilization program had already vaccinated three million women, aged 12 to 45. B-hCG-laced vaccine was also found in at least four other developing countries.

Apparently, this method of sterilization has been patented. An excerpt from that patent for a “birth control vaccine” follows:

“Population is growing at a rapid pace in many economically developing countries and there is a continuing need of an alternate method for regulation of fertility. We proposed several years back a birth control vaccine which induces the formation of antibodies against the human pregnancy hormone, the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). These inventions are described in patents issued in India, U.S.A. and several other countries. (Ref. EP 204566, JP 62286928, CA 1239346, U.S. Pat. No. 4,780,312, CN 8603854). We describe now another invention which generates antibody response of a long duration against hCG after a single or a limited number of injections.”

Erika Schwartz, MD wrote the public interest group Judicial Watch reported 371 serious adverse events in patients who received Merck’s cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil, including three deaths. “The HPV vaccine has only been tested for five years on possibly as low as 100,000 ten year old girls in Africa. ”

Merck invested hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying and marketing the drug and almost persuaded Texas and some other states to mandate its use on sixth-grade schoolgirls. Only a revolt by parents and community groups put a stop to it.

1,637 side effects were reported to the FDA through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Judicial Watch received the information through a Freedom of Information Act request. Approximately 77 percent of the adverse reactions were typical, including pain at the injection site, itching, fever, nausea and dizziness, the group noted. However, one female patient died of a blood clot three hours after receiving the vaccine, the group said. Another 19-year-old patient died of heart failure partially caused by large blood clots two weeks after getting the vaccine. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, both patients were taking birth control pills, which can cause clotting. In addition, a 12-year-old patient died of heart complications six days after receiving Gardasil, according to the VAERS reports.

Eighteen of the 42 women who received Gardasil while pregnant experienced adverse side effects, ranging from spontaneous abortion to fetal abnormalities. Clinical trials used in the FDA’s review of Gardasil showed cases of birth defects among women who received the vaccine within 30 days of conception. Gardasil is not recommended for pregnant women, according to the product’s label.

Merck recently submitted a supplemental biologic license application to the FDA to market Gardasil to prevent vaginal and vulvar cancers.

Another MD, David Ayoub, revealed the link between vaccine mercury to Autism as well its connections to “National Security Study Memorandum 200”; for population control.

“You can’t convince them this is right. Do you know why? Because they already know it. They told me they know it. They cannot admit it because of civil and criminal, potential problems. You can’t convince someone who already knows it.” ~ Mark Geier, M.D. - Chicago, Illinois May 30th, 2004 at the Autism One Conference

The NSSM 200, and the US population control policy which came from it, is targeting thirteen countries for depopulation, countries which, if allowed to increase sufficiently in population, were seen to be able to challenge US economic superiority.

Billions of US taxpayer dollars have since gone into funding population control in countries around the globe. NSSM 200 justifies the radical population control methods it implemented by claiming it would: 1) prevent developing nations from becoming politically powerful; 2) protect U.S. investments in these countries; 3) maintain U.S. access to these countries’ natural resources; 4) limit the number of young people in these countries, who are more likely to challenge existing social and political norms.

“Gardasil contains Polysorbate 80, which is linked to infertility in mice,” noted Dee Nicholson, National Communications Director for Freedom in Canadian Health Care.

WHO Vaccine that infected the World with AIDS

Project Coast, was a covert project to create a genetically engineered bio weapon to attack only the black population and to develop a vaccine to block human fertility in blacks. Project Coast succeeded in developing such a weapon that has killed millions of people World wide.

On May 11, 1987, The London Times, one of the world’s most respected newspapers, published an explosive article entitled, “Smallpox vaccine triggered AIDS virus.”

The story revealed that the smallpox eradication vaccine program sponsored by the WHO (World Health Organization) was responsible for unleashing AIDS in Africa. Almost 100 million Africans living in central Africa were vaccinated by the WHO (World Health Organization). The vaccine was responsible for awakening a “dormant” AIDS virus infection on the continent.

An advisor to the WHO admitted, “Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation for the explosion of AIDS.”

Robert Gallo, M,D., the co-discoverer of HIV, told The Times, “The link between the WHO program and the epidemic is an interesting and important hypothesis.

I cannot say that it actually happened, but I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines such as that used for smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as HIV.”

In September 1987, at a conference sponsored by the National Health Federation in Monrovia, California, William Campbell Douglass, M.D., bluntly blamed the WHO for murdering Africa with the AIDS virus.

In a widely circulated reprint of his talk entitled “W.H.O. Murdered Africa” , he accused the organization of encouraging virologists and molecular biologists to work with deadly animal viruses in an attempt to make an immunosuppressive hybrid virus that would be deadly to humans.


From the Bulletin of the World Health Organization (Volume 47, p.259, 1972 - bulletin_1972_47(2)_memo1.pdf), he quoted a passage that stated: Recommendations (3) “An attempt should be made to see if viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function. e.g. by depressing 7S versus 19S antibody, or by affecting T cell function as opposed to B cell function. The possibility should be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages, more or less selectively the cells responding to the viral antigens. If this proves to be the case, virus-induced immunodepression might conceivably be highly instrumental in prolonging certain virus infections, such as murine leukemia, hepatitis, … ”

According to Douglass, “That’s AIDS. What the WHO is saying in plain English is Let’s cook up a virus that selectively destroys the T-cell system of man, an acquired immune deficiency.‘”

Conveniently lost in the history of AIDS is the Hepatitis-B vaccine experiment that immediately preceded the decimation of gay Americans. A “cohort” of over a thousand young homosexuals were injected with the Hepatitis-B vaccine at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan during the period from November 1978 to October 1979. Similar Hepatitis-B vaccine experiment were conducted in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis, and Chicago, beginning in 1980. Three months after the experiment began, the first cases of AIDS reported to the CDC appeared in young gay men in Manhattan. The first San Francisco AIDS case appeared in that city in September 1980, six months after the Hepatitis-B experiment started there. In June 1981 the AIDS epidemic became “official.”

