When patients are presented with chest pain or other high-risk symptoms of heart and respiratory problems, doctors increasingly rely on nuclear imaging and computed tomography (CT) tests to find out whether there is evidence of heart disease, blockages in the coronary arteries, reduced blood flow to the heart as well as to detect cancer. Results of these medical procedures claim to help guide life-saving prevention and treatment options. Those so-called life-saving prevention and treatment options can actually do more harm than good. Over 90% of the patients who took the advise of the medical community are now dead. I guess you could call death the cure to your excruciating pain and suffering caused by computer tomography tests and radiation treatment options.

Today in the news it was reported that “A special type of CT scan appears to be able to detect lung cancer early enough to save some lives, U.S. researchers announced Thursday — offering what could be the first screening test for the devastating disease.” The following report will demonstrate the absurdness of that statement by the the National Cancer Institute in the U.S.

We begin with research by K. Faulkner, B.Sc., A.R.C.S., M.Sc. and B. M. Moores, B.Sc., Ph.D. of the Regional Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering, Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute, Manchester. A programme has been set up to monitor the exposure of personnel during specific diagnostic procedures. This programme includes the investigation of radiation hazard associated with the operation of computed tomography (CT) scanners.

Scattered radiation distributions around CT computed tomography scanners and the associated radiation hazard to personnel

The first-generation CT scanners employed a rotatetranslate geometry where both the detectors and the X-ray tube moved around the patient. Since then, there have been many advances in the design of CT scanners, such as the introduction of a fan-beam geometry coupled with a multi-detector array. These design changes have had little effect on the number of photons employed in producing an image; any reduction in exposure time in later-generation units is balanced by an increase in beam size. However, the decrease in time of exposure and picture reconstruction has enabled the number of tomographic sections in any given period of time to be increased. This increase allows either a larger throughput of patients and/or more slices per patient. Consequently, the total magnitude of scattered radiation will increase.

We are exposed to radiation from natural sources all the time. The average person in the U.S. receives an effective dose of about 3 mSv per year from naturally occurring radioactive materials and cosmic radiation from outer space. These natural “background” doses vary throughout the country.

People living in the plateaus of Colorado or New Mexico receive about 1.5 mSv more per year than those living near sea level. The added dose from cosmic rays during a coast-to-coast round trip flight in a commercial airplane is about 0.03 mSv. Altitude plays a big role, but the largest source of background radiation comes from radon gas in our homes (about 2 mSv per year). Like other sources of background radiation, exposure to radon varies widely from one part of the country to another. ~ K. Faulkner

Computed tomography scanners exposes you to very high radiation levels.

Compare the radiation exposure from one chest x-ray to the amount of radiation exposure one experiences from our natural surroundings in 1 days. In just one CT scan (lasts just a few minutes) you are exposed to radiation levels that are hundreds, even thousands of times higher than natural radiation exposure. You are exposed to a radiation exposure level of 10 mSv for a typical abdominal region CT scan that lasts just a few minutes compared to 3 mSv exposure to natural surrounding radiation (from the Sun which is radiation we, animal life and plants need to survive) for an entire year - 365 days. If you were subjected to an abdominal region CT scan once every day for 1 year your unnatural radiation exposure level would be 3650 mSv - compared to just 3 mSv natural exposure for the same time period of 1 year. Even with just 1 CT scan your are receiving a very high level of unnatural radiation - 10 mSv unnatural radiation exposure level for 1 minute for a CT scan is extremely higher than what you are exposed to by natural surrounding radiation levels of 0.000005708 mSv per 1 minute.

Despite the widespread use and efforts to reduce exposure to radiation, the cancer causing effects of these diagnostic tests continue.

“These tests are so widely applied now, the concern is that there is some potential of increased cancer risk associated with their use,” said Jagat Narula, M.D., Ph.D., Division of Cardiology, University of California, Irvine, and editor-in-chief of JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging. “The problem is that most estimates of radiation exposure stem from an extrapolation of studies on World War II Hiroshima survivors, and the radiation exposure from imaging tests may not necessarily be the same.”

As with anything in medicine, a careful analysis of the risks and benefits of radiation imaging is warranted. Experts agree these tests should only be used when the clinical benefit is expected to exceed the potential harm. That being said, for the medical community to advise the population to get a CT scan on a regular bases in order to lower their chances of being inflicted with cancer is contradictory to medical research findings. It is the CT scanning that triggers cancer cell formation in otherwise very healthy people.

Your body’s cells, that make up tissues and organs, are damaged and destroyed by exposure to unnatural radiation exposure like that of the CT scanners. If the operator of the CT scan sets the machine to a higher than natural exposure level (natural exposure is 3 mSv / 365 days = 0.008219178 mSv per day or 0.000005708 mSv per minute) it will destroy the normal function of healthy cells in your body.

This is gross malpractice by the medical community. They are actually creating cancer by exposing a healthy person with very dangerous levels of radiation in a matter of minutes. Would you take the advise of the medical community if they advised you, a healthy person, to be shot with a bullet at least once a year in order to detect a gunshot wound? Would you enter a room or area that you know is contaminated with radiation or toxin? Would you go to a ball game or travel to a city or town if you knew beforehand that a terrorist was going to detonate a radioactive bomb there? Of course you wouldn’t. But that is exactly what the medical community is asking you to do. They are advising healthy people, like yourself, to enter a room where they will expose you to very high levels of radiation. They are advising you to willingly and voluntarily be exposed to very harmful radiation.

The CT radiation actually triggers cancer in a healthy person. The very high levels of man made radiation (10 mSv of man made radiation exposure for an abdominal CT scan compared to 0.000005708 mSv natural radiation exposure is very dangerous levels) gives birth to cancer. It immediately damages and destroys healthy cells. Any amount of direct exposure to man made radiation will immediately destroy the natural function of the cells in your body. CT scans and all other forms of medical tests and treatments including Chemotherapy exposes you to very high levels of unnatural radiation. For cancer patients they are exposed to extremely high levels of radiation in a very short period of time. Cancer patients in North America are exposed to higher levels of radiation than a dirty bomb. A dirty bomb’s purpose is to contaminate a wide area with radioactive material causing radiation poisoning, sickness and eventually death. Cancer treatment today does exactly that. Radiation poisoning or radiation sickness is a form of damage to organ tissue (cells) caused by excessive exposure to ionizing radiation. The term refers to acute problems caused by a large dosage of radiation in a short period. That is exactly what radiation treatment uses (ionizing radiation) and exactly what cancer CT scans, chemotherapy and radiation treatment does. They all damage organ tissues by exposing people to large dosages of ionizing radiation. That is why there is an over 90% death rate for cancer patients receiving radiation treatment. The radiation cancer treatment is actually destroying more healthy cells. Repeated man made radiation exposure eventually causes your body’s immune system to fail and you die - not from the cancer but from the exposure to very high levels of unnatural radiation in a very short period of time. You died a slow and very painful death as a result of radiation poisoning from the CT scans, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.