Vaccines kill as many people as the viruses do! It’s true. The actual H1N1 (swine flue - modified with bird flu) didn’t kill as many people as did the vaccine used. In fact, today the vaccines are much more dangerous than the diseases they supposedly prevent. These are facts supported by actual figures. What makes it even more horrible is that there is a simple, cheap, and more effective cure for viral diseases.

In addition to killing many people, vaccines are a major cause of ADD to autism, not to mention depression and other mental problems. Most contain mercury or aluminum as a preservative, and mercury, lead, aluminum and other toxic minerals kill or damage brain cells. Never let an infant get more than one vaccine at any time. If you can, prevent all vaccines from being given to your children.

If this is true, Why are we still using vaccines? Because Big Pharma makes huge amounts of money by scaring the public and the government about the HUGE dangers of any new virus - even one that was manufactured and let loose on purpose.

The Safe Cheap Alternate

Here’s a fact that most MD’s don’t even know. Vitamin C kills viruses - but only if taken in sufficient amounts!

OK, so what are “correct amounts? That depends on several factors:

1. How long the “infection” has been working in your body - Virus cells double every 20 minutes, so if you went to bed just sniffling - 8 hours later, the original amount of virus would be billions of times as strong, and you’d be feeling pretty lousy.

2. Individuality. What you inherited in infection fighting ability, and what your body has learned during your lifetime of fighting infections.

3. What type of Vitamin C you take. Some types seem to kill virus better than others.

Of these factors, by far the most important is the time involved. Doubling in strength every 20 minutes is very quick, and small amounts that kill less than half in an hour are virtually worthless. Big Pharma has used this to “scientifically prove” in several “peer reviewed” Medical Journal pieces that Vitamin C is not useful against virues (colds, flus, etc). If the real facts about vitamin C are known, then Big Pharma would lose billions in cold and flu drugs that are not as effective.

Above article written by ~ Dr Phil Bate, Orthomolecular Pioneer.

Vitamin D deficiency linked to all diseases and illnesses

A group of scientists from UCLA recently published a paper in the prestigious journal, Nature. In that paper the UCLA group revealed that a naturally occurring steroid hormone - a hormone most of us take for granted - was a very potent antibiotic. Instead of directly killing bacteria and viruses, the steroid hormone under question increases the body’s production of a remarkable class of proteins, called antimicrobial peptides. The 200 known antimicrobial peptides directly and rapidly destroy the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including the influenza virus, and play a key role in keeping the lungs free of infection. The steroid hormone that showed these remarkable antibiotic properties was plain old vitamin D. What is the best source for getting an ample daily dosage of Vitamin D - free of charge? 20 minutes outside. Exposure to the Sun for just 20 minutes gives your body more Vitamin D than any store bought or man made supplement.

The milk Americans depend on for their vitamin D contains no naturally occurring vitamin D at all; instead, the U.S. government requires fortified milk to be supplemented with vitamin D, but only with what we now know to be a paltry 100 units per eight-ounce glass.

The vitamin D steroid hormone system has always had its origins in the skin, not in the mouth. Until quite recently, when dermatologists and governments began warning us about the dangers of sunlight, humans made enormous quantities of vitamin D where humans have always made it, where naked skin meets the ultraviolet B radiation of sunlight. We just cannot get adequate amounts of vitamin D from our diet. We make about a thousand units of vitamin D a day just from sunlight exposure.

A single, twenty-minute, skin exposure to the summer sun will trigger our body to produce and deliver 20,000 units of vitamin D into the circulation of most people within 48 hours. Our body produces 20,000 units of Vitamin D naturally and freely - without the aid of any supplements or drugs. Twenty thousand units, that’s the single most important fact about vitamin D. Compare that to the 100 units you get from a glass of milk, or the several hundred daily units the U.S. government recommend as “Adequate Intake.”

Humans evolved naked in sub-equatorial Africa, where the sun shines directly overhead much of the year and where our species must have obtained tens of thousands of units of vitamin D every day, in spite of our skin developing heavy melanin concentrations (racial pigmentation) for protecting the deeper layers of the skin. Even after humans migrated to temperate latitudes, where our skin rapidly lightened to allow for more rapid vitamin D production, humans worked outdoors. However, in the last three hundred years, we began to work indoors; in the last one hundred years, we began to travel inside cars; in the last several decades, we began to lather on sunblock and consciously avoid sunlight. All of these things lower vitamin D blood levels. The inescapable conclusion is that vitamin D levels in modern humans are not just low - they are aberrantly low.

Sunlight is the only effective treatment against colds, flus, influenza virus and every major disease known to man. In the last several years, dozens of medical studies have called attention to worldwide vitamin D deficiency, especially among African Americans and the elderly, the two groups most likely to die from influenza. Cancer, heart disease, stroke, autoimmune disease, depression, chronic pain, depression, gum disease, diabetes, hypertension, and a number of other diseases have recently been associated with vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency accounts for hundreds of thousands of deaths every year? Studies have found the influenza virus is present in the population year-around; why is it a wintertime illness? Even the common cold got its name because it is common in cold weather and rare in the summer. Vitamin D blood levels are at their highest in the summer but reach their lowest levels during the flu and cold season.

Scientific Facts:

1. The flu predictably occurs in the months following the winter solstice, when vitamin D levels are at their lowest,

2. The flu disappears in the months following the summer solstice,

3. Influenza is more common in the tropics during the rainy season,

4. The cold and rainy weather associated with El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO), which drives people indoors and lowers vitamin D blood levels, is associated with influenza,

5. The incidence of influenza is inversely correlated with outdoor temperatures,

6. Children exposed to sunlight are less likely to get colds,

7. Cod liver oil (which contains vitamin D) reduces the incidence of viral respiratory infections,

8. Vitamin D-producing UVB lamps reduced colds and flu in schoolchildren and factory workers,

9. Volunteers, deliberately infected with a weakened flu virus - first in the summer and then again in the winter - show significantly different clinical courses in the different seasons,

10. The elderly who live in countries with high vitamin D consumption, like Norway, are less likely to die in the winter,

11. Children with vitamin D deficiency and rickets suffer from frequent respiratory infections,

12. Physicians who gave high doses of vitamin D to children who were constantly sick from colds and the flu, found the treated children were suddenly free from infection,

13. The elderly are so much more likely to die from heart attacks in the winter rather than in the summer,

14. African Americans, with their low vitamin D blood levels, are more likely to die from influenza and pneumonia than Whites are.

Vitamin D deficiency has repeatedly been associated with many of the diseases of civilization. Lack of sunlight exposure is why we are vitamin D deficient and why we are inflicted by disease, colds, flus and influenza viruses. Lack of sunlight exposure is why thousands of people die each year. Sunlight is a hundred times more effective than any toxic and life threatening vaccine.