The WHO virologists and government epidemiologists claimed at the time of the outbreak that HIV originated in African green monkeys. Purportedly the monkey virus “jumped species” and entered the black population. From there the WHO claimed it migrated to Haiti and Manhattan. After the virus entered the black heterosexual population in the late 1970s, it rapidly spread to millions of blacks because of transfusions with HIV-infected blood, dirty needles, promiscuity and genital ulcers. To this day they still claim that HIV came from monkeys and the rain forest. The scientific community has proven that AIDS was triggered by the WHO small pox vaccination program. The WHO created the AIDS epidemic. There is however some truth in the link between monkeys and the AIDS virus. When they created the vaccine that would trigger AIDS they used monkeys to test their biological weapon. Monkey DNA matches Human DNA 98% of the time.

The DNA of the pigs and monkeys being very close ours, makes them excellent test subject to man make the AIDS virus and another more recent attempt to depopulate the World with, the Swine Flu virus. When the U.S. government created the swine flu virus, in their labs in Fort Detrick Maryland, they used swines (pigs) to test their depopulation weapon. Because they used swines to develop this biological weapon they called their newly man made virus the Swine Flu virus.

The scientific discoveries of today reveal the relationship between all humans, and the relationship that exists between pigs, monkey’s and humans. Before any pharmaceutical product or drug is allowed to be made public pigs and monkeys are always used to test the toxicity, side effects and potential lethal effects. Pigs and monkeys are sacrificed in the name of science. Pigs and monkeys are the first victims of the World government bodies’ biological weapons program to murder millions of people. Vaccines are used by the WHO, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN and U.S. depopulate the World. Vaccines are their weapons and millions of people around the World are shot and killed every year by this silent killer.

Special Report EIR (Executive Intelligence Review) March 10, 1981

Investigations by EIR have uncovered a planning apparatus operating outside the control of the White House whose sole purpose is to reduce the world’s population by 2 billion people through war, famine, disease and any other means necessary. This apparatus, which includes various levels of the government is determining U.S. foreign policy. In every political hotspot — El Salvador, the so-called arc of crisis in the Persian Gulf, Latin America, Southeast Asia and in Africa- the goal of U.S. foreign policy is population reduction. The targeting agency for the operation is the National Security Council’s Ad Hoc Group on Population Policy. Its policy-planning group is in the U.S. State Department’s Office of Population Affairs, established in 1975 by Henry Kissinger. This group drafted the Carter administration’s Global 2000 document, which calls for global population reduction, and the same apparatus is conducting civil wars as a conscious depopulation project.

“There is a single theme behind all our work-we must reduce population levels,” said Thomas Ferguson, the Latin American case officer for the State Department’s Office of Population Affairs (OPA). “Either they [governments] do it our way, through nice clean methods or they will get the kind of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran, or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it. “The professionals,” said Ferguson, “aren’t interested in lowering population for humanitarian reasons. That sounds nice. We look at resources and environmental constraints. We look at our strategic needs, and we say that this country must lower its population or else we will have trouble.

So steps are taken. El Salvador was an example where the US failure to lower population by simple means has created the basis for a national security crisis. The government of El Salvador failed to use US programs to lower their population. They got a civil war because of it…. There will be dislocation and food shortages. They still have too many people there.”

Civil wars are somewhat drawn out ways to reduce population, the OPA official added. “The quickest way to reduce population is through famine, like in Africa or through disease like the Black Death.” Weather Control Technology (HAARP) is now being utilized specifically for artificially inducing states of famine and drought.

The Ad Hoc Group and OPA estimate that they may be able to keep a billion people from being born through contraceptive programs, vaccination programs and through manufactured (designer) diseases and viral infections.

On July 29, 1969, only days after the Department of Defense (DOD) asked for $10 million from Congress to fund the development of a “synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired . . .” on that day, the chairman of the Republican Task Force on Earth Resources and Population, the Honorable George H. W. Bush, U.S. Representative from Texas, 7th District (1967–71), stressed the pressing need for population control activities to fend off “a growing Third World crisis.”

The Development of the AIDS virus was funded in 1969 (three years before the request for development by the World Health Organization) through funds obtained by the United States Defense Department. The Defense Department requested and received $10 million via House Bill 15090, which was reviewed in Hearings before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives during the ninety-first Congress in review of the Defense Appropriations for 1970.

Part Five of House Bill 15090 was entitled RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND EVALUATION, sponsored by the Department of the Army, the Advanced Research Project Agency (now DARPA), and Defense Research and Engineering.



H.B. 15090


Department of the Army
Statement of Director, Advanced Research Project Agency
Statement of Director, Defense Research and Engineering

Printed for the use of the Committee on Appropriations

[pg.] 129 TUESDAY, JULY 1, 1969


Funding was approved with the passing of Public Law 91-171, title VI, Secs. 605, 608, 83 Stat. 480. on Dec 29, 1969

Opportunists Obama, Bush, and Clinton announce the formation of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Bush and Clinton seals the deal with a handshake. Another offshore shell corporation is born from the sufferance of the Haiti people.

