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This following data is comprised of facts that are worth paying attention to so that you may protect yourself and your children from these harmful and deadly vaccination programs.

1. An “informal” [e.g., illegal] clinical trial of the Avian Flu vaccine on about 200 Polish vagrants resulted in 11 immediate deaths and an additional set of 20 later deaths (approximately 15% of the test population). The doctors and nurses involved were charged with murder.

2. The Philippine High Court convicted WHO (The World Health Organization) of involuntarily sterilizing over 3 million Philippina women through the use of vaccines.

3. The WHO in 1985 documented that one of its’ primary goals for the use of a sterility vaccine disguised as a smallpox vaccine was to “eliminate 150 million excess Sub Saharan Africans”.

4. The WHO 5-shot vaccine programs for tetanus in third world countries in South and Central America caused the involuntary sterilization of millions of women.

5. Monsanto’s MON 810 corn causes sterility according to studies published by the Austrian Government.

6. Monsanto’s MON 810 corn contains the Cauliflower Mosaic Virus which, when ingested, lowers the bodies CD 4 cells to a point which, on immune tests, indicate that a person has HIV/AIDS. The lowered CD 4 cells results from eating GMO corn, the staple of the diet in many parts of Black Africa. MON 810 is grown in Europe for animal feed and in many places, including the US, around the world for human food.

7. Merck’s Gardasil vaccine causes death, collapse and chronic illness in young woman and girls, including a new, never-before described “disease” called Juvenile ALS, a fatal condition in which the nervous system is slowly destroyed while consciousness remains unimpaired. This vaccine increases
cervical cancer by 44.7% in women and girls who already have Human Papilloma Virus. Cervical Cancer is easily detected and cured in early stages and is not a major killer of women. Gardasil contains substances which may cause sterility in women receiving it and any protection lasts only a few years,
so 9 year olds will probably not be sexually active by the time this protection has worn off.

8. Baxter International Inc. was in the process of applying for a contract to provide Avian Flu vaccines to European countries in the event of an Avian Flu epidemic. Its Austrian laboratory shipped Seasonal Flu vaccines to 18 countries in Europe. A laboratory technician tested the Baxter Seasonal Flu vaccines sent to the Czech Republic and discovered that they were contaminated with a highly pathogenic version of the Avian Flu, 72 Kilograms of it, although Level 3 precautions were in place and such contamination
“could not have happened accidentally” according to experts in the field. No documentation of the destruction of this highly infective material has been provided although the Austrian Health Ministry insists that the deadly viral material was destroyed.

9. It normally takes a minimum of 12 to 18 months to create a vaccine after a specific virus has been identified.

10. The “Seed Culture” for the Swine Flu virus was provided to vaccine companies in May, 2009. Baxter International Inc. announced in June, 2009 that they would have their vaccine ready in July, 2009 .

11. The US Government has spent more than a billion dollars to develop and to make available the Swine flu vaccine for a disease which poses no significant health threat.

12. A significant number of virologists and other scientists are on record stating that the Swine Flu was created in a laboratory and could not evolve naturally.

13. The world was startled when the London Times reported on its front page, May 11, 1987, that the World Health Organization (WHO) had “triggered” the AIDS epidemic in Africa through the WHO smallpox immunization program.


The Constitution of Canada (La Constitution du Canada in French) is the supreme law in Canada; the country’s constitution is an amalgamation of codified acts and uncodified traditions and conventions. It outlines Canada’s system of government, as well as the civil rights of all Canadian citizens. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a bill of rights entrenched in the Constitution of Canada. It forms the first part of the Constitution Act, 1982. The Charter guarantees certain political and civil rights of people in Canada from the policies and actions of all levels of government. It is designed to unify Canadians around a set of principles that embody those rights. The Charter was signed into law by Queen Elizabeth II of Canada on April 17th 1982.

The Constitution is more than a written text. It embraces the entire global system of rules and principles which govern the exercise of constitutional authority. A superficial reading of selected provisions of the written constitutional enactment, without more, may be misleading.

In practice, there have been three sources of unwritten constitutional law:

Conventions: Constitutional conventions form part of the Constitution, but they are not legally enforceable. They include the existence of the Prime Minister and Parliamentary Cabinet, the fact that the Governor General is required to give assent to Bills, and the requirement that the Prime Minister call an election upon losing a vote of non-confidence.

