Justin Trudeau’s motive for continuing Germany’s COVID-19 biological attack – avoid another corruption investigation for illegally funneling $billions to convicted SNC-Lavalin through Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Federal departments are prohibited from doing business for a period of 10 years with an individual contractor that has engaged in improper conduct. A contractor may be debarred from participating in government procurements for 10 years from the date when the contractor or its affiliate has been convicted of an “integrity offence.” Integrity offences include bribery of Canadian and foreign public officials, extortion, tax evasion, bid-rigging, forgery, fraudulent manipulation of stock exchange transactions, insider trading, falsification of books, money laundering and acceptance of secret commissions. SNC-Lavalin pleading guilty December 18, 2019 to fraud amounts to a conviction of an “integrity offence” and Justin Trudeau and his government are prohibited from awarding SNC-Lavalin and it’s affiliates any federal contracts / money for a period of 10 years.

It now appears that Ontario Premier Doug Ford is conspiring with minority government PM Justin Trudeau to funnel COVID-19 aid package funds to SNC-Lavalin. This latest PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal dwarfs both the WE Charity scandal and the PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal that resulted in SNC-Lavalin pleading guilty (by pleading guilty, the accused is consenting to a conviction being entered without a trial) December 18, 2019 to fraud (a criminal offence) in relation to the company’s activities in Libya.

Doug Ford is helping Justin Trudeau contravene federal laws and commit frauds on the government, criminal code 121 by accepting federal government funds from Justin Trudeau for SNC-Lavalin. Doug Ford is an accomplice because he knows SNC-Lavalin is the sole beneficiary of the $billions in federal government funds. The federal governments funds are for refurbishing Ontario’s Candu reactors. Candu is owned by SNC-Lavalin. Because SNC-Lavalin pleaded guilty to fraud Justin Trudeau is prohibited from giving federal funds to contractor SNC-Lavalin or its affiliate Candu.

Doug Ford’s motive for conspiring with Justin Trudeau? Doug Ford’s government benefits from Justin Trudeau’s frauds on the government. Doug Ford accepted as much as $25 billion from Justin Trudeau to pay SNC-Lavalin to refurbish the Candu nuclear reactors in Ontario. Doug Ford’s government was financially obligated to pay the $25 billion bill to refurbish the nuclear reactors in Ontario. Justin Trudeau defrauding Canadians and giving $billions in federal funds (tax dollars) to his friends in SNC-Lavalin via SNC-Lavalin’s CANDU affiliate means Doug Ford avoids having to pay for the $25+ billion bill to refurbish “Ontario’s nuclear power plants”. Doug Ford’s government won’t need to borrow $25+ billions and make Ontario hydro ratepayers foot the bill or raise taxes throughout Ontario.

Where did Justin Trudeau get the $25 billion he “indirectly” gave to SNC-Lavalin to refurbish Ontario’s Candu nuclear reactors? Follow the money in Justin Trudeau’s COVID-19 aid package bill.

As initially pitched, the bill was worth about $82 billion — but former Finance Minister Bill Morneau stated in March 2020 the price tag increased sharply to $107 billion


Coincidentally $107 billion – $82 billion = $25 billion

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