There are about seventy offshore jurisdictions around the world. Among the most famous are Switzerland, Grand Cayman, Luxembourg, British Virgin Islands, Jersey, Liechtenstein. Offshore centers allow companies and bank accounts to keep their records, including owners’ names, secret even from regulators and law enforcement. They apply nor collect taxes, which is why they are known as tax havens. Most of them give these advantages only to foreigners.

Offshore financial centers are the parallel financial services system for criminals: for corporate crooks and fraudsters, tax evaders, drug and arm traffickers, terrorists and for government officials who steal from their countries. The big international banks all have offshore subsidiaries where they can hide the money of clients who are evading taxes at home or committing other crimes. And in many countries, including the United States, it is relatively easy to set up companies and bank accounts without providing documentation about the true owners.

Corrupt Western business people, negligent or complicit bankers and offshore tax havens – all the enablers of corruption — make a lot of money by helping the world’s crooks. They provide the capital for those crooks to stay in power, and they tilt the playing field against the interests of firms and individuals who do business honestly.

Offshore law firms set up shell companies – fake or front companies – that have no purpose other than to carry out phony transactions to justify the movement of money into crooks’ secret accounts.

Who in the US government use offshore accounts and shell corporations? One very public figure is none other than former first lady and current US Secretary of Sate Hillary R Clinton. Back in 2008 financial disclosure documents filed by the New York senator show she and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, have made at least $50 million since leaving the White House in 2001. How are they amassing such wealth? Through the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton set up this shell charity organization. On the surface it looks like a legitimate charity organization that collects donations for fighting AIDS in Africa and promote sustainable development. But the true purpose has nothing to do with helping the people of Africa. It is a front. It is just one of many offshore shell companies that is used to launder money that the Clintons, George HW Bush and George W Bush stole from the American people. The donations that were received to help the African people have not gone to the African people. It has gone towards building the Clinton Presidential Library and sends the former president around the globe.

Just a fraction of the money that goes through the Clinton Foundation could build entire towns and villages in Africa. After so many years Africa still looks the same as the day that the Clintons formed the Clinton Foundation. You would think that after so many years the African people would now be cured of AIDs and their living conditions would be greatly improved with the help of the Clintons. After all the Clintons receive $millions from foreign countries and some of the richest people in the World. Over $25,000,000 from The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and UNITAID. $10,000,001 to $25,000,000 from AUSAID, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Stephen L. Bing, COPRESIDA-Secretariado Tecnico, Fred Eychaner, Frank Giustra, Chief Executive Officer, The Radcliffe Foundation, Tom Golisano, The Hunter Foundation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The ELMA Foundation, Theodore W. Waitt. $5,000,001 to $10,000,000 from bankrupt Government of Norway, Nationale Postcode Loterij, Haim Saban and The Saban Family Foundation, Michael Schumacher, The Wasserman Foundation. $1,000,001 to $5,000,000 from; S. D. Abraham, Absolute Return for Kids (ARK), Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi, Alltel Corporation, Nasser Al-Rashid, Smith and Elizabeth Bagley, The Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation, Richard Caring, Gilbert R. Chagoury, Citi Foundation, Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative - Canada, Victor P. Dahdaleh & The Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Charitable Foundation, Robert Disbrow, Dubai Foundation, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Entergy, Mr. Issam M. Fares & The Wedge Foundation, Wallace W. Fowler, Friends of Saudi Arabia, Presidential Inaugural Committee, Princess Diana Memorial Fund. Some of the donors give because their intentions are good and sincere but the majority are made for political favors or as money laundering transactions. Of the total amounts contributed from the listed people and organizations how much has actually gone to the people the foundations is allegedly created for? Where has the bulk of the funds received gone to?

USA Today, in an editorial distributed during the Obama campaign, exposed the true purpose of the Clinton Foundation. Donors, who include foreign governments have pledged more than $500 million to the Clinton Foundation and that money has been laundered. Some of that money was illegally used to fund Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential campaign bid. A federal statute prohibits persons who are neither U.S. citizens nor permanent residents (that is, holders of “green cards”) from contributing any money to candidates for state or federal office, or to American political parties. The provision was originally enacted in the 1970s.

The Clintons have become repeat offenders of federal election laws. The 1996 United States campaign finance controversy, also known as Chinagate, was an effort by the People’s Republic of China to influence domestic American politics during the 1996 federal elections.

The issue first received public attention in early 1997, with news that a Justice Department investigation had uncovered evidence that agents of China sought to direct contributions to the Clinton-Gore Democratic National Committee (DNC) in violation of U.S. laws regarding foreign political contributions. The Chinese government denied all accusations. Twenty-two people were convicted of fraud or for funneling Asian funds into the United States elections, and others fled U.S. jurisdiction. All were associates of Bill Clinton or Al Gore.

What role did the Clinton Foundation have in the 2008 presidential campaign? Hillary Clinton laundered money contributed by foreign donors to her campaign. On February 6, 2008 the New York Times reported that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, facing big primaries against her rival Senator Barack Obama in places like Ohio and Texas lend her campaign money. Her campaign office confirmed that she’d already lent her campaign $5 million of her own money in late January. A statement from her camp:

The loan illustrates Senator Clinton’s commitment to this effort and to ensuring that our campaign has the resources it needs to compete and win across this nation.