Royal Prerogative: Reserve powers of the Canadian Crown; being remnants of the powers once held by the British Crown, reduced over time by the Parliamentary system. Primarily, these are the Orders-in-Council which give the Government the authority to declare war, conclude treaties, issue passports, make appointments, make regulations, incorporate, and receive lands that escheat to the Crown.

Unwritten Principles: Principles that are incorporated into the Canadian Constitution by reference from the preamble of the Constitution Act, 1867. Unlike conventions, they are legally binding. Amongst the recognized Constitutional principles are federalism, democracy, constitutionalism and the rule of law, and respect for minorities. Other principles include responsible government, judicial independence and an Implied Bill of Rights. In one case, the Provincial Judges Reference (1997), it was found a law can be held invalid for contradicting unwritten principles, in this case judicial independence.

The concept of an implied bill of rights develops out of Canadian federalism. When provincial legislation intrudes deeply into fundamental freedoms of speech, religion, association or assembly, the provincial legislature is creating criminal legislation, which under the distribution of powers is reserved exclusively to the Parliament of Canada by section 91(27) of the Constitution Act, 1867.

Provinces cannot intrude in this area; if they do, such legislation is void and has no effect.

Under the Charter, persons physically present in Canada have numerous civil and political rights.

The rights and freedoms enshrined in the Charter include:

Fundamental freedoms (section 2), namely freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom of the press and of other media of communication, freedom of peaceful assembly, and freedom of association.

Democratic rights: generally, the right to participate in political activities and the right to a democratic form of government:

Section 3: the right to vote and to be eligible to serve as member of a legislature.
Section 4: a maximum duration of legislatures is set at five years.
Section 5: an annual sitting of legislatures is required as a minimum.

Mobility rights: (section 6): the right to enter and leave Canada, and to move to and take up residence in any province, or to reside outside Canada.

Legal rights: rights of people in dealing with the justice system and law enforcement, namely:

Section 7: right to life, liberty, and security of the person.
Section 8: right from unreasonable search and seizure.
Section 9: freedom from arbitrary detainment or imprisonment.
Section 10: The right to legal counsel and the guarantee of habeas corpus.
Section 11: rights in criminal and penal matters such as the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
Section 12: Right not to be subject to cruel and unusual punishment.
Section 13: rights against self-incrimination
Section 14: rights to an interpreter in a court proceeding.

Equality rights: (section 15): equal treatment before and under the law, and equal protection and benefit of the law without discrimination.

Language rights: generally, the right to use either the English or French language in communications with Canada’s federal government and certain provincial governments. Specifically, the language laws enshrined in the Charter include:

Section 16: English and French are the official languages of Canada and New Brunswick.
Section 16.1: the English and French-speaking communities of New Brunswick have equal rights to educational and cultural institutions.
Section 17: the right to use either official language in Parliament or the New Brunswick legislature.
Section 18: the statutes and proceedings of Parliament and the New Brunswick legislature are to be printed in both official languages.
Section 19: both official languages may be used in federal and New Brunswick courts.
Section 20: the right to communicate with and be served by the federal and New Brunswick governments in either official language.
Section 21: other constitutional language rights outside the Charter regarding English and French are sustained.
Section 22: existing rights to use languages besides English and French are not affected by the fact that only English and French have language rights in the Charter. (Hence, if there are any rights to use Aboriginal languages anywhere they would continue to exist, though they would have no direct protection under the Charter.)

Minority language education rights: (Section 23): rights for certain citizens belonging to French or English-speaking minority communities to be educated in their own language.

These rights are generally subject to the limitations clause (section 1) and the notwithstanding clause (section 33). The limitations clause in section 1 allows governments to justify certain infringements of Charter rights. Every case in which a court discovers a violation of the Charter would therefore require a section 1 analysis to determine if the law can still be upheld. Infringements are upheld if the purpose for the government action is to achieve what would be recognized as an urgent or important objective in a free society, and if the infringement can be “demonstrably justified.” Section 1 has thus been used to uphold laws against objectionable conduct such as hate speech (e.g., in R. v. Keegstra) and obscenity (e.g., in R. v. Butler). Section 1 also confirms that the rights listed in the Charter are guaranteed.

