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The following video demonstrates actual vote-flips on the ES&S iVotronic, by showing how the failing machines, when not calibrated properly, can flip a vote from one candidate to any other. It’s apparently just a coincidence that, so far, all of the confirmed reports of vote-flips this year have been away from Democratic candidates.

It should also be noted that it doesn’t matter what is shown on the screen when a voter votes on one of these devices which will be used by approximately one-third of American voters this year. The fact is that it’s strictly impossible to confirm that any vote ever cast during an election on any Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, usually touch-screen) voting machine was ever recorded accurately for any candidate or initiative on the ballot, as per the voter’s intent.

This video, demonstrating one way that votes flip from one candidate to another on DREs

A forged flyer going to voters in a closely fought Virginia congressional district seems aimed at suppressing Democratic turnout on Election Day.

Purporting to come from Virginia’s Board of Elections, the flyer says “All Democratic party supporters and independent voters supporting Democratic candidates shall vote on November 5th.” That’s one day after Election Day.

Whoever is circulating the flyer seems concerned with electing Republicans. The phony information tells “Republican party supporters and independent voters supporting Republican candidates” to vote on Nov. 4, the real day of the election.

Link to report Phony flier says Virginians vote on different days

The government has cleared the way to ship out $125 billion bonuses this week to the country’s largest banks, beginning the biggest government swindle in history.

“The money will go out the door for those institutions early this week,” predicts Assistant Treasury Secretary David Nason, one of the chief architects of the rescue plan.

Not only is the money ready to be sent to nine major financial institutions, including Bank of America, Citigroup Inc. and JPMorgan Chase, but the government is reaching preliminary agreements with a group of more than a dozen major regional banks, who will share a part of an additional $125 billion the government hopes to pump into the banking system.

This is clearly the largest swindle in US history as the banks that are receiving the $125 billion bonuses are not in financial trouble. According to the 2008 Fortune 500 report the banks that are receiving government money have made large profits.

8 Citigroup Earnings $159.229 billion Profit $3.617 billion
9 Bank of America Corp. Earnings $119.190 billion Profit $14.982 billion
12 J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Earnings $116.353 billion Profit $15.365 billion
20 Goldman Sachs Group Earnings $87.968 billion Profit $11.599 billion
21 Morgan Stanley Earnings $87.879 billion Profit $3.209 billion

To put their financial status in perspective look at the loss reported by GM and Ford. They both have reported $billion losses yet have not filed for bankruptcy protection. If GM can sustain a $38 billion loss and stay afloat why can’t the banks with $billion profits make it on their own without government money? The answer is securities fraud on a massive scale- to defraud the US people of $700 billion.

4 General Motors Earnings $182.347 billion losses $38.732 billion
7 Ford Motor Earnings $172.468 billion losses $2.723 billion

The banks that were in trouble will not receive US government help

30 Merrill Lynch Earnings $64.217 billion losses $7.777 billion
53 Fannie Mae Earnings $43.355 billion losses $2.050 billion
54 Freddie Mac Earnings $43.104 billion losses $3.094 billion

Georgia launched an unprovoked attack against the civilian population of South Ossetia. US armed Georgia killed Russian peace keepers and thousands of South Ossetia civilians before Russia moved troops in to protect its citizens and peace keepers.

If you thought George W Bush was a war monger wait and see who is elected (steals) the US presidential election. If Americans put McCain and Palin in office you should prepare for WWIII. McCain has a temper. When things don’t go his way he becomes very irrational and vindictive. He clearly is a Bush idealist. Americans know that George W Bush is a criminal. The US people know he waged illegal wars based on false accusations. The US people wanted George W Bush to end the wars years ago and yet we see McCain uttering the same Bush rhetoric against innocent Middle East states. We have McCain embracing Bush’s wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq - neither of which had any hijackers in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US. We have a former POW who endorses torturing POWs and civilians taken and held without evidence of a crime and without charge. We have a presidential candidate who has and continues to support Bush’s unprovoked wars of aggression We have a presidential and vice-presidential candidate advocating a war with nuclear Russia. Neither are elected yet they are talking of attacking Russia. That is not diplomacy. That is not leadership. That is insanity. That is suicidal. That is Nazism.

In an ABC report John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin said that Georgia should join NATO and war might be necessary if Russia tried to defend the people of South Ossetia again. She went on to say “we’ve got to keep an eye on Russia. For Russia to have exerted such pressure in terms of invading a smaller democratic country, unprovoked, is unacceptable.” Excuse me for noticing but isn’t that exactly what George W Bush did? The US invaded smaller defenseless countries. The US attacks against Afghanistan and Iraq were unprovoked. The US attacks and occupations are unacceptable and unlawful. For Palin to plan to attack Russia for something they have not done is reckless, stupid and insane. Need we remind Palin that Russia has 5200 nuclear warheads. Russia has nuclear armed submarines deployed within striking distance of the US. Russia has nuclear ballistic missiles that can reach any of the 262 major US cities. Russia has long range supersonic bombers that can reach the US. Hitler believed he could attack and defeat Russia. He too was reckless. He too was insane. What makes McCain and Palin think that the US could attack Russia and not expect Russia to defend itself and fight back? If Bush attacks Iran, both China and Russia have warned the US of the consequences. If the US under a McCain and Palin administration, directly attacks Russia what do you think would be the consequences?

As the 2008 presidential election heads into its final week, the current president threw a political wild card on table late Friday, when he asked Attorney General Michael Mukasey to investigate the status of 200,000 Ohio voters. Bush’s request is clearly electoral fraud - illegal interference with the process of an election. Acts of fraud tend to involve affecting vote counts to bring about a desired election outcome, whether by increasing the vote share of the favored candidate, depressing the vote share of the rival candidates, or both.

George W. Bush’s request, if honored, could be politically explosive. It would remind voters of the Department of Justice’s partisan abuses of power in the scandal surrounding the firing of seven U.S. attorneys in 2006 who did not deliver ‘voter fraud’ convictions.

It could be a big distraction, drawing attention away from issues that call for legitimate DOJ intervention, such as shortages of voting machines in minority precincts in Virginia and Pennsylvania, compared to nearby white precincts. That disparity would violate existing civil rights law.

Or it could interject a complicating dynamic into the already heavily litigated Ohio general election, by adding the Department’s weight to GOP legal claims that pre-emptively question the legitimacy of a close vote count in a key battleground state.

Either way, the Department must choose if it will remain silent or get involved in an action that would go well beyond its historic role of quietly monitoring elections and avoiding messages to voters.

“This is taking the politicization of this to a new level, and the last thing we need is for the elections officials and voters of Ohio to be put in a chaotic situation in the last days before the election,” Jon Greenbaum of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, told the Washington Post, reacting to the White House request.

The White House, according to the same Post report, described its actions as a routine referral to a federal agency as requested by a member of Congress, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH). Boehner had written to Mukasey early last week but received no response.

The Obama campaign reaction was to send the fourth letter this month to Mukasey urging he ensure the Department does not interfere “to satisfy desperate partisan political demands.”

“For the Department now, in response to the intense politics of the moment, to abruptly intercede in the current work of state and local officials would inflict incalculable damage — further and irreparable damage — to your office and to the reputation of senior federal law enforcement,” said Robert Bauer, Obama campaign counsel.