Senator Clinton acknowledged the loan, saying: “I loaned the campaign $5 million from my money. That’s where I got the money. I did it because I believe very strongly in this campaign, and we had a great month fund-raising in January, broke all our records, but my opponent was able to raise more money and we intended to be competitive – and we were – and I think the results last night proved the wisdom of my investment.

Hillary didn’t actually reveal where the money came from. The reporters should have asked Hillary where did she get the $5 million. Was it from earnings or was it from the Clinton Foundation? If it was discovered that it came from the Clinton Foundation then she should have been indicted for campaign financial fraud as Clinton Foundation funding is mostly gained from foreign donors. Who tried to influence the 2008 electoral campaign with an illegal $5 million contribution?

Hillary Clinton broke the law when she “loaned” her campaign $5 million. The FECA places limits on contributions by individuals and groups to candidates, party committees and PACs. According to US law an Individual (Hillary Clinton) may contribute a maximum of $2,300 per election to Federal candidates, up to $28,500 per year to national party committees, and a combined total of up to $108,200 during the two year period to all Federal campaigns, parties, and other political committees. In one day, one individual, Hillary Clinton, gave her campaign $5 million - $4,891,800 over the allowed legal contribution limit. Has Hillary been charged for this intentional gross violation of US law?

Where has all the Bailout money gone to?

Hillary Clinton is just one of the many criminals holding some the highest offices of the United States government. Who else is involved? Who else is laundering $trillions through offshore banks and shell corporations? Look no further than those who pushed through the Wall Street Bailouts. George W Bush money laundered $700 billion through the banks that created the United States financial crisis - mainly the privately owned and operated banks of the Federal Reserve. Barack Hussein Obama money laundered another $787 billion to the same banks.

Has these bailouts helped people recover their repossessed homes? Have they helped lift the threat of repossession from millions of families? Evidently not. No tax paying America has benefited from these money laundering schemes. The job creation that Obama has been boasting about are all only temporary jobs. All created to get votes in November. Once the election is lost those Democrats jobs will cease to exist.

The jobs that have been temporarily created by Obama (”We are the ones we have been waiting for”) amounts to a few $billion. Where has the rest of the $trillion Bailout money gone to? To the Federal Reserve banks’ CEO in the form of “unearned bonuses”, to secret offshore numbered accounts set up for Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary R. Clinton, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, George HW Bush, Henry Paulson, Dick Cheney, Rahm Emanuel, Timothy Geithner ……….., and to the newly created Clinton Bush Haiti Fund - another shell company, conveniently crafted by the Bush Clinton opportunists, that have no purpose other than to carry out phony transactions to justify the movement of money into these crooks’ secret accounts.

No accounting whatsoever

It’s something any bank would demand to know before handing out a loan: Where’s the money going? But after receiving billions in aid from U.S. taxpayers, the nation’s largest banks (all part of the Federal Reserve) say they can’t track exactly how they’re spending the money or they simply refuse to discuss it. Some banks said they simply didn’t know where the money was going.

In US law, money laundering is the practice of engaging in financial transactions to conceal the identity, source, or destination of illegally gained money.

There has been no accounting of how banks are spending that money. Lawmakers summoned bank executives to Capitol and implored them to lend the money — not to hoard it or spend it on corporate bonuses, junkets or to buy other banks. Since the bailout monies have been issued the banks have been doing nothing but hoarding the money, giving it to their CEOs as corporate bonuses, buying up smaller banks, and shipping $billions to newly created offshore banks and shell companies.

There is no process in place to keep track of where the money is going and there are no consequences for banks who misuse and illegally misappropriate $trillions in US tax dollars. “It is entirely appropriate for the American people to know how their taxpayer dollars are being spent in private industry,” said Elizabeth Warren, the top congressional watchdog overseeing the financial bailout. But, at least for now, there’s no way for taxpayers to find that out.

Pressured by the Bush administration to approve the money quickly, Congress attached nearly no strings on the $700 billion bailout in October. And the Treasury Department, which doles out the money, never asked banks how it would be spent.

“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” - Thomas Jefferson

Hurricane Earl as seen from the International Space Station.

Scientists have made a breakthrough in man’s desire to control the forces of nature – unveiling plans to weaken hurricanes and steer them off course, to prevent tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina - UK Telegraph 21 Oct 2007

The damage done to New Orleans in 2005 has spurred two rival teams of climate experts, in America and Israel, to redouble their efforts to enable people to play God with the weather.

Under one scheme, aircraft would drop soot into the near-freezing cloud at the top of a hurricane, causing it to warm up and so reduce wind speeds. Computer simulations of the forces at work in the most violent storms have shown that even small changes can affect their paths – enabling them to be diverted from major cities.

But the hurricane modifiers are fighting more than the weather. Lawyers warn that diverting a hurricane from one city to save life and property could result in multi-billion dollar lawsuits from towns that bear the brunt instead. Hurricane Katrina caused about $41 billion in damage to New Orleans.

Hurricanes form when air warmed over the ocean rises to meet the cool upper atmosphere. The heat turns to kinetic energy, producing a spiral of wind and rain. The greater the temperature differences between top and bottom, and the narrower the eye of the hurricane, the faster it blows.

Moshe Alamaro, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), told The Sunday Telegraph of his plans to “paint” the tops of hurricanes black by scattering carbon particles – either soot or black particles from the manufacture of tyres – from aircraft flying above the storms. The particles would absorb heat from the sun, leading to changes in the airflows within the storm. Satellites could also heat the cloud tops by beaming microwaves from space.