Section 25, which states that the Charter does not derogate existing Aboriginal rights and freedoms. Aboriginal rights, including treaty rights, receive more direct constitutional protection under section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.
Section 26, which clarifies that other rights and freedoms in Canada are not invalidated by the Charter.
Section 27, which requires the Charter to be interpreted in a multicultural context.
Section 28, which states all Charter rights are guaranteed equally to men and women.
Section 29, which confirms the rights of religious schools are preserved.
Section 30, which clarifies the applicability of the Charter in the territories.
Section 31, which confirms that the Charter does not extend the rights of legislatures.

Finally, section 34 states that the first 34 sections of the Constitution Act, 1982 may be collectively referred to as the “Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”.

Principles of Criminal liability: conduct, fault, no defence

1. Presumption of innocence
2. Crown has to prove beyond reasonable doubt (civil = balance of probabilities):
1. Conduct (actus reus)
2. Mental fault (mens rea)
3. No defence (i.e. no lawful excuse of justification, such as self-defence)

What if you are questioned by a police officer?

* Call the police officer “officer.”
* Accept the police officer’s authority; do not try to argue.
* Be ready to show identification if a police officer asks you for it. If you are stopped by the police while driving a car, the officer will probably ask you for your driver’s licence, proof of insurance and car registration.
* Tell the officer the facts about what has happened. Do not offer your own opinion.
* Never try to give money to a police officer. Canadians do not bribe police officers. It is a serious crime to do this.

What if you are arrested or detained by a police officer?

* Police officers must tell you who they are and show you their badge number.
* They must explain why they are arresting you and tell you what your rights are.
* They must allow you to call a lawyer right away. If you don’t have a lawyer, they must give you the Legal Aid telephone number and let you call.
* You do not have to give any information, other than your name and address, until you have talked to a lawyer.

A “police officer” means a chief of police or any other police officer, but does not include a special constable, a First nations Constable, a municipal law enforcement officer or an auxiliary member of a police force;

CDC motive for declaring a pandemic - The CDC need $millions to pay for their new Center for Disease Control’s BioLab in Taiwan.
The new $214 million Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s infectious disease laboratory in Atlanta needs more money too. What better way to get free money than to go along with a fabricated pandemic outbreak.

CDC reports confirms what we have been stating all along. The WHO and the Obama government has been grossly exaggerating the severity of the Swine Flu influenza. The WHO recently ordered a stop to reporting the number of deaths from the alleged swine flu influenza because the numbers show just how much hype they are putting into this very mild flu outbreak. As of July 21, 2001 263 people have died from the virus in the United States. According to the CDC:

“Seasonal influenza can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. Each year, in the United States, on average 36,000 people die from flu-related complications and more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu-related causes. Of those hospitalized, 20,000 are children younger than 5 years old. Over 90% of deaths and about 60 percent of hospitalization occur in people older than 65.”

When you compare the numbers you clearly see the gross exaggeration by the WHO and the Obama Democratic government. These numbers is the reason why the WHO ordered their staff to stop releasing to the press the number of deaths related to the swine flu influenza.

The CDC goes on to state that: “So far, with H1N1 flu, the largest number of H1N1 flu confirmed and probable cases have occurred in people between the ages of 5 and 24-years-old. At this time, there are few cases and no deaths reported in people older than 64 years old.”

According to the CDC the seasonal flu is more contagious and lethal than the H1N1 virus. There is no pandemic. The number of deaths from the H1N1 virus doesn’t even come close to the 36,000 deaths each year ( or 3000 per month) from the seasonal flu.


Law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the United States and abroad are preparing to go on high alert as part of a massive terrorism prevention exercise — the first of its kind here.

Beginning Monday, security officials at all levels in the United States and four other countries will scramble into action in the wake of a fake terrorist attack somewhere outside the United States.

The scenario envisions the receipt of fake intelligence that a follow-up attack is planned inside the United States, forcing agencies inside and out of the country to test their coordination, intelligence and terror prevention skills.

The National Level Exercise 2009 will be the second major exercise conducted by the United States government that will focus exclusively on terrorism prevention and protection.

The 2009 exercise will include agencies in Britain, Mexico, Canada and Australia, as well as federal, regional, state, tribal, local and private sector officials throughout the United States, the Department of Homeland Security said.

“Coordinating with our partners across the United States and around the world is critical to protecting the nation from terrorists attacks,” said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

“The National Level Exercise allows us to test our capabilities in real-time to refine and strengthen our strategies for preventing terrorist attacks.”

