Ever wonder if there is a cleaner, cheaper, safer and 100% environmentally friendly fuel source? The truth is we had it all along, for millions of years. The one thing that sustains all life - plants, animals and humans - is also the source of our past, present and future energy needs. The safest, cheapest and cleanest fuel source is water.

Water covers 71% the Earth’s surface, the oceans contain 97.2% of Earth’s water. The Antarctic ice sheet, which contains 90% of all fresh water on Earth. Already knew that. What most of you don’t tend to remember is that water is composed of two gases - Oxygen and Hydrogen. Water is known as H2O with Hydrogen content being 2 parts to 1 part Oxygen. So what? Oxygen is what we all breath, including the engines in our vehicles. Hydrogen is the most abundant of the chemical elements, constituting roughly 75% of the universe’s elemental mass. To the point, hydrogen is a flammable gas making it a viable fuel source.

You’ve heard of hydrogen fuel cells being offered in new vehicles. They have made vehicles that run on hydrogen fuel cells, or in other words on hydrogen. If they already have the technology to run our vehicles on hydrogen why haven’t we gotten away from the polluting and war causing oil? The answer is profit. Once the technology gets out, and it is, the general population will have access to unlimited “free” fuel. Until they can monopolize all the water in the World they will develop new hydrogen technology at a crawl pace. Look at the oil companies today. They are at the top of the Fortune 500. Record profits are being made.

Every ship that sets to sea already has access to an unlimited supply of fuel. Every ocean vessel can sail without ever stopping to refuel. No more contaminating the water when ships dump their bilge water before entering ports. Their clean burning fuel is sea water. Sea water can be split into its Oxygen and Hydrogen gases and the hydrogen can be used to power the ship’s engines. The technology is there to drastically reduce our dependency on oil today.

A Canadian inventor has been busy working on new energy technology that will drastically reduce and one day eliminate the need for fossil fuels. His green energy technology company call Kincaids Energy Technology and Solutions has been working on a device that splits water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas. The process called cold fission (fission is a splitting of something into two parts.) uses very little energy to split the bond between hydrogen and oxygen in water. The “Water for Fuel Project” process uses harmless radio waves to successfully separate the oxygen from the hydrogen in water. Immediately after applying a very low radio frequency to the water, hydrogen and oxygen bubbles begin to rise to the surface of the water.

The goal of the “Water for Fuel Project” is to use sea water as the fuel source for gas generators, gas stoves, barbecues, gas furnaces and gas lamps. The same device being developed can be modified to provide hydrogen gas from sea water to power the engines of every ship that sets sail carrying cargo, grain, and tourists. This device will drastically reduce the operating costs for every ocean vessel.

With Global Warming being blamed for the rising sea water levels using sea water (water that we cannot drink or use for crop irrigation) as a fuel is another viable solution to prevent shorelines from disappearing. The oceans contain 97.2% of Earth’s undrinkable water so why not convert it into a fuel source. By doing so we would also be re-oxygenating the air we breathe. When we separate the Hydrogen (H2) from the water (H2O) we are left with Oxygen. Something we and every other living creature on Earth needs to live.