“If they’re done in the right place at the right time they can affect the strength of the hurricane,” Mr Alamaro said.

The theory has so far been tested only in computer simulation by Mr Alamaro’s colleague, Ross Hoffman. Mr Alamaro said: “With small changes to this side or that side of the hurricane we can nudge it and change its track. We’re starting with computer simulations, then will hopefully experiment on a small weather system.”

Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem announced that they had simulated the effect of sowing clouds with microscopic dust to cool the hurricane’s base, also weakening it. The dust would attract water but would form droplets too small to fall as rain. Instead, they would rise and evaporate, cooling hot air at the hurricane base.

In findings presented at a conference in Trieste, Italy, the team led by Daniel Rosenfeld demonstrated that dust dropped into the lower part of Hurricane Katrina would have reduced wind speeds and diverted its course.

The MIT team has now hired a professor of risk management to advise on steps necessary to protect themselves from legal action by communities affected if a hurricane is diverted. It is pressing for changes to US law and for an international treaty to settle possible disputes between neighbouring countries.

Mr Alamaro said: “The social and legal issues are daunting. If a hurricane were coming towards Miami with the potential to cause damage and kill people, and we diverted it, another town or village hit by it would sue us. They’ll say the hurricane is no longer an act of God, but that we caused it.”

NASA steers Hurricane Earl in Project GRIP?

In 2007 scientists successfully steered a hurricane in simulation. Are they performing a live testing of their theory with Hurricane Earl? On August 11, 2010 NASA announced that it was less than 2 weeks away from initiating Project GRIP (Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes) - their quest for the holy grail of hurricane research. Project GRIP will try and discover the exact conditions required to kickstart a tropical depression into a hurricane. Though scientists already know how to develop hurricanes, it is unkown what processes ultimately drive depressions to form into the intense, spinning storms that lash the U.S. coasts each summer.

“Hurricane formation and intensification is really the ‘holy grail’ of this field,” said Ed Zipser, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Utah and one of three program scientists helping to lead the Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP) experiment this summer.

With GRIP, NASA’s first domestic hurricane project since 2001, the agency has assembled the largest-ever hurricane research experiment. Three NASA planes, multiple NASA satellites and four planes from research partners NOAA and NSF will conduct experiments in hurricane forming, manipulation (steering) and intensification. The intense scientific focus on these meteorological processes will provide new insight into the fundamental physics of hurricanes and ultimately give the United States the ability to control hurricanes.

The GRIP fleet includes NASA’s Global Hawk, the unmanned drone built by Northrop Grumman and also used by the U.S. Air Force, WB-57 and DC-8. The NASA aircraft will be deployed from Florida (DC-8), Texas (WB-57) and California (Global Hawk).

“We want to see storms that become hurricanes, and we want to see some that don’t become hurricanes, so we can compare the data. The same is true for hurricane intensification.” ~ GRIP Project Manager Marilyn Vasques

NASA will be using various weather modifying tools to develop, intensify and steer a hurricane. They include a powerful microwave radiometer and a “radar” and a NASA-designed and built lidar (laser radar). The laser radar mounted on a Global Hawk is to be used to heat the top of a hurricane - to weaken a hurricane and steer them. The “radar” that NASA will use is said to be the Sea-Based X-Band Radar. It is a floating, self-propelled, mobile radar station designed to operate in high winds and heavy seas. It is part of the U.S. Defense Department Ballistic Missile Defense System.

HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) arrives in Pearl Harbor Jan. 9 2006 for repairs and refurbishment, after completing a 15,000-mile journey from Corpus Christi, Texas aboard the heavy lift vessel MV Blue Marlin

The Sea-Based X-Band Radar is mounted on a fifth generation Norwegian-designed, Russian-built CS-50 semi-submersible twin-hulled oil-drilling platform. The hull was originally built at Vyborg Shipyard, hull number 101. Conversion of the platform was carried out at the AmFELS yard in Brownsville, Texas; the radar mount was built and mounted on the platform at the Kiewit yard in Ingleside, Texas, near Corpus Christi.

The Sea Based X-Band Radar is the world’s largest floating phased array X-band radar. It is operated by the US Department of Defense (Missile Defense Agency) and its movement and location is classified. In 2005 it was engaged in a 52-day deployment in the Gulf where it completed more than 100 major test activities. The 52-day deployment started in late August and ended on Oct. 14, 2005. Air Force Lt. Gen. Henry “Trey” Obering, director of the MDA, said it had demonstrated the ability to achieve most of its major operational and sustainment capabilities. SBX was in the Gulf at the same time as Hurricane Katrina formed on August 23, 2005. On Saturday, August 27, the storm reached Category 3 intensity on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, becoming the third major hurricane of the season. An eyewall replacement cycle disrupted the intensification, but caused the storm to nearly double in size. Katrina again rapidly intensified, attaining Category 5 status on the morning of August 28 and reached its peak strength at 1:00 p.m. CDT that day, with maximum sustained winds of 175 mph (280 km/h) and a minimum central pressure of 902 mbar.


Under the laws of the Constitution of the United States as provided for in Article II, Section 1:

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” for the following reasons:

# 1) Obama was NOT born of mother and father who were BOTH US Citizens. - in order to be considered a “natural born citizen” as required by the U.S. Constitution to be President of the United States of America (POTUS), BOTH parents MUST be U.S. Citizens. Obama’s natural birth father was Kenyan and a British subject and therefore it is clear that Obama is not and can never be considered a “natural born citizen”.