The exercise is expected to last for five days and is being designed to test a variety of “capabilities,” including intelligence sharing, counter-terrorism investigation, border security, infrastructure protection, security alerts and international coordination, FEMA said.

“Lessons learned from the exercise will provide valuable insights to guide future planning for securing the nation against terrorist attacks, disasters, and other emergencies,” the emergency response agency said.

How quickly people forget the attacks of September 11, 2001. Those attacks were ordered by George W Bush and were carried out under a similar nationwide fake terrorist attack exercise. Obama’s approval rating is falling fast and hard so he is looking to adopt what Bush achieved with his own attack against the US on 9/11. With the 9/11 attacks Bush created the Department of Homeland Security. The DHS is the modern day Gestapo. It is the US secret police and it duties are exactly the same as those that Adolf Hitler had the Gestapo perform. They include illegal spying on US citizens. Kidnapping people from their home for speaking out against the Bush policies. Putting US citizens in jail without charge and without due process. Denied US citizens their legal rights anytime Bush’s illegal actions and policies were challenged legally. Declared US citizens terrorists for fighting for their rights and for upholding the supreme law of the United States of America - the US Constitution. Gag ordered and imprisoned anyone who had evidence of illegal activities, treasonous acts and atrocities committed by the US government.

Obama wants to be the last president of the US and the first president of the NAU (North American Union). He knows, so does Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, that the US people and the Canadian people would never allow such an illegal union so they intend on using a fake terrorist exercise to fake a terrorist attack after which Obama will declare martial law in the US. He will illegally assume dictatorial powers of the the US.

When this happens the US people have the legal power and authority to overthrow him. The US Constitution gives the people this legal power and authority. Obama does not have the legal authority to suspend the US Constitution or any part of it. If he or anyone else seeks to destroy the US and to suspend the US Constitution, the US people can use lethal force to remove the threat. Bush took away many of your rights. Are you going to let Obama take away everything else?

October 12, 1976: Nurse Jacqueline Spaky administers a swine flu injection with an injector gun on the first day of the immunization program in New York City.

1976: President Gerald Ford orders a nationwide vaccination program to prevent a swine flu epidemic.

Ford was acting on the advice of medical experts, who believed they were dealing with a virus potentially as deadly as the one that caused the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic.

The virus surfaced in February at Fort Dix, New Jersey, where 19-year-old Pvt. David Lewis told his drill instructor that he felt tired and weak, although not sick enough to skip a training hike. Lewis was dead within 24 hours.

The autopsy revealed that Lewis had been killed by “swine flu,” an influenza virus originating in pigs. By then several other soldiers had been hospitalized with symptoms. Government doctors became alarmed when they discovered that at least 500 soldiers on the base were infected without becoming ill.

It recalled 1918, when infected soldiers returning from the trenches of World War I triggered a contagion that spread quickly around the world, killing at least 20 million people. Fearing another plague, the nation’s health officials urged Ford to authorize a mass inoculation program aimed at reaching every man, woman and child. He did, to the tune of $135 million ($500 million in today’s money).

Mass vaccinations started in October, but within weeks reports started coming in of people developing Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing nerve disease, right after taking the shot. Within two months, 500 people were affected, and more than 30 died. Amid a rising uproar and growing public reluctance to risk the shot, federal officials abruptly canceled the program Dec. 16.

In the end, 40 million Americans were inoculated, and there was no epidemic. More technically advanced examination of the virus revealed later that it was nowhere near as deadly as the 1918 influenza virus. The only recorded fatality from swine flu itself was the unfortunate Pvt. Lewis.

History’s verdict of the program is mixed. Critics assail Ford, accusing him of grandstanding during an election year — it did him no good, because he lost anyway — while kowtowing to the pharmaceutical companies.

Sounds a lot like present day where another president has ordered a nation wide vaccination program this fall for the very same influenza called Swine Flu. It worked back in 1976 so what the heck do it again. I wonder what size kickback Obama got from the pharmaceutical companies to get him to illegally force the US population to be infected with such a dangerous vaccine and anti-viral drug? It is illegal because no government, and no president can make any law to force anyone to be vaccinated for any virus or infectious disease. No doctor can administer any treatment without the consent of his or her patient. No one has the right or authority to cause you harm not even the president of the United States. How many people will develop Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing nerve disease, if unlawfully forced by Obama to take the lethal shot?