# 2) Obama was a British citizen ‘at birth.’ - When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children. Therefore admittedly, Barack Hussein Obama, aka: Barack Obama, Jr., aka: Barack Hussein Obama, aka: Barry Soetoro; aka: Barry Obama; aka: Barack H. Obama, aka: Barack Obama II, presumed President of the United States admits Great Britain governed his status. A “NATURAL BORN” CITIZEN is one that CANNOT be “GOVERNED” by GREAT BRITAIN or any other country.

A “natural born citizen” is a person born on U.S. Soil of parents of which both must be U.S. Citizens and a “natural born citizen” can only be governed by the United States. The Constitutional definition of a “natural born citizen” states that BOTH parents MUST be U.S. Citizens AND Born in the U.S. mainland. Therefore it is quite clear that Barack Hussein Obama cannot be a “natural born citizen” and has knowingly committed fraud against the people of the United States of America in his application for candidacy for Office of the President of the United States of America, and lied under Oath.

Even before Obama was sworn in as president of the United States many high ranking officers and officials petitioned the courts to prove Obama’s ineligibility to be president according to the United States Supreme law - the United States Constitution.

All United States Military Officers, all Congressmen and women, the president, vice-president and speaker of the house are all sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States. When a military officer or public official is aware of any malfeasance by an offender it is their SWORN duty to come forward and present such accusation and complaint.

One high ranking officer did come forward and filed a formal criminal accusation and complaint against Obama. Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, III, retired, United States Navy and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, on March 17, 2009 petitioned the court. His complaint was entered as:

Now you [Obama] have broken in and entered the White House by force of contrivance, concealment, conceit, dissembling, and deceit. Posing as an impostor president and commander in chief you have stripped civilian command and control over the military establishment. Known military criminal actors-command racketeers-are now free in the exercise of military government intent upon destruction of America’s constitutional government.

We come now to this reckoning. I accuse you and your military-political criminal assistants of TREASON. I name you and your military criminal associates as traitors. Your criminal ascension manifests a clear and present danger. You fundamentally changed our form of government. The Constitution no longer works.

Confident holding your silent agreement and admission, I identify you as a foreign born domestic enemy.

My sworn duty Mr. Obama is to stand against what you stand for. You are not my president. You are not my commander in chief.”

If Obama was eligible, why did Obama employ an army of attorneys and spend great sums of money beginning with Philip Berg’s lawsuit in August 21, 2008, to avoid proving his eligibility. All Obama had to do is what John McCain did, provide Congress with a vault copy of his birth certificate, i.e., a real birth certificate, not a record of a birth certificate like Obama has tried to do.

Other public records prove that Obama is not eligible on the grounds of loyalty to the flag and to country of the United States of America. Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981 on an Indonesian passport. Not a United States passport. Obama himself has openly admitted and public documents prove that his father was Kenyan, under British rule. When Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981 he gave up his US citizenship to willingly became an Indonesian citizen. He was 20 years old and as an adult he was old enough to know the consequences of this action. He, not his mother, made the adult decision to renounce his US citizenship. Once he renounced his US citizenship his loyalty is no longer to the United States. There is yet to be any public record made available that Obama is legally a US citizen.

Charles E. Jones
Brigadier General US Air Force, Retired, Lifetime subject to recall for active duty, Recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal (AF) 02.04.09;

We the People of the United States of America” are entitled to know the legal qualifications of the President and Commander in Chief. For the better good and National Security of “We the People of the United States” and for Absolute Command of the Military Forces of the United States, I whole heartedly support the efforts of Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ for taking legal action to determine whether or not Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, Citizen of Indonesia and possibly citizen of Kenya, is eligible to become President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.

OBAMA has been inaugurated as the president of the United States. However, to properly assume such office, OBAMA must meet the qualifications specified in Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution for the Office of the President of the United States, which includes that he must be a ‘natural born’ citizen”.

“OBAMA has failed to demonstrate that he is a ‘natural born’ citizen. There have been a number of legal challenges before various state and federal courts regarding aspects of non-, lost, or dual citizenship concerning OBAMA. Those challenges, in and of themselves, demonstrate Petitioners’ argument that reasonable doubt exists as to his eligibility to serve as President of the United States.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) admitted that if Barack Hussein Obama was elected as President and allowed to serve as President of the United States in violation of our Constitution, it will create a Constitutional crisis. The Democratic National Committee has been promoting Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidential election knowing he was ineligible to serve as President of the United States. Even the U.S. the State Department has confirmed Obama was a dual citizen of the U.K. and the U.S. from 1961 to 1963 and a dual citizen of Kenya and the U.S. from 1963 to 1982.

Balad Airbase is located in Northern Iraq approximately 68 kilometers North of Baghdad. Balad Airbase is one of the largest United States bases in Iraq. It has been designated by the Pentagon as a permanent U.S. base - meaning the US government has no intention in withdrawing combat troops from Iraq nor ending combat operations in Iraq. The airfield is served by two runways 11,300 and 11,200 feet long respectively. Balad occupies a 25 square kilometer site and is protected by a 20 kilometers security perimeter.

Today is suppose to be the day the United States ends its war in Iraq. It is also the day that Obama promised the American people that all US troops would be withdrawn from Iraq. Obama has broken his promise to the people. More than 50,000 US troops will not be coming home as promised. Obama has ordered that over 50,000 US “combat” troops are to remain in Iraq until the end of 2011. The war is not over. The US has not withdrawn from Iraq. Combat readiness remains. The US troops will still go on patrol. They will still launch armed attacks against alleged enemies. They will still kidnap and kill Iraqi civilians and more than likely they will still torture them. The only thing that has changed is the official mission statement.

Now begins the mass deception by U.S. president Barack Obama that the U.S. has withdrawn from Iraq as promised. Obama has broken the single most important promise he made to the United States people. It was this promise that put Obama in the White House.

I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank. ” - Barack Obama, October 27, 2007 Campaign Promise

50,000 troops still remain and will remain past the 2011 deadline. 50,000 troops is bigger than the size of the regular armies of the majority of countries in the World. The U.S. combat operations have not ended in Iraq. Using one single comparison that declares a deception campaign by the United States is found in the fact that the number of U.S. “combat troops” that will remain behind after todays propaganda campaign ends is more than the entire regular combat troops of Sweden - 33,900, Serbia - 47,000, Portugal - 44,900, Oman - 41,700, Norway - 27,600, Liberia - 13,000, Laos - 29,100, Kuwait - 15,500, Kenya - 24,120, Hungary - 33,400, Georgia - 17,500, Finland - 31,850, Denmark - 22,880, Cuba - 46,000, Croatia - 20,000, Chad - 30,350, Bulgaria - 39,000, Belgium - 39,260, or Austria - 34,600.

There are 37000 American combat troops still stationed in South Korea. The war still hasn’t ended between North and South Korea even though the US also declared an end to combat operations decades ago. There’s been an armistice, but no peace treaty. Iraq is another Korea. There will always exists tensions between the U.S. and the Iraqi people because the U.S. hasn’t and doesn’t intend on withdrawing its combat troops from Iraq. The U.S. government’s “stay behind policy” has always been the root cause of all terrorist threats to the United States. The U.S. has just created another North Korea by leaving 50,000 combat ready troops in Iraq.

More than 50,000 U.S. combat troops will not be going home because Barack Hussein Obama broke a promise to the people of the United States of America. On his campaign website, Obama promised he would “remove one to two combat brigades each month, and have all of our combat brigades out of Iraq within 16 months.” His commitment to bring combat troops home by May 20, 2010, and end the war gave him an edge among Democrats over candidate Hillary Clinton.

Even as combat troops are brought home, Pentagon officials have said fresh units will continue deploying to Iraq.

Broken promise: Transparency

On the White House website, the Obama administration claims it will be “the most open and transparent in history.

The administration released a memo on Jan. 21, stating:

My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.

Government should be transparent. Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing. …

However, Congress and the administration hurried the $787 billion, 1,027-page American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to a vote after allowing lawmakers just a few hours to read the bill. It was also available online in a form that could not be keyword searched.

While former administrations immediately posted transcripts of presidential speeches – including some remarks before delivery – the White House website often waits until days or even weeks after an event to release transcripts.

Also, reports of tax evasion by Obama nominees is evidence that the administration is not as transparent as promised. Just before Obama named Timothy Geithner to be his treasury secretary, the president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank quietly paid $26,000 in back taxes and interest due since 2001 and 2002.

Obama characterized the eight-year tax evasion as “an innocent mistake.”

But as many as six of his picks defaulted on taxes, including former nominee for health and human services secretary, Tom Daschle; former nominee for chief performance officer, Nancy Killefer; U.S. trade representative nominee Ron Kirk, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

While campaigning for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton was being investigated for tax evasion and numerous FEC violations. One ongoing tax evasion and FEC violation investigation involved Peter Franklin Paul, a Hollywood entrepreneur and former international lawyer who co-founded Stan Lee Media with Spider Man creator Stan Lee and who was the plaintiff in the landmark civil fraud suit against Bill and Hillary Clinton exposing the Clinton Culture of Corruption hidden by the government and the media.

His efforts during 2000 to hire Bill Clinton, after he left the White House in 2001, resulted in his being asked by Bill Clinton to underwrite and executive produce The Hollywood Gala Tribute Concert and Salute to President Clinton in August, 2000.

At Hillary Clinton’s personal insistence, Paul agreed to hire Clinton friend and Grammys producer Gary Smith to produce what became the largest private concert ever produced and unseen by the public. The Gala was also the largest fund-raising event for Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign. Hillary Clinton’s efforts to hide her role with then President Bill Clinton in illegally soliciting and coordinating Paul’s $1.6 million plus expenditure-donation to her campaign resulted in the sham criminal prosecution by the DOJ Office of Public Integrity of Hillary’s finance director David Rosen intended to exculpate Hillary.

Rosen was prosecuted for hiding from Hillary and her Senate campaign the $1.2 million paid by Paul to produce the Gala, causing Hillary’s campaign to file three false FEC reports beginning in October, 2000. Yet Hillary Clinton told the Washington Post through her spokesman Howard Wolfson in August, 2000 that the Gala cost more than $1 million and was an “in kind” contribution. Not only was Hillary and her spokesman not called as a witness to explain how they knew what Rosen was charged with hiding from them, but the Judge and Prosecutor both told the jury that Hillary had no knowledge of anything about the case! Hillary’s taped involvement in producing the event was hidden by the government for two years after the Judge and Prosecutor made those remarks.

The charges of hiding Peter Paul’s expenditures from the FEC resulted in a secret settlement by her campaign treasurer with the FEC that forced an admission of filing false reports that hid more than $721,000 contributed by Paul.

Hillary’s direction of the obstruction of the Department of Justice, Federal Election Commission, Office of Inspector General, Rosen Grand Jury and Senate Ethics Committee Investigations of her role in the matter resulted in numerous serious, ongoing felony violations of federal law that have never been reported or prosecuted. After being chosen by Obama for the Secretary of State position charges were quickly dropped by Bill Clinton appointed judges .

Long list of Obama’s broken promises

- I will cut the deficit in half by doubling spending (When Obama was sworn in as president the US National Debt was $10.6 trillion. In just 20 months Obama has pushed it to $13.4 trillion. It took the U.S. government 191 years – from 1791 until 1982 – to run up its first trillion dollars in debt. The national debt was actually paid off completely on January 1, 1835, under the presidency of Andrew Jackson. The national debt was actually eliminated; the surplus that year was distributed to the states. It remains to this day the only time in history a major country has been debt free. President Obama’s budget plans call for running the national debt to $16.2-trillion by 2012, and an astounding $20-trillion by 2015.)…..Broken

- I will change the Washington culture of corruption….Broken

- I will reach across the isle (Has fought the Republicans on every bill since elected)….Broken

- I will have no earmarks in stimulus, there are now well over 9000……….Broken

- I will have transparency in White House emails (all except his)….Broken

- I will demand human rights for China and Tibet…….Broken

- I will put legislation on Internet for all to read before votes….Broken

- I will have honest advisers, except those who take free rent……Broken

- I will have my administration pay their fair share of taxes……..Broken

- I will eliminate rendition of terrorist combatants (executive order allows the CIA to kidnap, torture and assassinate even Americans)……Broken

- I will have a transparent admin. with the media (White House Press Corps kept in the dark) …….Broken

- I will bring charges against Bush admin for war crimes…..Broken

- I will have new blood in admin. (Keeps Secretary of Defense Gates, names Panetta to CIA, appoints Iraq war General David Petraeus as top commander in Afghanistan, appoints Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State)……….Broken

- I will apply windfall taxes on big oil companies…….Broken

- I will change US Foreign Policy, (appoints criminal Hillary Clinton as Sec. State) ……Broken

- I will change the defense department (keeps Gates)………..Broken

- I will close Guantanamo (authorized the illegal trial of a child soldier. Charged with crimes that the United States government is guilty of)…….Broken

- I will sit down with dictators with no pre-conditions……Broken

- I will stop waterboarding and CIA interrogation techniques…..Broken

- I will use federal campaign funds…..Broken

- I will get US troops out of Iraq in 16 month……Broken

- I will not hire lobbyists (hired lobbyist Daschle, * Melody Barnes, lobbyist for American Civil Liberties Union, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the American Constitution Society and the Center for Reproductive Rights , * William Corr, lobbyist for Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, * Patrick Gaspard, lobbyist for Service Employees International Union. * David Hayes, lobby San Diego Gas & Electric. * Eric Holder, attorney general nominee, lobbyist for bankrupt Global Crossing telecommications. * Ron Klain, lobbyist for Asbestos Resolution, U.S. Airways, Airborne Express and drug-maker ImClone. * William Lynn, lobbyist for Raytheon. * Cecilia Munoz, lobbyist for National Council of La Raza * Mark Patterson, lobbyist for Goldman Sachs. * Mona Sutphen, lobbyist for Angliss International. * Michael Strautmanis, lobbied for the American Association of Justice. * Tom Vilsack, lobbyist for NEA.) ….Broken

- I will eliminate Bush tax cuts… .Broken

- I will dump Patriot Act wire tapping…….Broken

- I will eliminate tax breaks for wealthy………Broken

Judicial Watch - DC’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2009

7. President Barack Obama: During his presidential campaign, President Obama promised to run an ethical and transparent administration. However, in his first year in office, the President has delivered corruption and secrecy, bringing Chicago-style political corruption to the White House. Consider just a few Obama administration “lowlights” from year one: Even before President Obama was sworn into office, he was interviewed by the FBI for a criminal investigation of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s scheme to sell the President’s former Senate seat to the highest bidder. (Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and slumlord Valerie Jarrett, both from Chicago, were also tangled up in the Blagojevich scandal.)

Moreover, the Obama administration made the startling claim that the Privacy Act does not apply to the White House. The Obama White House believes it can violate the privacy rights of American citizens without any legal consequences or accountability. President Obama boldly proclaimed that “transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency,” but his administration is addicted to secrecy, stonewalling far too many of Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act requests and is refusing to make public White House visitor logs as federal law requires.

The Obama administration turned the National Endowment of the Arts (as well as the agency that runs the AmeriCorps program) into propaganda machines, using tax dollars to persuade “artists” to promote the Obama agenda. According to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, the idea emerged as a direct result of the Obama campaign and enjoyed White House approval and participation.

President Obama has installed a record number of “czars” in positions of power. Too many of these individuals are leftist radicals who answer to no one but the president. And too many of the czars are not subject to Senate confirmation (which raises serious constitutional questions). (US Constitution, Article 1 Section 9: “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.” A czar is a title used to designate certain monarchs or supreme rulers - in other words is a title of nobility.)

Under the President’s bailout schemes, the federal government continues to appropriate or control—through fiat and threats—large sectors of the private economy, prompting conservative columnist George Will to write: “The administration’s central activity—the political allocation of wealth and opportunity—is not merely susceptible to corruption, it is corruption.”

Government-run health care and car companies, White House coercion, uninvestigated ACORN corruption, debasing his office to help Chicago cronies, attacks on conservative media and the private sector, unprecedented and dangerous new rights for terrorists, perks for campaign donors—this is Obama’s “ethics” record.